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Italy is the world’s fashion capital and has been leading the way in chic, elegant and high quality accessories, apparel and shoes since the early 11th Century! The Italian fashion tradition truly began in Florence but has since spread to all corners of the country with Milan, Rome and Venice hosting some of the most prestigious catwalks in Europe and beyond.

The fashion industry continued to thrive and over the last 1000 years it has left a remarkable heritage behind it which can still be enjoyed today. Of course, due to the glamorous lifestyle, the high pay and the creative types of work involved, the fashion industry is hugely competitive.

Creativity and hard work go hand in hand in the fashion industry but often it takes more than just determination to get your foot in the door! This is why studying at a fashion school is almost essential to find your place amongst the stars in the industry.

Studying at a fashion institution will give you the knowledge and skills that you need but it will also help you to network and make invaluable contacts within the industry. You’ll also be able to learn from masters in a hands-on environment while picking up tips and tricks from your tutors’ years of insight and experience. Large numbers of international students and expats attend fashion schools in Italy.

Why Study At A Fashion School In Italy?

There are many reasons why studying fashion in Italy makes sense! It’ll be a once in a lifetime experience that could set you up for an incredible career doing one of the most sought after jobs of all.

Learn The History Of Fashion And Design.

Fashion is a thriving industry in the modern world but it also has a long and fascinating history. Learning about how the trends have changed over the centuries will help you to understand why things are the way they are today. Having a solid grasp of the history of fashion will not only impress any future employers but it’s also a goldmine of inspiration for your own design work.

Improve Your Design Work.

You’ll need a certain element of natural talent to work in fashion but you’ll always need some formal training to help to transfer your inner creativity into stunning apparel and designs. Your teachers will look over your sketches and help you make any improvements while offering you advice as to how to take your designs to the next level.

Develop Your Understanding Of Style.

Everyone has an innate sense of style but as a fashionista you’ll have to take that to new heights to stand out in the industry. At fashion school you’ll be constantly surrounded by other creatives who are pushing their talents to the limits; and in that environment you’ll really thrive and develop a unique approach to style. You’ll also be able to learn from experienced tutors and designers who can help you further develop your style in ways that you wouldn’t have envisaged yourself.

Network And Make Contacts.

Having a big network of professionals in the fashion industry is absolutely vital to succeed. While you’re at fashion school you’ll not only be able to start networking with your peers but you’ll also learn how it can be done to the best effect! As the old saying goes, it matters more who you know than what you know; and this couldn’t be more true than in the fashion industry. The networking that you do while you’re at fashion school can really help you to land an internship or a job after you’ve graduated.

Learn Crucial Business Skills.

You may have a creative flair and an eye for style but in the fashion world you also need to have a good head for business. Part of the courses at fashion schools focus on marketing, business skills and ways to maximize your profits. These skills can be hard to learn on your own so going to a reputable institution is the easiest way to pick up this invaluable knowledge.

Can I Study Fashion In Italy?

Italy is an incredible place to study fashion and offers a huge range of courses and programs for all levels of students. You can do weekend workshops, seasonal courses, university undergraduate courses and intensive MA programs.

If you’re wondering whether you can study in Italy as a foreigner there’s nothing to worry about! Italy welcomes foreign students and offers a good selection of English language courses in the fields of fashion and design.

You can study in any of the country’s main fashion cities, including Milan, Florence and Rome, among others.

How Much Does It Cost To Study Fashion In Italy?

Fashion is a hugely popular course and many foreign students travel to the country to study in the illustrious institutions that have made Italy world famous for its fashion industry.

The good news is that tuition fees in Italy are actually extremely cheap compared to the United States and other Western countries. At the lower end, annual tuition fees start at around $1000 and range up to around $5000 per year, depending on the school. However, the most prestigious institutions do charge considerably more; and so these can cost between $20,000-25,000 per year.

The Best Fashion And Design Schools In Italy.

As the world’s fashion capital, you won’t be surprised to find out that some of the very best schools and academies are located in Italy! You have a wide choice of places that you can study located in all the top cities including Milan, Rome and Florence.

As well as the schools themselves you’ll also be on the doorstep of the most glamorous fashion shows on the planet, including the prestigious Milan Fashion Week.

Istituto Marangoni International, Milan.

This private fashion and design school is located in Milan, in Northern Italy. The school has several other branches in Florence, Paris, London and Shanghai, although the Milan school is the most sought after site to study at. The school was founded by Giulio Marangoni in 1942 when it originally taught pattern making and seamstress skills; however in modern times it’s focus is firmly on fashion, design, marketing, business and product development.

Polimoda, Florence.

Located in Florence, Tuscany, this private school was founded by Shirley Goodman, former Executive Vice President Emeritus at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Don Emilio Pucci, who created the beloved Don Emilio Pucci fashion brand in Florence. The school specializes in training their students in all aspects of fashion, design and the related business practices.

Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan.

This private design school was originally founded by Francesco Morelli in the 1960s, and has since grown in size and reputation. The school teaches many subjects that are divided into four main categories; fashion, visual communications, management and design. The school extends throughout different cities including Florence, Rome, Barcelona; but it’s main center, and the best place to study, is in Milan.

Accademia Costume e Moda, Rome.

The academy is a university institute that offers classes in both Milan and Rome. It’s primary focus is in the fields of jewelry, theatrical and cinematographic costume design, fashion, communication and journalism.

Domus Academy, Milan.

This private school offers elite post graduate and industry courses in fashion, design, industrial design and management.

Attending the Domus Academy is a sure fire way to thrive in the fashion industry but you’ll need to have previous training to be admitted.

University IUAV of Venice.

The university in Venice was founded in 1926 and was one of the original architectural schools in the country. However, in recent decades it has expanded its courses and now teaches excellent programs in urban planning, art, design and fashion.

Italy Is The Perfect Place To Study Fashion.

If you want to create a thriving career in the glamorous fashion industry then you could do no better than to study in Italy! Not only can you benefit from the expert tutelage at these world famous institutions but you can also enjoy the Dolce Vita, or the sweet life, while you’re there!

Immersing yourself in the cultural heritage, art and atmosphere of Italian society will fill you with inspiration for your design work; and being surrounded by some of the best fashion shows on the planet will let you experience the work of those at the very top of the field.

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