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  • Arts History Culture Of Italy

    Italy is world renowned for it’s art, architecture, culture, cuisine & history. This is one of the key reasons why I relocated to Italy. Click below for my articles on these topics.

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  • Real Estate In Italy

    If you are going to live in Italy, eventually you will have to buy or rent a property. This is not an easy thing to do. I have written several articles on this topic based on my experience.

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  • Life In Italy

    It goes without saying that visiting Italy as a tourist is a very different experience than living in Italy. There are major challenges that you have to overcome including cultural and language issues.

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  • Moving To Italy

    You want to move to Italy. How do you go about deciding where to move to, how to find a job, buying or renting a car, best health insurance, which phone service to get? etc.

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  • Renovating A Property In Italy

    Before making an offer to buy a property in Italy, you have to have a very good idea of cost of renovation. Renovating a property in Italy is difficult and I renovated mine in the middle of the pandemic!

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  • Traveling In Italy

    My home base in Italy is Volterra. Whenever I get a chance, I travel within Italy. I have several articles on interesting places to visit, where to stay, how to travel, etc.

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Buying & Renting Properties In Italy

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