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A classified ad is a type of advertising which was traditionally hosted by newspapers and magazines although in the digital age they are normally posted online where they have a much wider reach and gain more traction. Classified ads are a popular option for individuals and small businesses because they are either free or very low cost and target only those who are already potentially interested in what they are offering.

For example, classified ads may advertise second hand items that are for sale, rooms to rent, event tickets, cars and job opportunities. Classified ads can either be free or paid for, depending on the platform that you are using. However, in both cases, with free and classified ads, the most important thing to keep in mind is whether the people who are viewing the ads are the right audience for whatever it is that you’re offering.

What’s more, even if you are paying for a classified ad then you should remember that it’s still far cheaper than other forms of advertising and targets a more targeted audience than using billboards or other paid for online ads. Therefore, both free and paid for classified ads offer good utility if you’re looking to sell second hand items, find a local job or buy a used car.

Outside of the major cities, Italy does not have very many thrift stores, Salvation Army or goodwill type stores that you find everywhere in the United States. So for expats like me, classified ads are one way of buying, selling or gifting goods particularly used goods.

What Are You Looking To Do?

There’s no simple answer to the question as to which classified ads site is the best in Italy. One of the main factors to consider is what category you are looking for. For instance, some sites are better for finding job listings while others are more focused on buying and selling second hand items.

What is impossible to doubt is that the internet and digital technology has given everyone the opportunity to easily advertise goods and services for sale as well as find other people offering what you need.

What’s The Best Classified Ads Website In Italy?

When you arrive on one of the Italian classified ads websites you can automatically translate the page into English by using the translate feature on Google Chrome’s search bar as well as on other search engines. Some of the translations may not be absolutely perfect but it’s an extremely helpful tool that all Expats should be aware of while visiting any Italian website!

The internet has helped to democratize the marketplace by giving everyone access to advertising platforms such as classified ads. While you’re in Italy you can use free or paid classified ads sites to find deals in your neighborhood or raise some funds by selling items you no longer need. Classified ads are also very useful if you are promoting your own services, such as English language classes or offering a spare room for rent.

There’s a huge range of classified ads websites in Italy although we’ve compiled the best below to help to narrow down your search. All major cities have dedicated classified ads pages which are only for the residents of the city although there are also nationwide platforms that you can use. In many cases the platform will even handle the delivery for you!

So if you want to promote your own business, sell services and advertise items that are for sale then using a classified ads platform is an easy and affordable way to do so.

The following are some of the best classified ad websites:


Kijiji started out as a subsidiary of the internet giant eBay Classifieds Group but was bought by Adventa in 2020. It operates services in Italy which provide a free to use platform that allows you to place and reply to classified ads. There’s a great range of items that you can search using the site’s regional map which quickly allows you to narrow down your search to your own locale. You can find jobs being advertised, items for your household, electronics, homes for renting and much more besides. The site has a lovely interface which makes your search for items smooth and hassle free.

The Florentine

This is one of Italy’s premier classified ads sites and although it’s based in Florence it is used by people all across Tuscany. If you’re posting an ad you can choose between paid or free ads. The Florentine has a physical paper and an online version but you can only post a free ad on its digital platform. Your ad will stay online for 15 days.

A paid ad costs you 10 Euros for 15 days or 15 Euros for 30 days and allows you to use up to 250 characters plus your contact details and a photo. Your paid ad can be included in the printed paper version of The Florentine if you want it to which is released during the first week of each month and widely circulated within Florence.

The Florentine also offers you translation services so you can write your ad in English and then it will be translated into Italian on your behalf for an additional fee of 5 Euros. You can pay for your ad with PayPal or credit card so it’s convenient and quick to use.


Subito is the most used classified site in Italy and records more than 2 million searches each and every day! Founded in 2007 in Milan, Subito has grown to cover the whole country with more than 11 million users on the site each month.

The platform allows you to post free ads in more than 30 separate categories and the company does not take any additional commission on the sale price. When you post an ad you can include a picture of the item as well to help people make a choice about the purchase. The platform lets other users contact the seller via a chat feature that lets them make offers and negotiate – a great addition to the standard classified ads site format.

The site has all the main categories including real estate, jobs, pets, household items and cars, among many others! Overall this is one of the best classified ads sites in Italy and with such an enormous community of users you can quickly sell items or find what you’re looking for.


Expat.Com runs an excellent classified ads page where Expats from all over the country can buy, sell and find out about what’s available in your region. You can buy and sell almost any good, service or trade on the site as well as find items for yourself and your pets. The site also gives you a way to find new friends and meet other Expats in your area which can be a great service for Expats who are new to the community.

With everything from music to language classes on offer you’re bound to find this a useful site while you’re in Italy. You’ll find a friendly and welcoming community on and a whole range of interesting offers and opportunities that you can take advantage of while you’re living in the country.

Adhoards Italy

Ad Hoards is a fantastic classified ads site which allows you to buy and sell items in Italy. Ads are placed in categories including cars, mobile phones, household items, furniture, jobs and real estate. You can select your city and then browse the items which are currently listed. The platform has an easy to use interface and a friendly community which uses the site.

Global Free Classified Ads – Italy

Global Free Classified Ads is a good platform for finding real estate, cars and business opportunities as well as items for pets and more. The platform has a really simple process for listings and you can also upload pictures to accompany your posts. Your ad stays on the site for 30 days although you can renew it as many times as you want at the end of the period.

Free Ads Time

Free Ads Time mainly services the urban parts of Italy and lets you post ads to a large nearby audience. The site has ads for apartments that are for rent, ads looking for roommates, items for sale and jobs. The site provides a good overall service for its users and is worth checking in on regularly.

How To Write A Successful Classified Ad.

Once you’ve decided which classified ads site to use you’ll need to write your message. A well written classified ad will quickly get you the results you need. However, it’s something of an artform to write your own classified ad and given that it can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to advertising your services, selling an item or even writing a personal ad, it’s important to understand the basics.

  • Grab The Reader’s Attention: You want to open up your ad with a catchy phrase that will immediately grab the attention of a reader scanning through the listings.
  • Keep The Reader’s Interest: Once you’ve caught a reader’s attention you need to hold it by briefly explaining what you’re offering and furthermore, why they need it!
  • Finish With A Call To Action: To end your ad you should always include a short Call to Action (CTA) which tells the reader what they should do next; for instance, ‘Call me to find out more’ or ‘Call now to book an appointment’. Lastly, don’t forget to try to create a catchy title which explains what you are offering as well as any relevant photos that help to promote your item or services. Including a photo also helps to build trust with potential customers because as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Classified Ads Websites In Italy.

For Expats in Italy the classified ads websites provide an invaluable service to the community as well as giving them the chance to meet other Expats, find language classes, jobs, household items and properties for rent.

The internet has made finding what you need in the classified pages much easier than it was when you had to rely on newspapers, local magazines and the printed media in general.

The classified ads websites are easy to use and have useful categories so you can rapidly narrow down your search to your own location and requirements. Therefore, no matter what it is that you’re looking to find, buy or sell then you should always consider checking the online classified ads platforms in Italy.

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