Complete Guide To The Best Expat Clubs In Rome

Expat clubs in Rome

For any Expat living in Rome, it can be difficult to make new friends, particularly with other English speakers. However, the city has numerous Expat clubs where you can meet new friends, enjoy events and activities, and join a thriving community of like-minded people.

Although meeting new people in a foreign city can certainly be daunting, when you join an Expat club you’ll find it a lot easier because everyone else is in the same boat as you! Plus, you’ll always find yourself amongst friendly and supportive people who will be more than happy to welcome you into the group.

The Expat Clubs Of Rome.

The following are some of the best known expat clubs of Rome:

American International Club Of Rome.

The American International Club of Rome is a non-profit group that provides an opportunity for Expats abroad to make new friends and share traditional American culture and values with each other.

Originally founded in 1953, by Henry R Luce, the founder of Time Magazine, the club is a great way to socialize, network and make new connections while you’re living in Rome. The club also fosters better community relations between American Expats and local Italians.

The American Club of Rome is made up of a wide variety of people, including diplomats, professionals, Expats and entrepreneurs. So if you want to network and connect with fellow Americans then you can find out more on the group’s website.

Rome’s Comedy Club.

If you enjoy live comedy then why not join Rome’s Comedy Club, the premier English language comedy group in the city? Founded by Stephanie Tyrrell and Marsha De Salvatore, the small group is friendly, fun-loving and is always happy to welcome new members. The club has members from all over the world and even if you’d prefer just to watch the performances of other members, rather than get up on stage, you’re still very welcome to join. To find out more about joining the club and learn about upcoming gigs, see here.

American Women’s Club Of Rome.

Promoting dynamic community, networking and friendship, the American Women’s Association of Rome fosters opportunities for women to network with both American Expats and Italian locals. The club celebrates all aspects of life in Rome, including the cultural and artistic heritage of the Eternal City. The group also engages in and supports local charity work on a regular basis.

To find out more about joining the American Women’s Club of Rome, you can visit the club’s official website, here.

Association For British Expats In Italy.

The Association of British Expats in Italy offers its members a chance to network and thrive in both physical meetings and in a virtual forum. The club provides plenty of opportunities to socialize and share your experiences with other Expats but it also offers assistance to Brits who are just settling down in Rome after their move abroad.

The group is a bounty of valuable information that helps Expats to network with members in other regions of the country as well as link up with the local groups in their area. To find out more about the Association for British Expats in Italy you can visit their website, here, Alternatively, you can drop by the club’s office at Via Umberto Biancamano, 25, in Rome, to introduce yourself in person.

Expats Living In Rome.

This community of Expats and diplomats from all over the world is a leading social networking club for foreigners in Rome. The group has an online forum where you can network and engage in cultural exchanges however the club organizes frequent real-world events too.

The group arranges weekly meetups, every Tuesday evening, which are open to both English and Italian speakers. As well as socializing you’ll have the opportunity to learn a little Italian while making friends with locals and discovering common interests.

To find out more, you can visit the club’s website, here.

Professional Women’s Association – Rome.

By empowering women during their transition abroad, the Professional Women’s Association seeks to support women to take a proactive role in all aspects of the professional world in Rome. The club creates a welcoming, intellectual space for women to network, make new friends and broaden their horizons in Rome and the surrounding areas. By combining a mindful approach to sustainability with ambition and disruptive business innovation, the club helps women in Rome to achieve their full potential in their profession.

To find out more about joining the Professional Women’s Association, you can visit the official website, here.

Toastmasters International – Rome.

Toastmasters International in Rome is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the public communication skills of its members. Joining the club is the perfect way to grow your confidence and get comfortable with speaking in public, making toasts and delivering speeches at work.

The friendly, supportive club in Rome is part of a worldwide organization that also provides low-cost education programs to help people learn new skills together.

To find out more about Toastmasters International in Rome, you can visit the official website, here.

Friends In Rome.

It’s not always easy to meet new friends in Rome, especially if you’ve only just arrived in the Eternal City. The Friends in Rome club is focused on socializing, discovering the wonders of Rome and meeting new friends in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Friends in Rome welcomes Expats from all over the world as well as local Italians and organizes events and cultural excursions to foster friendships and learning.

Friends in Rome arrange a wide range of activities such as guided walking tours of the city to see famous attractions and hidden gems alike. You can also sign up for excursions to art galleries, exhibitions and other one-off cultural events. If you’re a food buff you can join in with cooking classes and for cinephiles, you can attend special screenings of famous Italian movies.

To find out more about Friends in Rome, and to learn how you can get involved, click here.

Canadian Club Of Rome.

The Canadian Club of Rome (CCR) is a social and cultural group that helps Canadian Expats to make new friends in Rome, discover the local culture and explore the city together in a supportive environment. The club organizes several events each month to give its members the chance to interact and enjoy each other’s company.

Among the numerous activities that the Canadian Club of Rome arranges, you can sign up for guided walks, wine-tasting sessions, theater nights, lectures, lunches, dinners and meetups for potluck meals and drinks.

To find out more about the Canadian Club of Rome, you can visit their website here.

Roma Startup Founder 101.

Whether you’re a seasoned tech entrepreneur or just getting started on your journey, the Roma Startup Founder 101 club is a fantastic place to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, get your startup off the ground, engage in discussions and meet exciting new people in the city.

The group puts on regular free events where you can benefit from learning about the best business practices in the industry and how to launch a successful company in Rome. At the meetings, you have the opportunity to talk with local investors and get feedback on any ideas that you have. You can also attend workshops on specific topics and build strong connections in the startup community in Rome.

To find out about upcoming events or to join Roma Startup Founder 101, you can visit the group’s Meetup page, here.

Roma Language And Social Exchange!

If you’d like to meet people from all over the world and learn some new Italian, then the Roma Language and Social Exchange club is just for you. The club arranges regular social events including parties, picnics, and sports nights that you can join in with and meet new people who are both living in Rome or just visiting for a vacation.

To find out more and get involved in this fun global community, you can visit the club’s Facebook page, here.

Rotary Club Rome International.

The Rotary Club Rome International is part of a worldwide organization that has over 1 million members in 200 countries. The club in Rome offers unique networking opportunities and aims to enhance the lives of its members and the community in which it exists.

The club also strives to improve literacy levels, prevent disease and support both local and international projects that benefit the world as a whole. It’s also a great place to make new friends and further your professional connections in Rome.

To find out more about becoming a member of the Rotary Club Rome International, you can visit the club’s website, here.

Summary – Expat Clubs In Rome.

When you first move to Rome it can be daunting, to say the least! Presented with a huge cosmopolitan city that never sleeps, it’s often hard to know where to start when it comes to making friends. However, if you join a local Expat club you’ll be welcomed by the other members and in no time at all, you’ll be making new friends and enjoying a whole range of activities together.

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