Complete Guide To The Best Grocery Stores In Turin

Grocery Store Turin

For anyone visiting or living in Turin Italy, it’s vital to know where your nearest grocery store is. Fortunately, there are a lot to choose from in Turin, so you’ll never be too far from your nearest neighborhood store!

The Best Grocery Stores In Turin.

The following are some of the best grocery stores in Turin:


Carrefour is a large multinational grocery store chain that has hypermarkets, supermarkets and minimarkets (overall about 20 locations in Turin). Carrefour has multiple locations throughout Turin and provides its customers with a superb range of fruit and vegetables, meat, bread, cheese, snacks, confectionery, soft drinks, beer, wines and spirits.

The store also has a large frozen food section where you can really find some outstanding discounts on meat and fish as well as fruits and vegetables.

Carrefour has everything you need to survive in Turin, including cosmetics, household cleaning products and toiletries. As a result of being part of a large international chain, Carrefour can afford to offer its customers extremely competitive prices without sacrificing on quality.


Coop is a major grocery store chain that has numerous locations in Turin. These stores offer their customers high quality products at prices that won’t break the bank. You can buy everything in your nearest Coop including fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, jams and bread. You can also buy low-cost cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products in the store.

Some of the stores have a dedicated electrical department where you can pick up fairly cheap household appliances and other electrical goods. All of the stores have regular discounts and bargain prices on selected products which can be very helpful if you’re shopping on a budget. The in-store staff are always helpful, friendly and, usefully for Expats, they are often bilingual. Coop also has over 20 locations in Turin.


Lidl is a huge European chain that really excels in providing its customers with high quality, fresh groceries at a very low cost. In fact, every time you visit the store there are new discounts and bargains that are available on a wide range of items. Lidl is one of the most popular discount supermarkets in Turin and has around 20 stores, each of which is stocked with everything you need for your daily life in the city.

From fresh fruit and vegetables to meat, fish and cheese, Lidl is a fantastic option for budget shoppers who want to get everything under one roof. This includes canned goods, snacks, chocolates, household cleaning products, cosmetics, toiletries and even electrical appliances and, often, garden seeds and living plants

Da Sadiq Mini Market.

This small independent chain of neighborhood grocery stores has 3 locations throughout Turin. All of the stores are open late, until 2 am during the week and until 3 am on the weekend. All of the stores are clean, tidy and well stocked with all the basic staples, snacks, a limited selection of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cold drinks, beer, wine and spirits.

You can also buy canned goods, sauces and other vital household cleaning products in Da Sadiq Mini Market. These stores are popular with local Italians and offer a surprisingly broad range of items at very reasonable prices.

The Da Sadiq Mini Market chain has 3 locations which are situated at Via Giulia Di Barolo, 23, Via Monte Rosa 113/B and Via Nizza 93.

Maa Mini Market.

Maa Mini Market, located at Corso Giulio Cesare, 25/D, is a great all round grocery store that looks small from the outside but has an astounding range of items on offer inside! The store sells all your essential groceries including a small selection of locally sourced fruit and vegetables, staples such as rice and pasta, sauces, snacks, chocolates, soft drinks and some lovely beers and wines.

In-store prices are very fair and the staff are always helpful and friendly. The store is open every day of the week so even when many shops are closed on Sundays you can still pick up a few groceries or a bottle of wine at Maa Mini Market if you need to.

Castello Minimarket.

As one of the best grocery stores in the neighborhood, the Castello Minimarket, located at Via XX Settembre, 78. has a fantastic range of snacks and packaged food from all around the world. You’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables on display as well as canned goods, pasta, sauces, beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks.

The store also stocks a good selection of office stationery, batteries, accessories for your electrical devices and a huge choice of household cleaning products. The staff are friendly and the store is clean and tidy.

Unità Minimarket.

With all the essentials that you might need in a pinch, the Unità Minimarket is a great grocery store where you can pick up cold meats, snacks, chocolates, fruit and vegetables as well as wine and cold beers. The store also has some useful sections where you can buy light bulbs and batteries as well as cleaning products and various items of office stationery.

Ethnic World Supermarket.

Although Ethnic World Supermarket is part of a nationwide chain with 4 stores in total, there is only 1 in Turin. This is an absolutely fantastic grocery store if you’re looking for completely authentic food items from all over the world! With Chinese, Arabic, Indian and European products, the store is a favorite among Expats who are missing their home cooking but it’s also fun to browse the shelves to inspire your own new fusion cooking dishes.

As well as a selection of international cuisine that is hard to beat, the store also sells cosmetics and other useful household supplies. From packaged fruit and vegetables to cereals, rice, fruit juices, packaged meat and fish, the range on offer is pretty impressive. If you can’t make it down to the store you can choose to order online and have the food delivered to your door at a convenient time.

Market Yang Guang.

This Asian grocery store is a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking for ingredients that you just can’t find anywhere else! The store is extremely clean, tidy and has a beautiful range of products from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. With all the most popular items from Southeast Asia on offer, you can find sauces, spices, teas, flavorings, fruits, vegetables, packaged meats, fish and seafood.

All of the food is carefully sourced, much of it from abroad, and is always super fresh. You can also find unique items such as genuine Asian teapots and other traditional cooking utensils in one section of the store. So, whether you’re a Southeast Asian Expat who is missing home cooking, or someone who just loves to cook Asian cuisine, then Market Yang Guang is an unmissable stop on your next grocery shopping trip.


Biraghi is undoubtedly one of Turin’s finest neighborhood grocery stores so if you live nearby you’re certainly lucky! Of course, even if you don’t live around the corner it’s worth visiting in its own right. Biraghi stocks superb local Italian products of the very highest quality, with all items being carefully sourced from traditional producers.

Biraghi is an Italian deli and convenience store that stocks a huge selection of ingredients including pasta, rice, soup, cheese, cold meats, salami, fish, oil and vinegar, bread, eggs, flour, yeast, Piedmontese craft beers, liqueurs, grappa’s and superb wines. You can also buy delicious appetizers, condiments, compotes, jams, sauces, cookies, sweets, tiramisu, herbal teas, juices and coffee.

As well as a delightful range of classical food, you can also buy beautiful Christmas baskets, candles and other gifts for your friends and family.

Turin Has A Fantastic Choice Of Grocery Stores.

No matter where you’re living in the city, you should always be within easy reach of a top quality grocery store. From small, independent family chains and gourmet Italian food stores, to large multinationals, you’ll always find everything you need to live the Dolce Vita in Turin.

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