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Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or even rent your property the best way to explore the Italian real estate market is by using some of the main websites. These act as portals that show you what’s available while also allowing you to advertise a property that you want to sell or rent out.

Italy is a popular destination for foreigner investors and expats because of the competitive real estate prices, the fantastic scenery, wonderful culture and the excellent standard of living. From beautiful beach side properties to mountain chalets, from pastoral Tuscan farmhouses to chic apartments in the major cities like Rome and Milan, there is something for everyone in the incredibly diverse country.

If you’re looking for property in Italy the easiest way to start your search is to make use of the leading nationwide websites. The Italian real estate market is dominated by 3 major sites; Immobiliare, Casa and Idealista. As well as these local favorites, Gate-away is an excellent site that is more focused on Expat and foreign buyers of Italian property. Nonetheless, all of these sites should be on your list to check regularly during your search for property in Italy.

Casa used to be Italy’s number one property website however in recent years has been making huge strides and is now considered to be the premier Italian real estate website as well as dominating the Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Brief Review Of The Major Real Estate Websites In Italy.

If you are from the United States, then the real estate property websites in Italy are going to be a little disappointing. This is very true if you are looking to buy a property and not rent. In the US, websites like Zillow will have information like the listed price, the estimated value of the property, the number of times the listed price has changed over time along with the date when it changed, details about all the prior sales of the property, the monthly HOA fees, estimated property taxes, details about similar sales/listed properties near the property you are interested in etc. You will not find this level of detail in the Italian real estate websites.

With more than 1 million ads posted by individuals and real estate firms, is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for property in Italy. The site has a great interface and is easy to find your way around. The site features photographs, videos and detailed descriptions of the properties so you can get a real feel for the property even while searching online. With city center apartments, rural properties, beachside villas and everything in between, you’re bound to find something that suits your budget and personal requirements on this website.

Casa provides free property estimates and a free platform to advertise properties in Italy. Consequently, it has an amazing selection of homes and apartments right across the country for you to browse during your search for a home in Italy. The site has more than 1 million listings at any one time and hosts properties for all budgets. You can also download the site’s app so you can search the listings on your mobile phone while you’re on the move.

As one of Europe’s premier property websites, has conquered the market and provides the widest selection of properties for rent and sale in Italy. The site has a convenient search function so you can quickly narrow down your choices to only see exactly what you’re looking for. is my favorite site. This is the ideal platform for Expats and foreigners searching for a property in Italy, specializes in catering to the international market. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy or rent a property in Italy, this English language site is the number one choice for you. also provides useful advice on Italian tax laws, municipal regulations and even guides for renovation and reconstruction work. If you’re looking to sell a property in Italy then the site offers you a free translation service for your listing so it can reach local Italians as well as the international English speaking markets. Accompanying the property listings, the platform has an interesting blog which will give you a glimpse into life as an Expat in Italy.

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Searching For A Property Online In Italy.

There are a few things you should be aware of when you are doing your research:

  • Always Use A Trusted Property Portal: There are many property websites that showcase apartments and houses in Italy but you should only use one of the large, trusted platforms. Otherwise, you can find yourself being scammed or wasting your time on unregulated websites. Even on the larger platforms you should always use your personal discernment while you’re searching for a property and avoid responding to any adverts that have bad grammar or make you feel suspicious.
  • Location And Amenities: One of the most important factors that you need to decide before you start your search is where you want to live. Then you can use the search function on the property website to narrow down your search to apartments and houses in the area. You should also be considering what amenities, shops, transport links, hospitals, schools and police stations are in the vicinity of a property that catches your eye. You can use Google Maps to explore the surrounding area of a property to see what’s near to a property you are considering.
  • Set A Budget: It’s vital that you set a price range if you’re searching for a property because it’s extremely tempting to start stretching your budget if you see something which really stands out – and you’re guaranteed to do so in Italy! Setting a clear budget will allow you to quickly narrow down your search and will save you scrolling through properties that are well out of your range. Remember too, that if you’ve set a budget you can purchase some potentially incredible properties that need a little renovation; so include the estimated costs of the renovation while you’re looking for property. If you do plan to renovate a property in Italy you should also leave an extra margin or at least 10% of the total renovation costs to cover any future unexpected expenses.
  • Make Use Of The Search Parameters On Websites: All major property websites have integrated search options within which you can set the parameters for your search. You should always make use of these when you can so you can focus only on those properties which are within your budget, in the right location and of the right type. You can also select additional specifications such as parking, nearby amenities, garages, the number of bathrooms and the level of security.
  • Sign Up For Property Alerts: The best properties will be snapped up quickly so you should sign up for alerts from the website when a property that meets your requirements is posted. This will make it far easier to keep up with the latest listings and reduce your chances of missing the perfect property.
  • Try Not To Get Too Carried Away!: When you’re searching through the property listings it’s easy to get caught up in images you’re seeing on the screen! This can lead you to contemplating spending more money than you can really afford. So it’s important to keep your feet on the ground and rigorously stick to your budget even if you see something which is really special but beyond your means. The easiest way to avoid this temptation is to use the search parameters so you don’t even see properties which are out of your reach!
  • Make Lists: While you’re searching for a property you should constantly be making and updating lists. Using lists will help to keep you organized and on top of your property search. This will mean that you don’t forget a property you saw a few days ago or overlook something you’ll later regret. Write a list of the top 3 properties that you’ve found and then contact their owners one by one. Write as detailed notes as you can about the properties so that when you do contact the owner you have all the information to hand and can ask the relevant questions that you need to make a decision on the purchase.
  • Consider The Future Maintenance Of The Property: When you’re looking through potential properties you should always be considering what the maintenance costs and upkeep will be in the long run. This should be factored into your calculations of how much the property will cost overall. If you’re thinking about buying a property that’s quite old you may have to conduct renovations to bring it up to standard in terms of safety and energy efficiency. These updates can end up being quite expensive so they mustn’t be overlooked during your property search. You should also be taking into account how much the garden will cost to keep looking neat and tidy as well as the costs of running outdoor swimming pools and other amenities.
  • Do Your Due Diligence First: Searching for properties online can sometimes be risky if you don’t properly do your due diligence first. Before you contact any agent or property management company you should do a quick internet search to make sure that they are legitimate and a legally registered company. Otherwise, you can fall for scams which can cost a lot of money.
  • Try To View The Property In Person: After you’ve found a property online you should always try to arrange an in person viewing before you sign any contracts or paperwork. This may be impossible if you’re arranging your accommodation in Italy from overseas but wherever possible you should arrange to see the property before you sign a long term contract. I have written an article about what you should know about property viewing trips in Italy.
  • Contact Local Real Estate Agents: One of the best ways to find a property in Italy is to contact local real estate agents. You can give them a full list of your requirements and budget and then let them sift through the available properties on your behalf. A good real estate agent will send you regular updates with recent properties that have come onto the market for you to further assess. They can also advise you about the potential maintenance costs, local regulations and other legalities which can be complicated and difficult to navigate on your own.

The Italian Real Estate Market Offers Some Of The Best Properties In The World.

The Italian real estate market is one of the most competitive in the world. There is a wonderful selection of properties at great prices which are hard to beat in any Western nation. Combined with the excellent prices, the culture and scenery of the country attracts foreign buyers who want to move to the country themselves or to make a safe financial investment in Italian property.

The easiest way to find property in Italy, particularly from overseas, is to make use of trusted real estate websites. You can also supplement what you discover on the websites by contacting and working with a real estate agency who can help you to find the perfect property in Italy.

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