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If you’re looking for a unique gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, aunt or workmate, then why not buy her a special present from Italy? The land of the Dolce Vita is famous for its fine living, beautiful scenery and cultural attractions, but it also produces some of the most sought-after items in the world.

Deciding what present to get her can be extremely difficult but to help you narrow down your search we’ve compiled a list of the top Italian gifts that any woman in your life will just love! So sit back and relax because after reading through this list you’ll know the right gift to get her!

Italian Jewelry.

Every woman loves fine jewelry and there’s nowhere that makes better necklaces, earrings and bracelets than Italy. With a long tradition in jewelry making, Italy has developed a stellar reputation for its excellent craftsmanship and timeless design work.

From classically elegant items to funky and retro-contemporary pieces, there’s something to suit every woman’s style and tastes.

A Gerardo Sacco Necklace.

Combining myth, tradition, fabulous jewel stones and a touch of magic, Gerardo Sacco produces beautiful Italian jewelry at prices that won’t break your bank! So if you’re looking for a traditional Italian gift then one of the necklaces from Gerardo Sacco’s collection might be the ideal choice for her.

From long sautoir knitted necklaces to semi-rigid and choker necklaces, the items incorporate lovely colored stones and a delightful array of gold and silver inlays. All of the necklaces are made in Italy and demonstrate the highest levels of craftsmanship and expertise in their manufacture.

Luxury Earring By Bvlgari.

Bulgari, usually written as ‘Bvlgari’, is one of Italy’s leading jewelry brands and produces stunning gold, silver and diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings. If you’re looking for something really special then a pair of Bvlgari earrings will make an unforgettable impression on her.

Bvlgari has an amazing selection of earrings that range from contemporary styles to traditionally elegant and understated options. The prices are fairly steep for some of the earrings but the quality of materials and craftsmanship is really beyond comparison.

A Papuro Leather Journal – Handmade In Tuscany.

If she loves to write or keep a diary then a Papuro leather journal might make the perfect gift for her! Papuro leather journals are all hand-stitched in Tuscany and produced by local artisans using the finest materials and traditional methods. As well as blank leather-bound journals, Papuro also makes visitor books, photo albums and notebooks.

Papuro is a family business that has mastered every aspect of hand stitching leather-bound journals and books so you can be sure you’ll be buying her a real piece of Tuscan craft. The paper in the books is 135gsm, acid-free and is sourced from sustainable materials.

If you want to make your gift even more special you can have the cover embossed with a personalized message such as the name of the gift recipient or the occasion that you are celebrating with the gift.

Italian Perfume.

Italy has an ancient tradition of perfume making which stretches right back to the Renaissance and beyond. There are numerous Italian perfume brands to choose from but there are a couple that really stand out from the intense competition.

Giorgio Armani Sì.

Giorgio Armani’s Si perfume expresses a confident energy that is perfectly suited for a modern, empowered and feminine woman who has a sophisticated elegance in all that she does. This perfume is very popular and combines the scents of Rose, Patchouli and Blackcurrant in a truly cosmopolitan way.

Versace Yellow Diamond.

If she’s a real ‘girl boss’, then Yellow Diamond by Versace is the ideal perfume choice for her. This brightly colored perfume exudes an intensely fiery scent that is made up of Citron, Pear, Bergamot and Neroli with a hint of Orange Blossom, Freesia and Amber Wood. The perfume also has a subtle musky scent that speaks of refinement and the understated power of the contemporary woman.

Authentic Italian Cookbook.

For women who love to cook authentic Italian food then a great Italian cookbook will give them a wonderful new selection of recipes to try out for themselves. Not only is Italian food super healthy but it’s also absolutely delicious so she’s bound to be the star of the show next time she has a dinner party.

The Complete Italian Cookbook.

This hardback cookbook contains more than 200 traditional and contemporary Italian recipes which she can try at home. There are separate chapters that cover all the main recipes in the categories of salads, appetizers, soups, sauces, pasta dishes, pizzas, entrees, focaccia, stews and desserts. This makes it easy to navigate the book and find dishes to make with the ingredients you already have in the kitchen.

The Complete Italian Cookbook also contains entirely unique photography which helps to explain how to make the recipes if there’s a tricky step involved. Overall, this is one of the best Italian cookbooks around and makes a fantastic gift for any woman in your life who loves her homemade Italian food.

Italian Ceramics And Tableware.

If she loves her Italian cuisine then a unique dining set, coffee cup or other items of tableware is a gift that she’ll be able to reuse again and again. A great way to say you’re thinking of a real Italophile is to get them some tableware that will remind them of Italy, and you, every time they use it.

Hand-painted Artemest Tableware.

Artemest produces luxury glass, marble and ceramic tableware, dining sets, glasses, serving platters and much more besides. All of it is manufactured using the finest Italian craftsmanship and hand-painted in a huge range of beautiful patterns, colors and designs.

Handmade Ceramic Italian Espresso Cup And Saucer.

For the woman who always starts the day with an Italian coffee then why not buy her a lovely handmade ceramic espresso cup and saucer? The entire cup and saucer is completely handmade and hand-painted in Umbria in the commune of Deruta which is famous for its pottery and ceramics.

Each cup and saucer have the artist’s signature painted on the bottom so you can be sure it’s a unique piece of artwork. The cups are painted in a popular Italian style known as ‘Ricco Deruta’ which is inspired by original frescoes from the Renaissance period.

A Gourmet Italian Gift Hamper.

A gourmet food hamper is a fantastic way to surprise her with an authentic Italian gift. Having a gift hamper full of delicious Italian foods, ingredients and snacks delivered to her door will make her day and if you’re lucky she might even share the contents with you!

Italian Classic Gourmet Gift Basket.

This wonderful selection of Italian food contains specialties from all over the country. Each basket has a carefully chosen range of traditional foods including a selection of cheeses, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Provolone Piccante and many other hard-to-find Italian foods.

Ferrero Rocher Collection.

This 18.2 oz gift box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates are made using the traditional recipes of finely ground hazelnuts, coconut and milk chocolate. The gift box contains a selection of all the classic Ferrero Rocher chocolate types so it’s perfect for sharing as well! Absolutely delicious and the perfect gift for any lady in your life.

Italian Novels And Classic Historical Books.

Italy has an astounding literary history that doesn’t just begin and end with Dante’s famous Divine Comedy! In fact, there’s an incredible wealth of literature and writing considering the relatively small size of Italy compared to the English-speaking world. However, the problem for many Italophiles is that it’s often hard to find books written by Italian authors in Italian in English translations.

So if she’s a bit of a bookworm and loves Italian culture then why not surprise her with a couple of authentic Italian novels or books in an English translation? From historical classics to modern romance and detective stories, you’ll find all the greatest Italian books in English translations at The Italian Bookshop.

Italian Jewelry And Music Box.

If you’ve been looking for a really unexpected gift then an Italian jewelry and music box might just be what you’ve been looking for! Every woman likes to have a beautiful box to keep her jewelry and other precious items in and there’s nothing more Italian than a traditional-styled music box.

Each time the lid is opened the music box will play a tune. This charming gift is a unique way to show her that you’re thinking ‘outside of the box’ and going the extra mile to get her something really special. The Music Box Company sources a wide range of musical jewelry boxes that are made in Italy. Each music box is unique and has a gorgeous inlaid design on the lid and a soft felt interior. There’s a good choice of different boxes and tunes; and in some cases, you can even select your own tune to have installed onto the musical mechanism of the box.

Italy Is A Treasure Trove Of Potential Gifts For Her!

There’s so much wonderful culture and expert craftsmanship on display in every aspect of Italian life that if you’re looking for a gift you’re bound to find something that will really impress her. From beautiful jewelry to alluring perfumes, from finger-licking gift hampers of Italian food to a magical musical jewelry box, there’s a fantastic array of possibilities just waiting for you to discover for her.

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