The Most Popular Furniture Stores In Florence Italy

Furniture Store Florence

Whether you’ve recently relocated to Florence Italy or are just looking to improve your existing home furnishings, there’s a fantastic selection of world-class furniture stores in the city to choose from. With top-of-the-range craftsmanship, contemporary and traditional designs as well as friendly, attentive consultants on hand, reimagining your home or office space could be the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life.

The Best Furniture Stores In Florence Italy.

The following are some of the best furniture stores in Florence that you should check out:

Emporio Home Design.

Founded in 1967, but renovated in 2002, Emporio Home Design is a Florentine mainstay that provides you with all the furniture and accessories you need to create a wonderful living space. The store exhibits numerous top furniture brands, including Meson’s Cucina, Pianca and Bontempi, among others. With such a great range to choose from you’ll be able to redesign your living space and with the help of the in-store consultants and sales staff, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for.

Located on Via Vittorio Emanuele II, Emporio Home Design stocks chairs, tables, contemporary storage solutions, shelving units and beds as well as complete kitchen sets. Emporio Home Design’s consultants can help you select the perfect furnishings and will arrange the assembly and install anything you buy from them. They also guarantee you post-sale assistance and have customizable payment options available if you’re worried about financing your purchase.

Casa Arredo.

Casa Arredo specializes in furnishing small home spaces with expertise in creating unique designs for studio apartments, mini-apartments and other urban dwellings. However, they are also highly experienced in working with clients in larger suburban properties; so no matter where you live in Florence, Casa Arredo can assist you in finding the perfect furniture for your home.

Casa Arredo’s main showroom and headquarters are based on Via Campofiore 108 but they also have another store on Via Lanza 72/74 which is dedicated exclusively to children’s furniture. So if you’re a family who wants to furnish your child’s room, Casa Arredo is undoubtedly one of Florence’s top venues where you’ll find children’s beds, stools, chairs and accessories.

The consultants at Casa Arredo can also assist you in renovating your existing furnishings and optimizing the available space in your kitchen, even if it’s quite cramped. There’s a huge range of brands to choose from, all under one roof, and great after-sales care that you can fall back on if you need to. The team at Casa Arredo includes interior designers, architects and professional consultants, who are all on hand to make sure your vision for your domestic space comes to fruition.

Self Habitat.

The team at Self Habitat prides itself on its ability to help you reimagine your home to create unique kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, stays and lounges which reflect your personality and passions in your living space. The key motto of Self Habitat is ‘beautiful design’, so you can rest assured that if you work with their talented team you’ll be astounded by the results.

The first step, when you work with Self Habitat, is to consult with their interior design experts who will help to put your vision and ideas into a practical format that can be transferred to your home. Following an inspection of your property, the team will draw up designs for you to assess before they order, assemble and install your new furnishings.

You’ll also be able to choose from a wide range of colors, materials, textures and finishing’s in every aspect of the planning phase with the help of a personalized mood board. Self Habitat really goes the extra mile to make sure your ideas for your home furnishings become a reality at a price that you can afford.

Febal Casa Firenze M&M Architects.

Located on Via Pietro Toselli 104, Febal Casa Firenze M&M Architects are waiting to help you furnish, rearrange or enhance your home with top-of-the-range furniture and interior design solutions. The store can provide you with a magnificent new kitchen, including all the units and storage features, as well as furnishings for your bedroom, stays, hallways, lounge and bathroom.

With a particularly good reputation for installing superb modern and traditional kitchens, Febal Casa Firenze M&M Architects have over 50 years of experience and a team of experts who are passionate about delivering the very best solutions for all your furnishing needs. The team also uses its connections to collaborate with other industry professionals to ensure that you get the results you were looking for.

Forniture Sedie Bardini Franco.

With over 40 years of experience in the furniture industry, Furniture Sedie Bardini Franco is located on Viale Fratelli Rosselli 49 and has a lovely, eclectic collection of beautiful home furnishings. With a great range of chairs, tables, light fixtures, shelving units, cushions and a multitude of accessories, the Bardini Collection is always inspiring to peruse.

The friendly staff are always there to help you find exactly what you’re looking for and with their artistic and practical understanding of contemporary interior design, they can assist you in creating a perfect new home or office environment.

Il Bambu.

Il Bambu is currently offering a 20% discount and free shipping on all their indoor and outdoor furniture which is amazing value for money considering the high quality of everything they have on offer. With stores on Via Adriani 9-19 and Viale Europa 39, Il Bambu has a wonderful collection of outdoor lounge and eating area furnishings as well as gazebos, decorations, screens, tables, chairs, sunbeds and more!

Il Bambu also has a beautiful selection of indoor furniture for your office space, living areas, bedrooms and hallways. They also stock some extremely attractive mirrors and accessories that will help you to give your property that elusive personalized character that really makes it feel like home.

Founded in the 1960s, Il Bambu is a family-run business that has become a household name in Florence while its team of consultants, interior designers and shop floor staff are always friendly and ready to give you free help and advice. If it’s more convenient for you then you can also order a wide range of furnishings and home accessories on the company’s website and have them delivered and assembled by Il Bambu’s expert outreach team.


With more than 60 years in the furniture industry, Mobilmarket was born in the turbulent era of an exciting new approach to interior design in Italy during the late 1960s when interior designers were looking for revolutionary approaches to home furnishings. Having already assisted more than 150,000 customers, Mobilmarket has a vast store of experience that they can convert into helping you furnish your home.

With the company’s motto of ‘democratic luxury’, the team work round the clock to give their customers an exclusive service and top-of-the-range furniture at prices that won’t break your bank. All of Mobilmarket’s furniture is 100% Made in Italy and is guaranteed for 15 years after your purchase. There is also a generous 15% price discount on many of the materials and major brands in their collection.

With numerous stores throughout Florence, you can either drop by to see a consultant in person or book a mail order delivery through the company website. With full kitchen sets and furniture for your bedroom, living room, children’s rooms and halls, as well as a special collection of Italian-inspired furniture, Mobilmarket is a fantastic one-stop shop for all your furnishing needs.

Edenpark Firenze.

Specializing in outdoor and exterior furniture, Edenpark Firenze promises to ‘conquer you with beauty’, and judging by the amazing range of exterior furnishings they aren’t joking! With outdoor kitchens, mini pools, spas, awnings, umbrellas, tables, chairs and exterior structures, Edenpark Firenze has everything you need to turn your garden into a luxurious outdoor paradise.

With a showroom in Via dei Vanni, Edenpark’s team of consultants, architects, designers and exterior furnishing experts are always ready to help you to create an outdoor space that you’ll want to spend all your free time in. Edenpark Firenze is an authorized dealer for many of the best Italian and international brands of outdoor furniture and features so as you browse the company’s showrooms you’ll certainly be inspired by the top names in the industry.

Scavolini Store Firenze.

Located on Via Maragliano 100 a/b/c/d, Scavolini Store Firenze specializes in kitchen and bathroom installations with a superb range of single-brand Scavolini products to choose from. Epitomizing style, practicality and elegance, all of the Scavolini kitchens and bathrooms are expertly manufactured and built to give you great value for money.

The Scavolini Store Firenze was established more than 40 years ago and provides an unbeatable service for its customers. With over 300 square meters of kitchen and bathroom exhibitions, easy parking and accessibility for wheelchairs, it’s a pleasure to drop by the store and speak to knowledgeable floor staff. You can get free price estimates and after you’ve selected your kitchen or bathroom the consultants will arrange its free delivery and installation in your home. There is also a good after-sales assistance service on offer with everything you purchase at Scavolini Store Firenze.


With more than 70 years of experience and over 120,000 completed projects under its belt, TaniniHome is one of Florence’s most successful furniture stores with a beautiful 1150-square-meter showroom to explore. TaniniHome showcases the best of almost 90 furniture brands while the expert consultants have the creative vision and practical understanding to help you to select the ideal furnishings for your home or office space.

Located on Via Maragliano 155, TaniniHome perfectly combines contemporary innovations with traditional styles, so no matter how you imagine your home looking, they can make it happen for you! The showrooms make use of modern technology and so as you walk around the exhibits you can scan the PR codes on your phone to see a 3D version of the room to help you imagine what it would look like in your own home. Using this clever system you can easily choose the right colors, textures and layouts for your home which you can later review with the sales consultants.

This seamless merging of virtual technology and the showroom reality has transformed shopping for furniture into a completely new experience and so you’ll genuinely enjoy redesigning your home with TaniniHome. The store stocks everything you could need for your kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedrooms as well as lighting features, flooring and a multitude of accessories.

Mak Mobili.

Founded in 1976 on the Via del Romito 28, as a 1000 square meter furniture showroom, Mak Mobili is one of Florence’s leading suppliers for all your home furnishing needs. Stocking a wonderful collection of living room, bedroom, dining room and hallway furniture as well as bathroom furniture and a whole array of furnishing accessories, Mak Mobili has all the interior solutions for your home in Florence.

In 2016, the company opened a second store in Via del Campofiore 110, which specializes in kitchens, working in close collaboration with the prestigious Veneta Cucina brand. The in-store consultants are always available to help you plan and design your new kitchen as well as assist you with arranging the delivery and installation of anything you purchase. You can also take advantage of Mak Mobili’s free 6-month post-sales assistance service if anything goes wrong after your kitchen or bathroom has been installed.

Florence Has Great Furniture Stores.

Whatever you’re looking for, the furniture stores of Florence have you covered! The furnishings in the Florentine stores, for your lounge, bedroom, hallways, outdoor spaces, bathrooms and kitchens are all expertly made and come in a lovely range of styles to suit all tastes.

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