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Finding a top-quality furniture store in the bustling heart of Italy’s capital, Rome, can be stressful and can waste hours of your valuable time. However, despite the confusing maze of backstreets and the never-ending traffic, there are a few havens where you can find superb furniture that won’t break the bank.

Apartments in Italy are very rarely furnished, even if you’re renting them, so it’s essential to quickly find yourself some good furniture so you can settle into your new life abroad.

The Best Furniture Stores In Rome.

The following are the best furniture stores in Rome that you have to visit before purchasing furniture for your house or apartment:

Ginardi Arredamenti.

With a selection of Italy’s top furniture brands on offer, the Ginardi Arredamenti store on Via Ettore Rolli 24a, in Rome, has everything from beds to day sets, elegant shelving units to sofas, armchairs and a wide range of tables. The beautiful wardrobe cabins also provide you with a wonderful walk-in option for your bedroom or lounge and the well-thought-out storage space means it’s easy to keep your home’s interior looking neat and tidy.

Ginardi Arredamenti can also design and deliver your kitchen furnishings to complete your living space with style. The in-store consultants are experts in all aspects of interior design and with their extensive experience, they can help you to find the perfect items to suit your home and your personal tastes.

Home E Design.

Specializing in sleeping areas, living areas and children’s rooms, Home E Design has a great range of simple and practical home solutions that meet the modern furnishing needs of Rome’s inhabitants, in both small apartments and larger, more spacious suburban homes.

Home E Design also provides a personalized 3D interior design service for their customers. You can arrange a 2-hour session with a consultant to redesign spaces in your home or office and then take a virtual 3D tour of your newly designed rooms before you splash out and buy the products. This helps you to get a clear idea of what you’re buying and allows you to visualize them in your home or office. You can also use the 3D virtual tour to decide on what colors, textures and patterns you want to order your furnishings in.

The team at Home E Design is extremely skilled in creating space-saving solutions for small city apartments and offices. So if you’re struggling to figure out how to make the most of the space you do have available, the Home E Design consultants can certainly help you out with practical advice and furnishing solutions.

Blanc Mariclo Rome.

Founded over 100 years ago, Blanc Mariclo is a family-run business that puts high-quality service and ongoing customer relationships at the forefront of its business model. The family has a remarkable history which in recent times even included one of their members appearing on the cinema screens in Italy in the film ‘A Perfect Family’!

The Blanc Mariclo furniture store on Via Arenula, 78/79, showcases a wide range of traditionally styled furniture. The Blanc Mariclo collection of furniture is all elegant, sophisticated and includes armchairs, cabinets, vintage pieces and sofas, all in soft, natural colors. As well as furniture, you can explore a delightful range of home decorations such as vases, mirrors and paintings. There are also lace and other types of curtains on offer which you can use to put the finishing touches to your home’s interior décor.

Calligaris Roma.

Calligaris Roma has 3 stores in Rome at Via Nemorense 29, Largo Flavio Domiziano 13 and Via Anastasio II, 349. All the stores provide you with an excellent selection of home furnishings including armchairs, sofas, tables, wall storage units, stools, carpets and an eclectic collection of decorative pieces.

This contemporary furniture store has a broad range of home solutions for small apartments in the capital as well as larger properties in Rome’s suburbs. The prices for furniture in Calligaris Roma are very reasonable and the unique collections let you really express yourself through your interior design choices.

The Calligaris Group also go to great lengths to ensure that all their furniture and supply lines are doing all they can to help to mitigate the effects of climate change in a bid to help conserve the planet for future generations.

Rigodritto Interiors.

Rigodritto Interiors is a relatively new player but has been making waves in the furniture industry since it was founded in 2000 by Edoardo Maria Giusti, who remains the company’s key designer and artistic director. Located on Via Urbana 188, Rigodritto stocks an amazingly creative collection of furniture including tables, storage units, bookshelves, lamps and eye-catching accessories.

The exciting range of items in Rigodritto is the perfect way to complement the existing furnishings in your apartment or house. As well as indoor furniture, Rigodritto produces an excellent collection of outdoor furniture that is highly versatile and built to last. The company also makes special, limited edition and one-off items of furniture, including suspended lamps and even a table with a bicycle wheel instead of its legs!

All the materials used are strong and carefully selected to reflect the team’s aspiration to represent the modern lifestyle with a natural and organic feel.

Arcon Arredamento Contemporaneo.

Established in 1956, the Arcon Arredamento Contemporaneo showrooms are located in Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna and sell an artistic range of lamps, beds, sofas, tables and bookshelves. Perfect for an avant-garde style home décor, this unusual collection of furniture is ideal for young professionals and families who want to express their artsy side in their interior design choices.

From your living room to your bedroom, Arcon Arredamento Contemporaneo is a wonderful store to visit which will fill you with a whole array of enchanting ideas for your new home furnishings. As well as home furnishings, the company also has a team of interior design consultants who can work with you to make your dreams a reality. Providing services for homes and offices, Arcon Arredamento Contemporaneo are one of the city’s best kept secrets in the home furnishing industry.

Loreti Arredamenti Rome.

As one of Rome’s top-rated furniture stores, Loreti Arredamenti Rome is located on Via Ambrogio Binda 33/35 and has an astounding collection of contemporary home furnishings to suit all your day to day needs. The store specializes in home furnishings but it also has a highly ranked interior design department that can help you to plan your ideal kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallway or study.

Among the furniture, there are fantastic beds, children’s furniture, tables, stools and kitchen furnishings, as well as everything else you can think of! The prices in Loreti Arredamenti are very reasonable and the store is massively popular with local Romans and Expats alike. Browsing through the company’s catalogs will give you some great ideas for your new home furnishings but you can also consult the in-store interior design experts for extra tips and advice if you’d like to.

IKEA San Silvestro Pop-Up Store.

IKEA is a huge international brand that has a pop-up store in Piazza San Silvestro 28, Rome. IKEA has an enormous range of home furnishings and accessories that are available for purchase at some of the most competitive prices on the market. An ideal choice for students, young professionals and people on a tight budget, you can get good quality self-assembly furniture for all your interior design needs.

IKEA runs a pickup service that costs 15 Euros per order up to a weight of 30 kg. You can order furniture and other accessories online and then collect them at the nearest convenient pickup point. IKEA can also help you to design your home if you drop by the store on Piazza San Silvestro, so if you need a little advice on the most suitable items the consultants will be glad to assist you.

Stosa Point Roma.

Stosa Point Roma are experts in every aspect of kitchen design and installation. When you visit the store on Via Appia Nuova you can speak with the consultants and design a 3D rendering of your ideas to help plan your kitchen. After you’ve decided on a kitchen, the company’s experts will use electronic mapping tools to inspect your current kitchen before arranging the necessary contractors to install the new kitchen for you.

Stosa Point Roma will also ensure that all your plumbing and electrics are properly connected and working correctly after your kitchen installation. If you want to get financing for your new kitchen you can arrange a monthly payment program to help spread the costs of your purchase. Every new kitchen comes with a full 5-year warranty so you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting top-quality and long-lasting units. Finally, the Stosa Point Roma team will dispose of your old kitchen and white goods for you so you don’t have to worry about handling it yourself.

Remember, that very few apartments or houses in Rome will come with a kitchen so having a trusted supplier on hand could be very useful if you’re planning to buy a new property or move to the city.

Ginocchi Arredamenti.

With more than 60 years in the industry, Ginocchi Arredamenti is one of Rome’s most trusted home furnishing providers whose team of highly qualified interior design experts can help you to create your perfect bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or lounge. With a large store on Via Della Bufalotta 194/195, it’s easy to drop by to meet the team for yourself.

The store showcases everything you could possibly need for your home including beds, sofas, chairs, tables, mirrors, wallpaper, sideboards, cabinets, consoles, baths and numerous accessories to add the finishing touches to your interior design.

Binacci Arredamenti.

With over 70 years in business, Binacci Arredamenti has 4 showrooms in Rome; located in Via Cristoforo Colombo 440F, Via Anagnina 147, Via Tiburtina 446 and Via Tiburtina 466. With more than 50 furniture brands on display, Binacci Arredamenti only showcases the very best of Italian designer brands and furniture. The team at Binacci Arredamenti handles the entire process for you, from helping with your designs and selecting your finishing’s to surveying your property and installing or assembling your products.

Each showroom has a huge selection of furnishings for kitchens, bedrooms, lounges, hallways, studies and bathrooms. You’ll also discover a great selection of walk-in cupboards as well as outdoor furniture and iconic decorative design pieces. With professional interior designers, architects and industry professionals at your disposal, you can create your perfect home designs with Binacci Arredamenti by your side.

Rome Has Very Good Furniture Stores.

When you need top-quality furnishings for your home or office in Rome, there’s a superb array of specialist companies to choose from. This means that you’re guaranteed to find the highest quality furniture, created by both Italian and international brands, to provide you with the furnishing solutions that you’re looking for.

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