Complete List Of The Best Grocery Stores In Naples

Best Grocery Store Naples

Having a reliable grocery store nearby can make your life in Naples Italy a lot easier and more convenient. It’s good to know where the large supermarkets are but it’s also helpful to know where a few smaller, independent stores are located because not only are they often open later but they sometimes have unique selections of ingredients that you can’t find in the big box stores.

The Best Grocery Stores In Naples.

The following are some of the best grocery stores in Naples:

Sole 365.

Sole 365 is a superb chain of supermarkets that sells top quality fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, fish, meat, snacks and chocolates. The prices are great and the stores are always spotlessly clean. There’s a major focus on fresh foods but you can also buy some frozen items and gluten-free products in your local Sole 365.

Each store has an in-house fishmonger, a bakery and a deli counter where you can purchase cold meats and cheeses that have been cut to your exact specifications. There is a great range of beers, wines and spirits on offer and in most of the stores have a kitchen where you can buy hot meals and side dishes that you can take home to eat if you don’t have time to cook.

In addition to providing upmarket services to their customers, Sole 365 is a big supporter of local initiatives and community projects. This makes having a Sole 365 store in your neighborhood a real asset to the community.


Conad is a fantastic discount supermarket chain, with around 10 locations in Naples, that has a well-earned reputation in Italy for delivering superb value to its customers. Conad operates hypermarkets, supermarkets and smaller minimarkets as well as specialist pet shops and pharmacies.

Conad provides you with all the standard essentials that you would expect from a major retailer including fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, snacks, chocolates, cold drinks, beers, wine and spirits. The stores tend to have a fairly functional appearance but they are always well-stocked and often have some unmissable discounts on selected product lines.

Supermercati Superò.

Supermercati Superò is a seriously up-market chain that has everything you need under one roof. Shopping in Supermercati Superò is a real pleasure because each department has staff on hand to help you find the items that you’re looking for. With fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, meat and a bakery that makes fresh bread each day, you’ll only find the best products in a Supermercati Superò.

If you want a quick snack on the move you can pick up a sandwich from the deli counter and for a pre-made evening meal you can drop by the gastronomy department to select from the takeaway meals, side dishes and salads. Essentially, Supermercati Superò is one of the finest supermarket chains in Naples and even if you don’t have one in your neighborhood it’s still worth making the trip to do your grocery shopping. Supermercati Superò has nearly 20 locations in Naples.

Supermercato MD.

As one of Italy’s favorite discount supermarket chains, Supermercato MD is a solid grocery store that has hundreds of stores throughout the country. You’ll find all your essentials in your local store, including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, canned goods, frozen food, snacks, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits.

All of the stores have a butchery, where you’ll get beautiful cuts of meat, as well as a deli counter where you can buy cold meats and cheeses, cut to your precise specifications. Supermarket MD also sells electrical appliances, household cleaning products, toiletries and sometimes has an in-house pharmacy stand.

Salumeria Rognoni.

This beautiful neighborhood Italian deli and grocery store only sells the freshest meats, cheeses and other gourmet delicacies. The friendly and courteous counter staff know all their regular customers and are always keen to catch up on the latest local gossip. As well as being able to buy quality ingredients you can also have a delicious sandwich with a salad side dish to take away or enjoy in the indoor or outdoor on-site seating.

Situated near the Napoli Porta Nolana train station that takes you to Pompeii and Vesuvius, Salumeria Rognoni is the perfect place to buy a deli sandwich and some snacks to take with you on a day trip to the volcano. It’s also the ideal place to grab a fantastic bite to eat on your lunch break if you work in the Napoli city center.

Mini Market Trinità.

Mini Market Trinità is a small neighborhood grocery store in the heart of the Spanish Quarter and provides its regular customers and visiting tourists with a great selection of basic staples, fruits, vegetables, snacks, chocolates, cold soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits. The prices are super competitive and the friendly staff are always happy to give you tips about the best nearby sites to visit in the area.

Mini Market Trinità is open late every night so if you’re looking for a quick snack on your way home after visiting a few local bars it’s worth keeping in mind! The store can also arrange home delivery if you are staying within their delivery area which covers the Spanish Quarter and most of the city center. To find out if you’re within the Mini Market Trinità’s delivery area you should ask in-store.

Grocery Store Ukraine.

This Eastern European grocery store has all the authentic meats, sausages, packaged foods, cheeses and snacks from Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe. The store is popular with locals but especially with Expats who are missing the food from their home countries.

You can also find a nice choice of beers, both local and Eastern European, as well as wines and spirits at competitive prices. There’s a huge range of products in the store and the friendly counter assistants are always happy to help you find something if you can’t see it at first.

Mitico Tipico.

Mitico Tipico is a magnificent gourmet food store that has an amazing range of carefully sourced meats, cheeses, honey, bread and more. This delicatessen and grocery store is dedicated to supporting slow farming and local producers which means that you’re guaranteed to find the very best quality items on offer.

This small, cozy store has a strong community atmosphere, lovely staff and because it helps some of the region’s most sustainable and organic producers it’s an ethical place to shop at.

Singhe Stores.

Singhe Stores is Naples’ best Indian grocery store that has an eye-watering selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that you’ll find difficult to find in your average big box supermarket. You can also find all the authentic Indian spices, herbs, sauces and staples, such as rice and other imported canned and packaged products.

The store is a great place to go and find new inspiration if you enjoy cooking Indian cuisine at home and the helpful staff are on hand to give you a few tips if you’re wondering which spices you should get. You can also browse the selection of soft drinks, beer, wines and spirits while you’re in the store.

Charcuterie Esposito.

This wonderful Italian food store and deli is a real treat to visit. The store has a really traditional feel and sells top-of-the-range cold meats, regional cheeses, aperitifs, olive oil, vegetables, beer and wines. As well as the beautiful ingredients you can also buy a sandwich to take away or eat in the outdoor seating. If you’d like to take the weight off your feet you can relax and enjoy your sandwich with a glass of wine at a price that is far cheaper than your average restaurant, particularly when you consider the quality of the ingredients!

The amazing ingredients and the store itself have become famous all over Italy. This led to Charcuterie Esposito extending its services to include free nationwide shipping for all orders over 50 Euros. If you order food from the store it is sent by express delivery and will be at your door within 24 hours to ensure that it stays fresh!

Naples Has Numerous Top Quality Grocery Stores.

While you’re living in Naples it’s essential to know where your local grocery stores are. Ideally, you should try to locate a couple of nearby stores, including a major supermarket and a few smaller, independent food stores that have longer opening hours and may offer a more specialist selection of products.

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