Complete List Of The Best Grocery Stores In Palermo

Palermo Grocery Store

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, which is a province of Italy. It is a very ancient and historic city and also one of the largest cities in Italy. For both Expats and tourists in Palermo, it’s vital to know where the best grocery stores are in your neighborhood. From picking up a quick snack while you’re on the move to buying essential groceries, toiletries or household items, your nearest grocery store is an invaluable resource that you can always rely on.

The Best Grocery Stores In Palermo.

The following are some of the best grocery stores in Palermo:

Supermercato Famila.

Famila is an Italian supermarket chain that has large supermarkets and smaller, city center stores that provide a fantastic selection of items at prices that are hard to beat. Famila stores are clean, tidy and stock everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to canned foods, fresh meat and fish, staples like pasta and rice as well as toiletries, household items and cleaning products.

Ideal for your weekly grocery shopping, or if you haven’t had time to get to a larger out-of-town store, you can literally get everything you need to survive in your local Famila. The staff are friendly and often bilingual, so even if you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t be afraid of asking an in-store assistant.


Lidl is a giant, European-wide supermarket chain that is best known for its high quality, fresh and frozen products which are sold at very competitive prices. The stores are fairly utilitarian but you can always be sure that you’ll find all the basic items that you need. From fresh fruit and vegetables to canned goods, frozen meats and fish, Lidl is a one-stop shop for all your essential groceries. You’ll also find toiletries, household cleaning products and sometimes electrical appliances as well.

The staff are friendly and always ready to point you in the right direction if you can’t find something. There are always plenty of special offers and discounted items available so it’s a great place to shop if you keep your grocery bill down. Lidl has several stores in and around Palermo so no matter where you are staying in the city you won’t be too far away from the nearest one.


Coop supermarkets are dotted throughout Palermo and offer their customers a superb selection of products at great prices. Many of the items in the Coop stores are sourced from local Italian producers but you can also find international items for sale as well.

You can always find fresh fruit and vegetables, basic staples, cold drinks and alcohol, as well as toiletries, household items and cleaning products. There is a wide range of frozen meats, pizzas, fish and desserts on offer at cheaper prices than the fresh articles in store.


This massive European chain of supermarkets has several stores in Palermo and is hugely popular with Expats and locals alike. Carrefour has an unbeatable selection of items at hugely competitive prices as well as a constantly changing range of bargains and special offers.

Perfect for doing your weekly grocery shopping, Carrefour provides absolutely everything you need under one roof. You can find fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, staples such as rice and pasta, canned goods, toiletries, cosmetics, household items, cleaning products and more! You can also buy frozen food and delicious desserts in your neighborhood Carrefour store.

Cassaro Bottega Alimentare.

Situated in the heart of Palermo’s historic city center next to the cathedral, the Cassaro Bottega Alimentare is a grocery store, butchery, deli, outdoor eatery and bar, all rolled into one. The gourmet store is a magnificent place to buy authentic Sicilian meats, fish, cheeses, desserts, sweets, pasta, olive oil, preserves, chocolate, jams, wines and liquors.

The store stocks items from over 50 local producers so you can find a whole range of top quality ingredients that are difficult to find in almost any other grocery store in Palermo. If you’d like to have lunch at the store, then you can relax in the shady outdoor courtyard where you can eat fresh sandwiches, salads and indulge yourself in some of the best Sicilian wine on the island.

Palme Minimarket.

This small, independent grocery and convenience store is well stocked with basic staples, snacks, chocolates, cold drinks, domestic cleaning products, toiletries and alcoholic drinks, including Sicilian wines. You can also buy local bus tickets in the store which can be very helpful if you’re visiting other parts of the city.

To find out about the latest in-store offers you can check Palme Minimarket’s Facebook page. The staff are always friendly and helpful so if you need a few tips about great things to do in town don’t hesitate to ask.

Sicily Mini Market.

With an excellent selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, cold drinks, alcohol and snacks, the Sicily Mini Market is a superb neighborhood grocery store. On top of all the basics that you would expect, the store also stocks a surprisingly good range of jams, household items, toiletries and cleaning products. You can also pick up local souvenirs as well as Palermo postcards. One of the major advantages of the Sicily Mini Market is that the store is open until midnight every day so it’s perfect for grabbing a quick snack on your way home after a late night.

Supermercato Marotta.

The Supermercato Marotta is a family-run business that sells a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, tinned foods and basic staples such as pasta, rice, bakery ingredients, cold drinks and snacks. You can also get all the cleaning products and toiletries that you might need and there’s usually a nice selection of bargains and special discounts on offer.

An excellent choice if you need to pick up a few ingredients that you’d forgotten or you want to grab a few items to enjoy in your hotel room, the Supermercato Marotta staff are super friendly and always ready to help. The Supermercato Marotta has 2 stores in Palermo.

Maya Mini Market.

This fantastic store has a lovely selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, including hard-to-find international items. The shopkeepers are famously friendly and always make sure their prices stay competitive. You can find all your basic staples, such as pasta and rice, as well as toiletries, cleaning products and other household items.

There is also a good choice of cold drinks and snacks to choose from. All in all, this is a superb local grocery store that has far more inside than it looks at first glance!

A’ Putìa – Grocery.

This luxury, gourmet grocery shop is one of the foremost places in Palermo to buy Sicilian meats, cheeses, snacks and wine. The store is famous for its high quality and it only stocks local produce, making it a treasure trove for food buffs and Expats who love to cook authentic Sicilian dishes at home. On top of traditional delicatessen items, A ‘Putia – Grocery sells hugely popular ‘aperitif boxes’ which contain a carefully selected choice of meats, cheeses and other items which you can eat with your aperitif later in the day!

As well as food and wine you can also buy freshly made sandwiches or salads to take away for your lunch. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, you can eat your lunch in the store, which is always very tempting if you’re doing some sightseeing in the city. If you decide to stop in the store for lunch, the salads are divine and include fresh ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, smoked salmon, mackerel, tuna, turkey breast, and fresh leafy salads.

Palermo Has An Excellent Choice Of Grocery Stores.

Palermo has a great selection of grocery stores, both large and small. From huge international chains to gourmet Italian food shops, you can have real fun mixing and matching during your weekly grocery shopping. Of course, it might be convenient to do most of your shopping in a major supermarket but it’s always worth picking up delicacies in a smaller store that specializes in the Dolce Vita!

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