The Most Popular Grocery Stores In Rome

Grocery Stores In Rome

Whether you’re visiting Rome as a tourist or an Expat living abroad, knowing where the best local grocery stores are is vital information to enjoy life in the Eternal City. Smaller grocery stores may not have the wide selection that you’ll find in the larger, out-of-town supermarkets but they are extremely convenient and ideal for those times when you just need to grab a few things on the move.

From basic stables, such as pasta and rice, to fresh fruit and vegetables, cold drinks, beers and wine, your local grocery store is just a stone’s throw away and is usually open late enough for you to drop by after you finish work or a day of sightseeing.

As you become a regular customer in your neighborhood grocery store or a store that you regularly pass, you’ll quickly get to know the staff and become a welcomed member of the community. Local Italians often expect to have a chat with the cashier, as they pay for their groceries, to catch up on the neighborhood gossip! So you can expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere when you pop into a grocery store to pick up a few items.

The Best Grocery Stores In Rome.

The following are some of the best grocery stores in Rome. These stores are in different neighborhoods of Rome. Some of them are part of large chains while others are mom and pop type operations.

Supermercato Conad – Piazza Dei Cinquecento, 00185.

Located on the 1st floor of the Roma Termini train station, the Supermercato Conrad is a large convenience store that is extremely well stocked and has everything you need for basic groceries and shopping. This minimarket has all the essential staples, fresh fruit and vegetables, a wonderful selection of top quality coffees, ready-made meals, pizzas, chicken and frozen meats.

The store has a microwave that you can use to quickly heat up your food if you want to eat it on the train. You can also grab a free disposable knife and fork to eat your food on the go. The staff in the store tend to be multilingual and are very helpful, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for they’ll happily point you in the right direction. While prices are a little higher than a larger Conrad’s supermarket, considering the store’s location the prices are hard to beat.

Carrefour Express, Supermarket And Hypermarket.

Carrefour is a giant global chain. They have over 7100 stores worldwide. Carrefour has several stores in the historic neighborhoods of Rome. There are essentially three categories of stores: Convenience Stores (Carrefour Express), Supermarket (Carrefour Market) and Hypermarkets (Carrefour Hypermarkets).

The Carrefour Express stores are my favorites. This really is a mini-supermarket, so if you haven’t got time to go to one of the larger supermarkets you can get everything you need to survive in Rome here. This minimarket has a good selection of staples, such as pasta, as well as good quality groceries, breakfast cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned foods and sauces. You can also get all your household cleaning products, cosmetics and toiletries in the store as well as quick snacks, chocolates, cold drinks and more.

Use Google Maps to find the Carrefour market nearest you in Rome.


The Coop is part of a major European supermarket chain that is famous for high quality items at extremely competitive prices. Coop is a system of Italian Consumer Cooperatives. They have stores in most neighborhoods of Rome. These stores are very well stocked and has all the basics that you need for your day to day life. From fresh fruits and vegetables to ready meals and quick snacks, chocolates and cold drinks, the Coop is the perfect convenience store to pick up a few ingredients for dinner.

While the store is more expensive than its larger locations, it’s the epitome of a modern convenience store where you know you can find everything you need in a pinch. One of their highly rated stores is in Via Nazionale, which is close to Trevi Fountain. They have an American style large supermarket in Circonvallazione Cornelia, 2. This is closer to the Vatican City.

Use Google Maps to find the Coop market nearest you in Rome.

Pam Local, City, Supermarketo And iN’s Mercato.

Pam is a large Italian supermarket chain and has several stores in Rome. They have different categories of stores. Pam Supermarkets & Superstores, Pam Local (Convenience Stores), Pam City (Supermarkets in Urban Areas), iN’s Mercato (Discount Supermarkets) & Pam Supermarketo (Large Supermarkets that are franchised).

You will find a lot of Pam Local stores in the historic areas of Rome. Pam Local is a well-maintained, clean and tidy mini-supermarket that is popular with the locals in the neighborhood. As part of a large chain, the prices are lower than your average convenience store and the selection of products is hard to beat. You can get all your basic household items including hygiene and cleaning products, as well as basic staples such as pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables. The store comes highly recommended and if you’re in the area make sure you drop by to pick up your groceries.

Use Google Maps to find a Pam Local store nearest you in Rome.

Gregory’s Market Grocery – Via Volturno, 15.

This lovely, neighborhood grocery store is a deli and convenience store rolled into one. The staff is friendly and there’s a wonderful selection of cold meats, cheeses and freshly made sandwiches on offer. You can also opt to have your sandwich grilled if you prefer.

The store stocks a great selection of cold drinks, basic stables and other essentials, and since it’s just around the corner from the Roma Termini train station it’s extremely convenient if you’re traveling within the city.

Ukrainian Grocery Store Mini Market – Via Marsala, 9-35.

If you’re looking for authentic Eastern European food from countries such as Ukraine, Poland or Romania, then the Ukrainian Grocery Store Mini Market has you covered! From traditional sausages and Kvass to genuine Eastern European cottage cheese, you’ll be amazed at how much variety can fit into such a small space!

For Eastern European expats who are feeling homesick in Rome, you can even find items such as Borodinsky bread and the beloved Polish ‘Bird’s Milk’ sweets in the store. The in-store staff are very friendly and so if you can’t find what you’re looking for don’t hesitate to ask them for some help. This store is also very close to Roma Termini.

Grocery Store – Via Sistina, 146.

The Grocery Store is a clean, tidy and well-stocked convenience store that is staffed by helpful cashiers and has all the essentials that you might need. There’s a good selection of snacks, cold drinks, chocolates and other ready-to-eat foods. Although there’s not much fresh fruit or vegetables, it’s a great place if you just need to get a quick bite to eat on your way back from work.

One of the great advantages of this store is that it’s open so late, right up until after 2am, so if you need something to eat or drink after an evening in the bar, it’s the ideal place to drop by. The Grocery Store is very close to Trevi Fountain.

Alimentari Frutteria – Via Sicilia, 143.

This charming, traditional Italian neighborhood store is a classic deli that sells a delicious range of cold meats, cheeses, snacks, bread and many other items which are very hard to find in a modern convenience store. You can also buy fresh fruit and vegetables in the store.

The staff at the store know everybody in the neighborhood and are always super friendly and welcoming, so if you live nearby make sure to drop by and say hello. Just be aware that the store closes in the mid-afternoon so the staff can have a quick siesta! This store is close to Villa Borghese.

SuperMarket – Via Principe Amedeo, 70/B.

Although this store primarily sells gifts, souvenirs, hats, sunglasses, bags and a vast assortment of other Roman-themed memorabilia, you’ll also find a great selection of cold drinks, quick snacks, ready-made foods and chocolates. The store is quite spacious and the staff are always on hand if you need any help. The SuperMarket is the perfect store to pick up a few items on a hot summer’s day in Rome, especially if you need a hat or sunglasses. This SuperMarket is near Roma Termini.

Cavour Super Market – Via Cavour, 260.

The Cavour Super Market is a large, well-stocked convenience store that has a superb selection of products including cold beers, wines, non-alcoholic drinks and bottled waters. You can also buy all your basic household items, such as cleaning products and cosmetics in the store, as well as fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta, sauces and other essential staple foods.

With relatively late opening times, you can always be sure to grab a few items that you need for dinner after work or, if you’re staying in a nearby hotel, you can pick up a few snacks for the evening while you watch TV and relax after a long day of sightseeing. This store is near the Colosseum.

Discount International Food Store – Via Carlo Alberto, 55.

This is a fantastic store that sells an incredible variety of international foods, beautifully fresh fruit and vegetables, rice, herbs, spices, sauces, noodles and much more besides. So if you fancy cooking some international food at home then this is a real one-stop shop for everything you need!

You can also grab cold beers, alcoholic and cold non-alcoholic drinks, so if you want to cool down on a hot day the Discount International Food Store has you covered. The store looks pretty small from the outside, but it’s a real Aladdin’s cave, full of culinary treasures, and is truly head and shoulders above your average neighborhood convenience store. The staff are friendly and can always help you locate the necessary ingredients for your international home-cooked dishes. This store is very close to Piazza Vittorio.

Selli International Food Store – Via Dello Statuto, 28/30.

This lovely store is a favorite among Expats and locals alike and sells a superb selection of food from almost everywhere on the planet! This means that no matter what you’re looking for, and where it comes from in the world, the chances are you’ll be able to find it here.

The store has a superb range of spices, herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as rice, pasta, sauces and everything in between. There are a lot of items in Selli International Food Store that you really can’t find anywhere else and the prices are surprisingly cheap considering the excellent quality of the produce. There’s also a great community atmosphere in the store so don’t forget to bring some of the local gossip when you visit.

The store is close to the Vittorio Emanuele Metro stop and also close to Teatro Brancaccio.

Salumeria Micocci – Via Raffaele Cadorna, 33.

This delightful, Italian sandwich store has a wonderful counter that is full of divine cold meats, cheeses, sauces and toppings that are served on the freshest bread rolls and baguettes. It’s the ideal place to stop by for a super healthy breakfast or lunch at a price that won’t break the bank. All of the locals eat here which speaks to the high quality of the sandwiches, but just be aware that due to the store’s massive popularity there is sometimes a line. This store is relatively close to Borghese Gallery and Museum.

Rome’s Grocery Stores Are Hubs Of The Community.

While the grocery stores of Rome offer convenience, late hours and a great selection of products they also act as hubs of the local community. When you shop in your neighborhood grocery store you are not only saving yourself time but you’re helping to fuel the small economies of Rome that make the city tick.

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