Great Reasons For Doing An Internship In Italy

Best Internship In Italy

Internships are one of the best ways to first immerse yourself into the world of work and learn from professionals who are already competent in the field. You’ll get invaluable experience in the day to day operations of your chosen industry and an internship looks fantastic on your resume when it comes time for you to apply for a job yourself.

In some cases, the company you are interning with may even offer you a job in the future; making it a great way to get your foot into the door of a competitive job opportunity.

Choosing to take an internship in Italy is the perfect way to begin an international career while gaining unique practical insights into a company while living in an amazing new country.

What Is An Internship?

An internship is a predefined period where you can work with a company or organization to learn about how they operate and what it entails to work in their industry.

In the past internships were only really available to medical trainees, however in recent decades many other industries have seen the value of internships and now offer them to aspiring young professionals each year.

If you are accepted for an internship you will be offered a placement with a company, a non-profit organization or even a government agency. You will not usually be paid for your internship although you will receive limited reimbursements for associated costs such as travel to and from work and lunch each day.

Experience The Dolce Vita While Learning On The Job.

Taking an internship in Italy is exciting, eye opening and will give you a truly international perspective on the global job market. You can find great internships in all of Italy’s major cities including Rome, Florence, Milan and Bologna.

During your free time you can explore these ancient cities and get some first hand experience of living full time in Italy. As a result your personal confidence will grow and you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful future career.

Reasons To Do An Internship In Italy.

There’s many reasons why Italy is one of the top international choices for an internship that range from personal to professional career benefits.

Experience Life Abroad.

Living and working as an intern in Italy will broaden your horizons and put you in a position to enjoy life in one of the world’s best loved countries. While you are staying in Italy you can also travel to other parts of the country in your free time as well as explore the local museums, galleries and tourist hotspots.

You’ll also have the advantage of being able to get to know about all kinds of hidden gems from the people you are interning with who will be happy to show you around during your stay. Once your internship is over you can also take the opportunity of being in Europe to visit Paris, Berlin and other iconic cities on the continent before you head back home again.

An Overseas Internship Looks Great On Your Resume.

If you choose to do an internship abroad it will show future employers that you have a ‘can do’ attitude and the necessary personal fortitude to make incredible things happen for you.

Working abroad for a period of time will make you stand out from other graduates in your field who haven’t taken the initiative as boldly as you did. This will increase your chances of getting a call for an interview when you apply to jobs in the future.

Make Friends Abroad.

During your internship you’ll be able to make friends abroad. These contacts can be valuable later on in your career as part of your global network but it’s also nice to stay in touch with these friends for social reasons too. Meeting people from other cultures is an enriching way to learn more about the world and you’ll always be able to visit them later in life.

Learn Italian.

While you’re in Italy you’ll have a unique opportunity to learn Italian. You’ll be immersed in life in your new home and have the chance to speak to shopkeepers, ticket conductors and other people you meet during the day. You can also sign up for part time language classes to really make the most of the experience.

Being bilingual is a valuable skill and it certainly looks special on your resume. You’ll be able to work seamlessly with foreign clients and even apply for jobs in Italy later on in your career.

Grow Your Confidence.

Traveling abroad to work as an intern will boost your confidence and make you a much more rounded person. You’ll quickly develop a positive mental attitude and a self assured approach to life; both of which will serve you well in your professional and personal life.

You’ll Become More Adaptable.

While you’re living overseas you’ll be forced to be more adaptable as you adjust to your new environment, routine and the culture around you. Adaptability is a hard skill to learn in normal circumstances but if you throw yourself into life overseas you’ll naturally pick up this elusive trait in no time at all!


Deciding to move abroad to live and work, even for a set period of time, takes courage and ambition. It may be daunting at first and there will be problems that you’ll have to overcome on your own. However, as you find your feet and get more comfortable in Italy you’ll be taking the first steps to becoming an independent world citizen!

The Best Industries To Intern With In Italy.

Each country has its own specialty industries or sectors of the business world which excel other nations. This means that if you’re considering an internship in Italy you should try to work in one of the country’s best industries. This will enable you to make the most of your time in the country and come away with valuable experience for your resume as well as vital personal and professional growth.

Architecture Internship.

Italy has more UNESCO world heritage sites than any other nation on the planet! It’s also the home of the Renaissance and has been leading the world in architecture and architectural design for thousands of years. Rome, for example, has more than 10,000 monuments, each of which is significant in its own way.

As a result, there’s a massive wealth of knowledge for interns in the architectural industry to learn a massive amount from their time in the country. Consequently, as an intern in Italy you’ll be flooded with inspiration and new ideas.

Italy also has a booming modern architectural industry so you’ll be able to learn from the past and present during your stay. As an intern you’ll be assisting with a whole range of projects while having the chance to absorb some of the finest architecture from the past in your free time.

Art, History And Design Internships.

Italy has an incredible artistic heritage with legendary artists such as Leonardo di Vinci, Donatello and Michelangelo as some of the most famous examples. As an art or design intern you can learn an incredible amount from the exhibits at museums and galleries.

As an art or history intern you might get a position in a museum or gallery where you can help to curate the exhibits that will go on display to the public. In other cases, if you are more inclined towards the historical subjects, you can help out with the cataloging, research, writing press releases or the written displays that go on show!

Sometimes, if you’re outgoing and confident, you can even lead tours around the museum for English speaking tourists! In either case you’ll be up close and personal with some of the world’s finest art and artifacts.

If you’re wondering where to intern to experience art, history and design then the cities of Rome and Florence certainly top the list. While you are interning you can also take part time art or art history classes in your free time.

Fashion Internship.

While Milan is undoubtedly the fashion capital of Italy; Rome, Florence and Venice are also big players in the global fashion industry. As an intern you can learn about fashion design, marketing, events management and international business practices. You’ll also be able to shadow professionals in one of the most glamorous industries of all.

If you are able to time your internship to coincide with a few major fashion shows you’ll be able to attend for free and meet some big names. In the meantime, there are always smaller shows and exhibitions running in the major cities which you will be able to attend to learn how it’s all put together behind the scenes.

Tourism Internships.

Italy is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and welcomes over 90 million tourists each year. This means that there are a huge range of internship opportunities within this giant industry.

You could intern with a tourist agency and help to deal with English speaking customers, book tours and make reservations for clients. Alternatively, you can intern in a hotel or resort where you can learn the ropes of the hospitality industry and set yourself up for a career in hotel management.

As an international intern you’ll often be tasked with arranging tours, consulting with English speaking clients, producing brochures and press materials as well as helping to manage special events. Tourism is an exciting industry to work in and so your experience as an intern will be useful, productive and fun.

Food And Wine Internships.

One of the things that makes Italy such a wonderful country to visit is its superb cuisine and ancient winemaking heritage. Regions such as Tuscany are among the oldest wine producers in the world and are scattered with hundreds of wineries that specialize in their own range of wines; while every province has its own unique cuisine.

As an intern in the wine industry you’ll be shown how the wine making process works and be able to help with marketing and other front facing parts of the operation. As an intern who is interested in food you can take a part time cooking course while you work with a food producer or alongside experienced chefs in an international restaurant or hotel.

Save Money In Advance Of Your Internship.

The first thing to remember is that you are very unlikely to be paid for an internship in Italy, or anywhere else for that matter. In many cases you may be able to work part time at the same time as you doing your internship to help with your finances.

For example, you could teach English or work in hospitality during the evenings to make a little extra cash while you’re interning during the week.

However, you should also have some savings that you can fall back on to pay your rent and other regular expenses during your time in Italy. During your internship you should be reimbursed for your travel and lunch expenses for the days that you are working with the company or organization.

Depending on where you are living, you’ll need between 800 and 1500 Euros per month for your rent and other living expenses during your internship.

Best Ways Of Finding An Internship In Italy.

There are many ways you can go about doing this:

Ask In Your Social And Professional Network.

When you’re looking for an internship in Italy it’s a good idea to ask around anyone you know who might know where you can find one. You might have a friend of the family who has a professional contact in Italy that might be able to help or someone in your social media network who can assist!

However, for most people, you’re going to have to find an internship on your own. Don’t let this put you off though because there are many great resources that can help you find the perfect internship in Italy.

University Employment Services.

If you’re at university then you should make use of the employment services office to find out if they can suggest any internship opportunities in Italy.

Ask Previous Employers.

If you’ve already completed an internship with an organization or company in your home country it’s worth asking if they have offices or branches in Italy. In the case that they do, you will have a good chance of being able to take up an internship in Italy as a result of your past performance with the organization.

Online Resources.

One of your best routes to finding an internship in Italy is by using the internet. You can find and reach out directly by email to companies or organizations that you’d like to intern with.

Alternatively, you can browse websites that advertise internship options. One of the best sites to check on regularly is La Repubblica degli Stagisti, which means the ‘Intern’s Republic’ in English. It has up to date news on opportunities all over Italy and helps thousands of students and young professionals connect with companies and organizations that offer internships.

All the internships advertised on La Repubblica degli Stagisti are verified so you can be sure that you’ll be safe while you’re in Italy. There’s a useful section which features interviews with former interns so you can get an idea of what life might be like if you’re successful in your application for an internship.

Pay An Agency To Find An Internship For You.

If you’re worried about finding an internship on your own then you can pay an agency to help you find one for a fee. This is certainly possible but you should be a little bit wary because this is a market in which there are, unfortunately, a great number of scammers.

So proceed with caution and before you pay any fees you should try to establish whether they are an official agency that does indeed work with companies and organizations to connect them with interns.

What Kind Of Internships And Industries Should You Avoid In Italy?

Each company and organization is unique and will be able to offer you a different set of benefits however there are certain industries you should probably avoid when looking for an internship. There are also tell-tale signs that should be red flags if you see them in an organization.

Firstly, you should never leave for Italy to take up an internship without an official letter from the company or organization. Secondly, you should always read online reviews from past interns before you accept an offer! You can find a lot of information about a company’s track record on sites such as Glassdoor.

The Promotional Industry.

Generally speaking you should avoid any internship opportunities with the promotional industry. This is because you will basically end up working for them for free doing menial tasks such as delivering flyers without learning any valuable new skills.

In other cases you’ll be asked to spend all your time posting adverts and other materials onto the company’s social media profiles; once again, something you probably already know how to do! They may also ask you to post on to your own social media profiles – something a genuine company would never ask you to do.

Unethical promotional companies will take on interns as a way to get free labor done on their behalf. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule but just be careful if you do want an internship in the promotional industry.

A good promotions company will teach you about SEO and other ways to improve online reach. This can be useful for an intern to learn about. So you’ll have to use your discernment if you’re reaching out to a promotions company.

Tele Sales And Telecalls Industry.

Some companies will take on interns to man the phones for them! This is, once again, a way that they can save money by using interns as a free workforce. You may also be asked to cold email or cold call potential customers on their behalf which should always be a red flag for any potential intern.

This highlights the importance of always finding out the types of things you’ll be doing on your internship before you accept an offer.

Avoid Companies That Charge For An Internship.

You should never have to pay to do an internship with a company so never agree to pay upfront for the opportunity. Not only is this an unethical practice but it should also be a major warning sign for you!

Nor should you ever have to pay a ‘deposit’ or ‘security’ fee to cover potential damage to laptops or other equipment. A serious organization should already have their equipment covered by a legitimate insurance policy.

An Internship In Italy Is An Invaluable Experience.

Completing an internship will improve your confidence, look great on your resume and put you in a leading position compared to your peers. After doing an internship you can later apply to other companies in the same industry and sometimes even go back to work full time with the organization that you first interned with.

There are few better ways that you can begin your career than by doing an internship. This will give you a unique insight into the day to day operations of an industry and give you the chance to learn valuable new skills.

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