Great Gift Ideas For An Italian Food Lover

Italian Food Lover

Italian cuisine is one of the world’s favorites so it’s more than likely that you know a few people who truly love Italian food. This might be frustrating when you’re planning to go out for a meal because, just like last time, you’ll be going to another Italian restaurant even if you fancy trying the new Thai place that’s recently opened. On the other hand, it does make things a lot easier when you’re trying to figure out what to give them for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

Italian Cooking Class.

If you really want to surprise an Italian food lover, then why not make their day with the gift of an Italian cooking class? You can book a short afternoon course in which they’ll learn a few specific things, or go for a longer course during which a lot more will be covered. Learning under the supervision of a master chef, a hands-on cooking class is the ideal way to bring their passion for Italian food to life!

They’ll learn authentic tips and tricks about how to make pasta, sauces, meat dishes and more, as well as the traditional methods of making Italian dishes they may already be cooking at home. And to top it all off, at the end of the class, they’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor when everyone sits down to eat together.

Truffle Oil Set.

For the true connoisseur of Italian cuisine, it can be quite hard to think of a gift idea that will really impress them. But look no further, because a genuine Italian truffle oil set is bound to be an amazing addition to their kitchen cupboards. Italian truffles are among the best in the world and the oil that is produced from these forest delicacies is not always easy to come by. This luxury gift is made up of aromatic bottles of white and black truffle oils that really add a uniquely sophisticated flavor to anything you use it with.

The white truffle oil has a delicate flavor with sweet, earthy notes that is perfect for drizzling over a risotto or salads. You can also use the white truffle oil to make your own vinaigrette or add a dash to a heartwarming vegetable soup. The black truffle oil has a much richer flavor that is perfect for drizzling on a homemade pizza or roasted vegetables. It can also be used to add depth to pasta sauces and give Italian cuisine a sophisticated undertone that it’s impossible to replicate in any other way.

Gourmet Italian Food Basket.

There’s nothing that is more guaranteed to put a smile on an Italian food buff’s face than receiving a meticulously curated basket of gourmet Italian delicacies. You can find a huge variety of food baskets that include everything from delicious cheeses to cured meats, artisan pasta to balsamic vinegar, flavored olive oils to up-market sauces and, to complete the culinary journey, handmade chocolates and sweets.

You can select a food basket that represents the best of a particular region in Italy, such as Sicily or Tuscany, or else you can opt for a basket that incorporates the most popular items from all across the country. Either way, you know that you’ll be in their good books when they receive their very own gourmet basket of Italian food.

Pizza Stone And Peel.

Every Italian foodie loves to make their own homemade pizza, so why not help them take the art of pizza making to the next level with a pizza stone and peel? A pizza stone is essentially a tray that is made of stone for you to put in the oven. When the pizza stone is preheated, it allows you to mimic the intense heat of a traditional Italian wood-fired oven in your standard home kitchen oven! This means that you can get the trademark golden-brown crusts of a wood-fired pizza with flawlessly cooked toppings and dough, every time.

And with pizza peel in hand, you’ll be able to whip the pizza out of the oven like a true Italian maestro of the kitchen. So whether you’re cooking a Neapolitan, Margherita or creating your own blend of toppings, once you’ve tried a pizza stone and peel you’ll wonder how you ever managed to pizza without them before.

Italian Cookbook.

Whether you’re a seasoned Italian home cook or just getting started out, there’s no better inspiration for your culinary adventures than a beautifully illustrated Italian cookbook. Packed with recipes that range from light summer salads to hearty winter soups, seafood dishes and pasta sauces, as you flick through the pages you’re bound to spot something that you just can’t wait to cook.

Learning to cook Italian cuisine is an exciting lifelong journey, and there’s always something new to master. And remember, you can always add your own creative twists to traditional Italian dishes to give them your signature style, so even if you only use the cookbook as a guide, it’ll be one of the most treasured items on your bookshelf.

When you’re selecting an Italian cookbook for an Italian food lover, you can either choose one that contains regional recipes or recipes from all over the country. You can also choose between cookbooks that list more traditional dishes and others that have a more contemporary collection of Italian fusion food. Whatever you decide to give to the Italian food lover in your life, you can bet that the next time you visit for dinner it’ll be delicious Italian cuisine on the menu.

A Herb Garden Kit.

No Italian dish is complete without a good bouquet of freshly harvested herbs. So if you’re looking for a unique gift for an Italian food lover then you may want to consider getting them a herb garden kit. Herbs are very easy to grow and produce a huge amount of leaves in a relatively small space. You can grow a set of herbs, such as basil and parsley on your kitchen window sill and if you have a balcony you can set up a few pots to grow a wider range of herbs, including thyme and rosemary. Of course, if you have a backyard you can grow enormous quantities of Italian herbs – in fact, you can grow so much that you’ll never need to buy another herb from the store again!

And it’s not just the taste of the herbs that will wow you because if you’re growing a few herbs on your kitchen window sill your kitchen will have a lovely scent of fresh basil and parsley. A herb kit contains a selection of seeds and pots to get you started and you can pick up some potting soil from the local garden center and a little trowel to do the digging. But beware, once an Italian food buff starts to grow their own herbs and begin to see the results, they’ll be hooked and never go back to buying dried herbs from the store again.

Moka Pot Or Espresso Machine.

Turn your kitchen into an Italian cafe with a Moka Pot or, even better, a fully functional Espresso Machine. The traditional stovetop Moka Pot makes a delicious espresso while a modern, electric, Espresso Machine can be programmed to make a whole range of different types of coffee to get your day off to a flying start. As the rich aromas of freshly made coffee waft through the air, you can take a moment to relax as you wait for the ground coffee to brew.

To complete your gift, you could also buy a pack of up-market ground coffee so they can start brewing coffee the moment they unwrap the Moka Pot or Espresso Machine. And so whether you decide to give an Italian food lover a Moka Pot or an Espresso Machine you’ll not only be giving them a great present, but you’ll also be giving them the key to the perfect start to each and every day.

Italian Wine.

While Italy is certainly famous for its food, the nation also boasts some of the finest wines on the planet! You can buy beautifully wrapped gift packages of wine or, if you want to get superb value for money you can order a box directly from an Italian winery.

Italy has an amazing viticultural heritage that stretches back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. From bright, fruity Chianti to crisp Pinot Grigio and deep Barolo, there’s something to suit every palette. Top-quality Italian wine comes in every price range, so you don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a fantastic box of magnificent wine for the Italian food buff you want to surprise with a special gift.

Pasta Maker.

Pasta is a mainstay of Italian food so you can be sure that if someone likes Italian cuisine they’ll just love to receive an authentic pasta maker. With the help of a pasta maker, you can turn your kitchen into a hub of Italian cuisine, complete with freshly made pasta. Using the pasta maker, you can make a whole range of different pasta shapes and sizes, ideal for preparing a special dinner party, or, if you’re really serious about your Italian food, for everyday use.

Fresh, homemade pasta is much healthier than its dried, store-bought equivalent. Homemade pasta is free of preservatives and artificial colorings and has a lovely rustic flavor that adds a whole new dimension to any pasta dish you make.

Selection Of Gourmet Italian Olive Oil.

Whether you’re preparing a lovely summer salad, making a hearty pasta dish, or a tray of finger snacks, authentic Italian olive oil is an absolute must-have in the kitchen. There’s a good range of olive oil gift packages that you can choose from that include top-quality assortments of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and tasty flavored oils that give your food a little extra twist. Just remember, when you’re buying Italian olive oil, make sure you buy cold pressed oil because the chemically pressed oils lose a lot of their more subtle flavors in the manufacturing process.

Italian Cheese.

Every Italian food lover will highly appreciate a gift of Italian cheese. There’s an enormous range of Italian cheeses to choose from, each with its own unique flavor profiles and textures. Italy produces some of the finest cheeses in the world using goat’s milk, cow’s milk and even, in recent times, vegan-friendly options.

You can order individual cheeses, direct from Italy, or you can buy a gift box that includes all the nation’s favorite varieties. Italian cheese makes an exceptional gift and with the nation’s artisan heritage of producing delicious cheeses, you’ll always be able to find something that will make the Italian foodie’s day. From sharp, tangy Parmigiano-Reggiano to creamy Mozzarella, organic Italian cheese provides an indulgent, yet versatile, culinary option in the kitchen.

Give The Gift Of Italy’s Amazing Culinary Heritage.

No matter what you decide to give an Italian food lover, if you’ve spent a little time thinking about what they would really like they’ll be bound to appreciate your gesture! With that said, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting an Italian food-related gift. What’s more, Italian food-related gifts are suitable for every occasion, from a birthday to Christmas or a special anniversary. And so whether you get a gourmet food basket, a box of wine, a pizza stone and peel or a set of truffle oils, you can be sure that the Italian food buff in your life will be filled with joy as they unwrap your gift.

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