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Most people find themselves in unexpected situations in life and eventually decide that it’s time to start over! There is nothing wrong with deciding to start fresh in another town, as an expat in another country or job; and the myriad of possible reasons why you are considering this option can impact anyone during their life.

There are many reasons why people decide to start over in a new place which can often be traumatic or life shattering events but at other times it’s simply because you aren’t enjoying yourself in your current situation anymore. Reasons for making a new start in life include, but are not limited to:

What Are The Key Reasons For Starting Over?

The following are some of the main reasons:

  • Unhappiness at work and low job satisfaction. We all spend a great deal of our time at work and if you’re finding that you hate being there or just aren’t growing as a person then starting over in a new country, with a new job, could be just the right thing for you to do!
  • Financial issues. If you find yourself in a situation where making ends meet is difficult, either due to high rental prices in your city or a lack of economic opportunities, then it might be time to up sticks and start over somewhere new.
  • Breaking up with a partner or spouse. When you break up with a long term partner you may find that it feels like your life has been turned upside down. If you’ve recently broken up with a partner you might come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to relocate and start again in a place that doesn’t have all the memories of your previous life together.
  • Unstable or turbulent political situations in your home country. When governments become tyrannical or the country is experiencing violence on the streets, political coups or other unstable conditions, leaving the country and starting over in a more stable place can be good for your safety, career prospects and overall quality of life.
  • Health conditions and concerns. If you have health problems then moving to a new country where the weather is better and you can live a more healthy lifestyle is a great option to consider. The weather in Italy, particularly in the South, really helps and encourages people to live a more healthy lifestyle; as evidenced by the incredible number of Italians who live to more than 100 years on the Mediterranean coast!

Is Italy The Right Country To Start Over?

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to start over in your life the next thing you will have to consider is where exactly you’re going to move to and what you are going to do once you’re there!

Italy is a hugely popular country for tourism, with more than 90 million tourists visiting each year, but it’s also a favorite destination for relocating Expats. There’s plenty of reasons why Italy is a wonderful country that affords you an excellent quality of life at a very low cost.

The Economic Considerations.

Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need to consider the economic situation in Italy in terms of your career prospects and future finances.

Prices in Italy are very low compared to the United States of America and other parts of Western Europe, including property prices, rentals, food, travel and clothes. This means that even with a modest income you can experience the world famous Dolce Vita and enjoy excellent food, wine and entertainment without breaking the bank!

However, the taxes in Italy are fairly high and the job opportunities are quite limited, particularly for English speaking Expats. If you’re planning on moving to Italy without having a job lined up first then you may struggle to find work when you arrive. Of course, if you have a job where you can work remotely then you’ll have nothing to worry about because there is good internet access in most parts of the country.

There are still some jobs available for English speaking Expats; among the most popular include teaching English, working in tourism and tourism management or working with companies that have a large foreign client base.

The overall economic situation in Italy is generally very poor, characterized by sluggish growth and a lack of investment opportunities. Nonetheless, if you plan ahead and have a stable income you can experience a superb quality of life in Italy.

Facing Your Fears And Leaving Your Comfort Zone.

One of the major things that holds people back in life and stops them from starting over or making a bold move to improve their situation is a fear of failure. It’s only natural that people feel slightly anxious about making a fresh start because it can be daunting to change your entire way of life in the hope of striking gold.

However, you should take a long hard look at your situation and if you decide you need to take drastic steps in order to live your best life then you’ll have to face your fears and take the leap!

There are many useful tips which can help you to successfully face your fears and leave your comfort zone. First of all, you need to try to look at the situation rationally and do plenty of research. The more you can find out about Italy, if you’re considering a move to start over in life, the less you will have to worry about on arrival.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t need to be perfect! Of course, things will go wrong but you have the strength to overcome these difficulties so there’s no need to fear failures in the future.

If you’re having a hard time facing and overcoming your fears then you should always try to talk to someone you trust about your concerns. However, if there is nobody in your circle of friends or family that you can talk to, you can always speak to a professional counsellor, either on or offline. They will give you personalized advice on the best ways for you to move forward and overcome the fears which are holding you back.

When you arrive in Italy, you most likely do not speak Italian or are not fluent in that language. You probably will not have a large family or friend circle to support you. You probably are not a fan of soccer, which is a main topic of discussion among Italians. You are likely to be less religious than an average Italian and are not familiar with their customs and traditions. You are not in your comfort zone. But that is okay.

Learning Something New.

Making a fresh start in Italy could be the beginning of an amazing period of personal growth and transformation for you. There’s no better time in life to learn new things than after you’ve decided to start over because when you learn extra skills you have a unique opportunity to reinvent yourself.

When you move to Italy you can start off by learning Italian, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Italy has an incredible cultural and artistic heritage which you can explore and really learn a huge amount from. The galleries and museums of Italy are an art history student’s dream come true; so after you’ve decided to start again you should certainly try to immerse yourself in new things.

Alternatively, you could take formal classes in one of the country’s many universities. The Italian universities are world class in the fields of art, culture, history, fashion, design and cuisine. You can also find plenty of courses that are taught in English if your Italian language skills are not good enough to follow the lessons.

As you learn new skills and knowledge you will find that your confidence levels will rise and you’ll soon be forgetting about the life that you left behind.

Relax And Let Your Creative Side Shine Through.

One of the most wonderful things about Italy is the slow, relaxed pace of life which allows you to really unplug from the hectic modern world and get back to a more traditional lifestyle.

When you slow down and take the time to appreciate the beauty around you, and there’s plenty of that in Italy, then your inner creativity will soon start to flourish. If you’re a painter or musician you’ll find an incredible amount of inspiration in Italy and if the scenery isn’t enough then the galleries and museums will certainly get your creative juices flowing!

However, even if you haven’t explored the arts before then moving to Italy is the perfect opportunity to get started! Throwing yourself into the arts and music is a great way to reinvent yourself and find new ways of expressing the things that you see and feel. You can take art classes in Italy, go on guided tours around the museums or take up a new musical instrument.

Italy – The Perfect Mix Of Old And New.

Italy has an astounding heritage that stretches back thousands of years spanning the emergence of the Catholic Church, the Roman Empire and the Etruscans before them. However, the cultural life of Italy has remained hugely vibrant with operas, art, fashion, design, cuisine and, of course, soccer, the lifeblood of the country.

This means that if you’re considering starting over in Italy you can create the type of life that you want in the diverse nation. It’s not only the heritage which is varied because the landscape and scenery is massively different across the country. You can enjoy a life on the Mediterranean coast or set up a new life in the Italian Alps where you can ski and snowboard in the winter and hike in summer.

The Beginning Of A New Chapter In Life.

Starting over can be difficult and daunting, particularly if you’re moving to a new country as well as changing your lifestyle; however, it can also be the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life.

Italy is a fantastic country which has some of the best cultural opportunities in the world although you do need to remember that the economy is in a fairly bad state. As long as you can ensure that you have a secure income stream then you can take advantage of the low prices to enjoy a very high quality of life while starting over in Italy.

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