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Tuscany, the second most visited region in Italy, is a year round holiday destination that, in many ways, is considered to be the cultural capital of the country! The world renowned cities of the region are icons of style, architectural beauty and ancient heritage, and include Florence, Pisa, Arezzo and Siena.

You can fly into the region’s major airport in Florence from anywhere in the world without too many transfers, and then get to your accommodation via the modern domestic transport links.

Tuscany is known for its cuisine, wine, fine dining and cheeses but the cultural life of the region is also outstanding, with a packed calendar of musical, theatrical and cultural events throughout the year. Having purchased a property in Tuscany you can easily rent it out while you are back at home compared to other regions of Italy where demand for rental properties is not so high.

Important Reasons Why You Should Buy Property in Tuscany.

With the perfect mix of city living and rural charm Tuscany is the ideal place in Italy to buy an overseas home; so no matter what your dream house looks like you can find it amongst the varied vistas of the region.

Italy is one of the best places in the world for investing in real estate and of all the regions in this remarkable country Tuscany is the undoubted jewel in the crown. This iconic region was the birthplace of the artistic Renaissance in Europe and has left behind it an incredible legacy of art, sculptures, architectural splendor and culture.

Tuscany is home to the finest wineries and a superb selection of cuisine for you to explore. From the idyllic hills of central Tuscany to the Mediterranean beaches on the southern coast, there are amazing properties to be snapped up and whether you’re hoping to restore it or move straight in, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Properties in Tuscany made ideal holiday homes but are also perfect for Expats looking to relocate to the region. It’s a safe investment that should increase gradually over time with the added option of renting out the property while you’re away.

Tuscany Has Rural Properties.

Representing incredible value for money the countryside of rural Tuscany is full of picturesque properties that you can buy. You can choose to live in any one of the charming hill towns that have formed a network of trading hubs since before the middle ages!

Rural farm buildings, homesteads and even wineries are available to purchase and with the surprisingly cheap market prices you can get some incredible bargains in the region, particularly if you are willing to buy in locations that are off the beaten track.

The delightful scenery is beautiful all year round with mild winters and pleasantly warm summers. The cost of daily living is very low in the rural areas of Tuscany and with access to all the modern conveniences, including fast internet speeds, fully equipped hospitals, and plenty of supermarkets and stores, you can easily make a comfortable life for yourself in the region.

There’s also a lot of opportunities in the countryside for buying a house and renovating it. This can represent a fantastic return on your investment and if you plan to rent your property while you’re out of the country you can create a good passive income for yourself since demand for holiday rentals is consistently high.

Tuscany Has Beach Properties.

If you’re looking for some seafront property then Tuscany offers some of the most pristine and appealing locations in Europe. There’s a good selection of properties of all different sizes to suit your needs and as far as buying a vacation rental you can’t do better.

One of the most popular seafront towns is the resort of Grosseto which has views of Elba and Giglio and pristine landscapes which are famous for their hiking routes, horse riding tours and even paragliding! The unspoilt scenery is stunning as is the local seafood and the busy little streets are full of traditional restaurants and modern wine bars.

Tuscany Has City Properties.

You can find some great properties in the cities of Tuscany which are far more modestly priced than similar properties in Rome or Milan. Cities like Florence, Pisa, Lucca or Siena boast world class shopping and fashion districts, more restaurants and bars than you could visit in a whole life time, and a wealth of museums and art galleries to explore.

Investing in the cities is a safe way to park your money but if you were planning to move to Italy as an Expat there are also plenty of work opportunities within the city. Learning Italian will open up more opportunities in the business world however most people in the urban centers of Tuscany do speak English to some extent.

The night life in Tuscan cities is pretty good although clubs and bars don’t always stay open as late as they do in other parts of the world. There are many great music venues though where you can enjoy a drink and a dance although unless you’re at a holiday resort the party won’t normally last till the early hours of the morning.

Tourism plays a major role in the city economies of Tuscany so you can be sure of renting your property throughout the year while you are out of the country.

There’s a Great Sense of Community in Tuscany

As well as the large Expat community, the local population are extremely friendly and open to foreigners. You will be made to feel at home in the local bars and restaurants, in both the cities and the countryside, and before long you’ll have made many new friends.

If you’re planning to move to Tuscany and become a resident then you can quickly get involved in the Expat communities that have sprung up all over the province in recent decades although if you learn a little Italian you’ll have more chances to get to know the locals.

Cuisine is Devine and Quality of Living Is Second to None!

Nowhere is better known for its incredible food than Italy and Tuscany has a whole range of local specialties that you’ll enjoy trying. Tuscany, more than anywhere in Italy, is a foodie’s dream come true and with everything from rural staples to fancy seafood dishes the variety of food is incredible.

Some of the region’s most popular trademark dishes include:

  • Crostini Toscani. All over Tuscany, dishes are served with a thin piece of toast that is served with delicious chicken liver pate. Known as crostini Toscani it is said to have originated in the 16th Century when Catherine de’ Medici became the Queen of France and introduced the dish to the wider world. It’s also claimed to be the inspiration for foie gras.
  • Panzanella. Made from bread, tomatoes, onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and stale bread; this salad is served all over the region. The stale bread soaks up the oil and balsamic vinegar and softens up while holding in the rich flavors. Tossed with fresh salad leaves it’s the perfect way to start a hearty Italian meal.
  • Tagliatelle al Tartufo. Pasta is an integral part of Italian cuisine and this dish made with long ribbons of pasta is mixed with melted butter and garlic and topped off with black truffle shavings and regionally made parmigiano cheese. Filling and tasty, this dish is often served with a glass of local red wine.

There Are Lots Of Things To Do In Tuscany.

Tuscany is a year round tourist destination and because of the huge array of activities, art, cultural and heritage sites, there’s something for all interests. If you like the great outdoors then you can hike, cycle and go horse riding. For the more adventurous spirits you can try your hand at paragliding to get a bird’s eye view of the stunning scenery!

For culture vultures there is one of the best collections of museums and galleries anywhere on the planet. Even small rural towns have galleries that boast incredible collections of art, both old and new. The region also has an ancient heritage that stretches back thousands of years so you can explore archeological sites that date back to the Etruscan, Roman and Medieval eras.

If you want to go shopping you can find all the big names in Florence and Siena as well as local boutiques and fashion stores. Most rural towns have regular food markets on the weekends where you can sample locally grown and produced products that include cheeses, cold meats, breads and fine wine!

The supermarkets in the region are used to catering for people from all over the world so you can always find the ingredients to make your favorites from home but once you’ve tasted the local cuisine you may not want to go back to what you used to eat, at least not too often!

Buying Property In Tuscany Is A Good Long Term Investment.

Tuscany has a huge range of properties that are available to buy, right across the spectacular region. It’s a hub of tourism all year round, and for good reason, with its amazing traditions of local food and drink, wide range of things to do, both indoors and out, and some of the most beautiful scenery on the European continent.

Investing in property in Tuscany is a fairly safe bet with stable prices over time and plenty of demand for rentals if you want to create a passive income while you’re not in the country.

The quality of life in Tuscany is fantastic with excellent weather, a low cost of living and some of the most impressive artistic and historical artifacts in the world, just waiting for you to discover.

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