Great Reasons Why You Should Relocate To Italy

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There’s no doubt that Italy is one the most popular countries to relocate to for Americans and others around the world. There’s plenty of good reasons why people choose to make their new homes in Italy that include the fantastic weather, the incredible cultural heritage and the relatively low cost of living.

This all adds up to providing an incredibly high standard of living at a modest cost and with the countless churches, museums and galleries to explore it’s the ideal place for a culture vulture to be! The UN has declared 51 world heritage sites across Italy, which is more than any other country in the world! Some of the most famous world heritage sites include the 4th Century Villa Romana del Casale, the medieval rock art in Lombardy and the impressive Basilica of San Francesco in rural Assisi.

The Best Reasons to Relocate to Italy.

The following are some of the best reasons for relocating to Italy:

Italy Has Amazing Cities.

Among the incredible cities of Italy many of them are actually world heritage sites in their own right! Some of the most famous include Venice, Verona and Rome, to name but a few.

Whether you live in one of the cities or just visit, you’ll be astounded by the ancient architecture, wonderful museums and cultural hubs. Wandering around the enchanting streets of Venice in the evening, or the bustling capitol Rome, will leave with a profound experience that you’ll be able to treasure for years to come.

One of the benefits of living in Italy is that you don’t need to rush around with the rest of the tourists. You can really take your time to explore the hidden beauties of the Italian cityscapes, get to know local friends and find all the secret restaurants and bars that are off the main tourist trail.

Beautiful and Varied Landscapes.

Although Italy is a relatively small country, certainly compared to the United States, it still has a jaw dropping diversity of landscapes and scenery. From the warm, Mediterranean coast to the mountains in the northern regions you’ll find everything you could wish for in this fantastic country.

The amazing diversity of landscape means that you can literally sunbathe on the beach in the summer and then head up to Italian Alps and ski in the north of the country!

Italian Weather is Pleasant and Warm.

Most tourists visit Italy during the hot summer months when it’s not unusual for temperatures to top 30 Degrees Celsius but what is less well known is that the temperatures are very comfortable throughout the year, even in the winter. In Rome, the country’s capital city, the average temperatures in January are about 8 to 10 Degrees Celsius compared to almost 15 Degrees Celsius in the southern city of Palermo in Sicily. But in the Northern parts of Italy, particularly in towns that are close to the Italian Alps, the weather during winter can get very cold.

Food and Wine – World Famous Cuisine.

If there’s one thing that Italy is known for around the globe it’s the nation’s beloved food and wine! People in Italy take their food very seriously and so if you’re a bit of a food buff then you’ll be in seventh heaven!

Every region has its own unique dishes and takes on the classics and as you get to know your new home better you’ll stumble across charming family run restaurants and bars that specialize in their local cuisine.

Of course, you can eat as much pizza and pasta as your heart could possibly desire but Italy’s seafood and salads are also worth tasting. Vineyards in the country have been operating for hundreds of years and developed some of the sought after wines including the famous Montepulciano!

When you’re living in Italy you must visit the local farmers markets where you can find the freshest food at incredible prices. There’s many places where you can take some classes in Italian cooking so you can also impress your guests with your own homemade Italian classics!

The Italian People and the Social Life.

Wherever you go in Italy you’ll find warm hearted people who are friendly and know how to show you a good time! Once you make friends with an Italian they will treat you as if you were family! They can show you the special restaurants and give you tips about where to buy the best food, what’s good to do in the area and share long, lazy diners with you late into the night!

It’s one of the most charming features of Italian culture that you can meet people anywhere, from the supermarket to a bar, and find yourself deep in conversation only a few moments later! This might seem a bit strange to you at first, especially if you’ve moved from a big city like New York where people rarely talk to people they’ve never met before, however once you get used to it you’ll never regret relocating! Italian culture is anything but reserved so if you are willing to throw yourself into your new life you’ll soon be making new friends and feeling right at home.

Family is Central to Life in Italy.

One of the best things about Italian culture is that it is very family orientated. As an Expat, relocating to the country, you might think that this will mean that you are left out of the fun and community however nothing could be further from the truth!

Italians are very welcoming and you’ll be treated as one of the family. This means that you’ll be invited to their homes to share meals, they’ll take you to see the local sights and give you insider tips on how to make the most of your new life!

Italian families stay in touch with their relatives, even if they’re distant, and always make the effort to meet up on important days in each other’s lives. We can all learn a lot from the way that Italians treat their families and you’ll always be better off for experiencing it for yourself.

Great Work Life Balance.

Compared to many other countries in the developed world the Italians have one of the healthiest work life balances of all! This leads to the shops in most towns and villages closing for a long lunch and restaurants that are open late into the night. It might take a bit of getting used to but if you embrace the local customs you’ll find your stress just falling away!

Italy is a wonderful place for retirees however it’s also great for younger Expats. You’ll enjoy living in a way that enables you to have plenty of time to yourself outside of work and with the relatively low cost of living you’ll find that the financial pressures of most of the rest of the Western world are lifted from your shoulders.

Italians are Passionate People.

Everybody knows that Italians are a very passionate people and the great thing is that it’s highly infectious. When you spend time around the people in Italy you’ll soon find yourself picking up their passionate outlook on life – and whether it’s food, football or family; Italians put their heart into everything. Everywhere you look in Italy, from the architecture to the art, from the music to the food, you can see the passion that’s gone into creating it.

Italians are highly expressive and love to gesture, bringing you in on the action! At first this might be surprising and it could even feel a little overwhelming. However, just go with the flow and in no time at all your friends and family back home will be commenting on how flamboyant and expressive you’ve become!

Studying Overseas.

Although many Italians feel let down by their education system for foreigners coming into the country to learn about the culture, language and history it’s ideal. There are many universities that accept large numbers of foreign students and so if you’re looking for the perfect place to learn about Italian art, architecture, culture and language then you’ll have a once in a lifetime experience.

Some of the best universities that you might want to consider include the Universita di Bologna and the Sapienza-Università di Roma, one of the oldest in the world! Different courses will be better suited for different requirements but with a little bit of research you can find a course in Italy that will give you everything you want and plenty more besides!

Cost of Living Is Relatively Low In Italy.

From a financial point of view Italy is one of the best locations in the Western world. Prices are fairly low and that includes properties which can be snapped up for extremely low prices, especially in the rural parts of the country. There’s a lot of reasons why prices are so low in Italy, one of which is that the economy is suffering a down turn. As an Expat coming into the country you can make the most of the low costs of living to experience a lifestyle that is a far higher standard that you might be used to at home for the same price. This is a real magnet for Expats who are wondering where to move to start their new life overseas.

The History, Art and Architectural Heritage of Italy.

With thousands of years of living history Italy has some of the most spectacular art, architecture and cultural heritage on the planet. Stretching back the earliest days of the Roman empire, and even before, the cultural heritage of Italy is astounding.

As the home of the European Renaissance and the heart of the Catholic faith the country has an incredible wealth of art and culture that you can explore. Every region has its own unique treasures so no matter where you relocate to you’ll be spoilt for choice.

No trip, or extended stay, in the country is complete without a thorough exploration of the artistic and cultural artifacts that are just waiting for you to learn more about. Many of the churches and galleries also have days when it’s free to visit so even if you’re on a tight budget you don’t have to miss out!

Italy is One of the World’s Premier Destinations.

There are few places in the world that have so much to offer an Expat who is relocating as Italy does; from cheap property prices to a high standard of living, from incredible food and wine to the stunning art, architecture and cultural heritage.

Whether you choose to live in the famous cities or in the charming rural idylls you can enjoy a superb standard of living while exploring one of the most fascinating cultures in Europe in a climate that is beautiful throughout the year.

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