Great Things To Know Before Buying Art In Italy

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The artistic heritage of Italy stretches back thousands of years and is among the most impressive in the world! From the Romanesque to the Baroque, from the Renaissance to the modern futurists of the 20th century; Italian artists have an enormous wellspring of inspiration to draw from in their own nation’s past.

Modern artists in Italy work in a wide range of styles, often incorporating elements from classical art but also, in many cases, working in unique, current styles of their own. Nonetheless, the selection on offer for art buffs looking for that perfect souvenir from Italy is absolutely amazing.

Buying Artwork In Italy – A Guide For Tourists And Expats.

Whether you’re buying your very first piece of artwork or are something of a seasoned collector, picking up a new item is extremely exciting, making it possible to get caught up in the moment, only to regret it later! This is particularly true if you’re buying a fairly expensive piece of artwork; something which is always worth doing if you’re serious about getting top quality work which can even become a family heirloom.

Prices Of Artwork In Italy.

As with the products of all creative endeavors there is a wide range of quality and skill which goes into its production. Of course, when it comes to art there is also the illusive element of personal taste which has to be taken into account; making choosing the right piece of artwork even more difficult.

Know Exactly What You Are Looking For When Buying Art In Italy.

Italy has a vast number of art galleries, shops, private studios and local artisans which can be quite overwhelming when you’re looking to buy some artwork in the country. The art that is available to buy in Italy comes in both modern and classical styles meaning that you can buy an item which truly reflects your own tastes and interests.

You can purchase beautiful paintings, photography and sculptures in the galleries and art shops of Italy that are created in all the artistic styles that you can imagine, and some interesting perspectives that you wouldn’t have imagined! Some galleries are extremely specialized, in landscapes for example, while others host a much broader selection of genres. You can find out about the types of things that specific galleries specialize in by checking their website or, even better, you can drop by in person to browse the work on display.

It’s easy to find galleries and shops where you can buy landscapes, portraits, modern and classical art. This wonderful range of artwork on display is fantastic on the one hand but it can also be somewhat bewildering if you don’t have a pretty clear idea of what you are looking for in advance.

Therefore, it’s vital that you spend a little time considering what it is that you are looking for before you start your search and spend any money on the available art. Don’t forget, it’s easy to be swept along by a well trained gallery sales person so you’ll have to be firm about what it is that you want while avoiding getting lured into making a purchase of something which you’ll regret when you get home.

However, don’t be put off from making the journey into finding the perfect piece of Italian art because you can get some amazing bargains on superb pieces at prices that suit all budgets. It’s also a hugely enjoyable process to explore the galleries, shops and other art vendors to hunt down that item which is just waiting for you to discover!

Don’t Limit Yourself Only To Galleries.

Of course, one of the main places that you are likely to start your practical search for original artwork in Italy are the many galleries that can be found in cities and towns, both large and small. However, there are also other venues which host the work of local artists which are certainly worth exploring because it’s in these more unlikely spots that you might just find the perfect item!

Art is sold in markets, arts schools, art shows, private artists’ studios and at local, one off exhibitions. When you search for artwork outside of the major galleries you can often find real gems while taking advantage of far lower prices than you would normally pay in a large, well known gallery. As well as benefiting from lower prices and more unusual offerings you’ll also know that you have helped an emerging artist along the road of their budding career.

Always Do Some Research In Advance.

Researching the artist, their past work and the galleries that host their work is always a good idea. This will give you an insight into what to expect in advance and help to narrow your search down to a more manageable level.

There are some great websites which you can use to help you find comprehensive catalogs of artist’s work and the various galleries in Italy, as well as elsewhere in the world.

Among the top websites that you can use to help you get started with your research include:, and

These websites can also provide you with valuable information about upcoming events, art fairs and exhibitions which you might not have otherwise heard about through your own contacts.

As well as using these large platforms you can also check the websites of local Italian artists. Most artists in the modern world also have an online presence which can be a nice way to track down the work of someone that is producing the type of thing that you are looking for.

Ensure The Artwork’s Authenticity.

Always buy from reputable dealers. Unfortunately, in the art market the prevalence of ‘fakes’ is higher than in most other industries which means that if you’re buying a fairly expensive piece of art by a relatively famous artist you need to take it upon yourself to ensure it’s authenticity.

All good galleries should provide ‘certificates of authenticity’ when selling work to their customers that should be signed by the dealer and the artist. This authenticity is crucial to guarantee that you’re getting what you paid for. Never make any compromises when it comes to authenticity and always insist on the proper paperwork before you make any payments.

Naturally, when you’re buying in a market or other less formal settings you’ll have to rely on your best judgement to determine the authenticity and if the price you are being asked to pay is worth it for the artwork that you’re getting.

Should You Buy The Frame?

In most cases, when you buy a painting it will be framed and hung on the wall for customers to peruse. However, if you’re buying the painting you may not necessarily want to pay for the frame as well.

This could be because you want to save money while shipping it home to the US or it could be because you intend to get it framed independently in a style that better suits your tastes or the décor and interior design features of your home. For instance, a large, gilded frame might look out of place in your living room whereas a more minimalist wooden frame would be perfect.

Therefore, you should be prepared to negotiate with the dealer as to whether or not you need to pay for the frame as well. Fortunately, most dealers are very used to this and will be happy to have the painting delivered to your chosen location without the frame so it should be no problem; nonetheless, you should keep this in mind when negotiating the final price of the artwork.

What Are The Shipping Options?

When you’re buying a painting you don’t always have to take it there and then. Instead, you can ask the gallery, or art dealer, to arrange for it to be safely delivered to your address. This means that they will cover the insurance and make sure it’s properly packed for transit.

Of course, if you want to take it with you immediately, which you may have to if you’re buying from a market or less formal vendor, then it will be your responsibility to ensure it gets home safely!

However, if you want to get your art back home to the United States then you should always inquire about the international shipping options before you sign any agreements or make the payments for the painting. When finding out about the shipping options it’s also worth checking which company the gallery uses to ship their art overseas. In general, it’s better if they use a large, well recognized company such as FedEx to transfer your art back to your home address.

Remember, that if you choose to take the art home yourself, airlines and other public transport carriers will not accept responsibility for any damage that occurs en route; so going with a professional shipping company is normally the best option.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Artwork Overseas?

If you’ve arranged to have your artwork shipped home for you then you should expect that it may take as much as 2 or 3 months to arrive! This is because it has to be specially shipped to ensure its safety and can’t be put with the regular freight. Good galleries, and shipping companies, should supply you with a tracking number so that you can see the progress of your delivery as it makes its way to your home address in the US.

Stick To The Budget You’ve Set Yourself.

It’s always going to be tempting to stretch your budget a little if you see something that really stands out. Usually though it’s a better idea to stick to the budget you’ve set yourself. Otherwise, when it comes to buying art, a market where the sky is literally the limit when it comes to prices, you can quickly find yourself spending more than you can really afford! So be strict with yourself and try to find work that is within your budget but still ticks all the stylist and aesthetic points you were looking for.

Will The Artwork Fit Your Home Décor?

Art can look fantastic in a gallery but when you get it home it might not fit so well with your own home decor! This means that you are going to have to be aware of whether or not your chosen piece of art will look good above your mantlepiece or wherever you decide to put it. Naturally, the frame plays a part in this but so does the art itself.

For example, it might be tempting to buy a piece of artwork that has a sinister or dark emotional context which suits its spot in the gallery but could really lower the mood in your home! Therefore, be careful when selecting art to take home with you and always consider its overall tone and imagery and the ways in which it will impact the environment of your own household.

Don’t Feel Rushed!

When you’re buying art in Italy don’t ever feel that you have to rush into making a decision! Always try to give yourself time to reflect on the purchase before you hand over any cash so you don’t get caught up in the emotional rush that can come with the purchase of a piece of artwork that has just caught your eye.

Taking a little extra time to think it over will give you the chance to analyze the purchase without being influenced by the initial emotional rush that can all too easily happen when buying any piece of unique artwork. Giving yourself time to carefully consider the purchase will ensure that you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse, regretting the purchase once you get home.

The Perfect Souvenir To Remember Italy.

Italy is famous for its incredible heritage of art but you too can own a piece of its remarkable culture! There’s a huge number of galleries and art shops which you can peruse to find the perfect item for your home and the staff are always friendly and willing to tell you all about the art and the artist who created it.

Shipping your art back home is very easy these days and most galleries will handle all the arrangements as well as ensure that it gets to you in one piece! Every visitor who has fallen in love with Italy knows that there’s no better way to remember their time there than to buy a unique piece of art that was created by a local artist. Not only will you come away with the ideal souvenir but you’ll also be helping to support the local economy and an emerging artist.

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