The Most Popular Locations For An Italian Wedding

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Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a stunning array of premier wedding venues in some truly spectacular locations! This is part of the appeal that draws couples to the country to tie the knot on the most special day of their lives.

There’s a huge number of superb wedding venues in Italy that are scattered throughout the country. This can make finding the right venue difficult for you simply because of their number and variety. However, to help you start to narrow down your search I have collated the most stunning, popular and scenic locations in Italy. I’ve attended a few expat weddings in some of these locations.

How To Pick A Location For A Wedding In Italy.

There’s a lot of considerations that you have to keep at the forefront of your mind while selecting the ideal venue for your wedding.

Choose A Location That Fits The Personalities Of The Couple.

Every place has its own unique feel and so when it comes to choosing a location for your wedding you should always keep this in mind. For example, a wedding on a beautiful beach on the Amalfi Coast may suit some couples whereas for others a wedding in an ancient castle or villa might be a better choice. Always try to find a venue in a region of Italy that really does represent your personality and the type of wedding you want to have.

One way to get started is to create a wedding ‘mood board’ where you can put photos and images which represent your feelings about the perfect wedding. For lovers of nature then a rural setting will be best but if you love the arts and Italian culture then Florence or Rome may be a better choice where there’s hundreds of world class galleries and museums to explore during your honeymoon.

Budget Considerations.

An important consideration that you need to factor into your selection of a location for your wedding is the cost. Overall, you can have a fantastic destination wedding in Italy for a relatively cheap price, particularly if you don’t have too many guests but there is still plenty of variation in costs between different provinces in the country.

As a good rule of thumb the Southern regions of Italy are cheaper than the North but there is also a good deal of variation in the cost of a wedding between the rural and urban parts of a given province. When you’re planning your wedding make sure to be upfront about your maximum budget from day one so they can select venues which meet your requirements.

Airport Transfers And Logistics.

A vital factor that is often overlooked is the ease of transfer from the airport. Arranging a wedding in the middle of nowhere may be beautiful in theory but it will also be a lot harder for you and your guests to get to. This means that you need to consider the type of accommodations that you’ll need as well as the airport transfers to get there and back. For example, rural Tuscany is a great setting for a wedding. The venue might be relatively cheap as well. But getting to rural Tuscany is not easy. Plus flying to Florence, which is the major airport in that region, from the United States, is much more expensive than flying to Rome or Milan. Refer to my article about planning a wedding in Italy for more information about what other things that you should consider in addition to the logistics.

When you are thinking about the logistics of your wedding don’t forget to remember any elderly relatives or guests with disabilities when making your plans. A long airport transfer may be difficult for some of your guests and so you might have to alter your expectations and select a location that’s easier to access.

Always Keep An Open Mind!

You may have a very specific idea about where you want to have your wedding in Italy but it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind and be prepared to be surprised! Every region of Italy has its own allure and there are likely to be places that you would ever have thought of which can still tick every box and more! Therefore, try to keep an open mind while you’re looking for the wedding location that feels just right.

Recommendations And Feedback.

While you’re searching for a location for your wedding in Italy you should try to keep your ear to the ground for recommendations, reviews and other testimonies both on and offline. Any kind of first hand knowledge of a wedding venue or the wedding vendors in the region can be worth its weight in gold while you’re trying to make your own decisions. Once again, try to stay open minded if you receive recommendations or while you’re reading other people’s reviews because this will help to ensure that your own wedding is worth a 5* rating!

Visit The Location In Advance.

If there’s any way that you can visit a potential wedding location in advance then you should certainly jump at the opportunity. Of course, it may be the case that you decided on the venue because of a previous holiday visit but if not then going in person is one of the best ways that you can make sure that you’re making the right decision.

When you do visit a location try to stay for a little while and at the very least for a week so you can get a real feel for the place.

Trust But Verify Your Intuition!

At the end of the day the only person who can choose the right location for your Italian wedding is you! So trust your intuitions and your gut feelings while making the final decision about a potential location.

The Most Popular Wedding Locations In Italy.

Italy has an ancient history that has left behind an incredible number of historical and cultural sites; many of which have been repurposed to host weddings and other private events.

These sites create the perfect backdrop for the wedding of your dreams but the landscape and provinces of Italy also provide the scenery and weather to make your perfect day that much more perfect!

Religion still plays an important role in Italian society. The Church obviously is the most popular place to get married in Italy as far as Italians are concerned. The following are some of the other locations that are popular wedding locations:

City Of Florence, Tuscany.

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most iconic regions and its capital city, Florence, is famed for its stunning architecture and cultural richness. Within the cobblestoned streets of Florence and the surrounding territory you can discover some amazing wedding venues tucked away in both famous and unexpected spaces.

Florence was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and is a massively picturesque city, making it the ideal place to host your destination wedding. From the impressive Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore to Byzantine villas and palaces there’s so many sites to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice.

It’s not just the city itself though which makes it a stand out option for a wedding because the regional wines and cuisines are second to none so your wedding menu will really impress your guests!

Chianti Region, Tuscany.

Also located in the region of Tuscany, Chianti is renowned for its lovely wines and stunning scenery. The landscape is dotted with ancient olive groves, vineyards and sweeping vistas that could host the wedding of your dreams. There’s a good number of renovated castles and villas that provide wedding services as well as outdoor venues where you can get married under Cypress trees in the fresh air.

Taormina, Sicily.

The first time I visited Taormina was in 2005 and I fell in love with the region. The island of Sicily is a Mediterranean holiday spot which is also a great place for weddings and other private events; with the town of Taormina being a favorite wedding destination.

The fascinating island is an interesting mix of Catholic and North African cultures and also has Europe’s tallest active volcano, Mount Etna. The warm weather, pristine beaches and unique regional foods all make Sicily a top choice for your destination wedding.

The Queen Of The Adriatic, Venice.

The iconic city that hosts the annual Carnival is a romantically stunning city where you can ride a gondola on the Grand Canal and stroll through the winding backstreets while savoring the local cuisine in the many restaurants and cafes throughout the city. Venice is undoubtedly one of the dreamiest locations in Italy to have your fairy-tale destination wedding and should certainly be considered in your planning.

The Amalfi Coast.

This 50 km area of Italian coastline has some of the best weather and cuisine in the country with a hugely hospital atmosphere and plenty of wedding venues to choose from. From the striking cliffs to the idyllic beaches and seaside fishing towns it’s a tourist favorite as well as a great location for your wedding.

Another bonus of the Amalfi Coast is that it’s often considerably cheaper than other parts of the country which can be an important factor if you’ve got a tight budget for your wedding celebrations.


Sardinia is the second largest island on the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily). It is one of the five autonomous regions of Italy and has it’s own language (Sardinian). If you’re looking for a wedding destination where you can enjoy more than 2000 km of pristine beaches and an exciting nightlife then Sardinia should be topping your list. Sardinia’s coastline is known as the emerald coast. The nightlife of the island is perfectly complemented by the stunning scenery where you can hike and sunbathe in your free time.

Lake Como.

The magnificent Lake Como is the 3rd largest lake in the country and its shoreline is a wonderful location for a wedding. The North Italian Como lakeshore and classic vistas are ideal for a wedding and attracts many people throughout the year to celebrate their marriage to one another.

As well as the lake there are hundreds of charming villages that are dotted around its shores where you can find unforgettable wedding venues and accommodation for you and your guests.

Rome, The Eternal City.

Italy’s capital is a hugely diverse city with hundreds of amazing galleries, museums, sites of historical significance and, of course, wedding venues. There’s any number of different wedding venues to choose from and you and your wedding guests can also do some unforgettable sightseeing before and the after the big day.

Italy Has Superb Locations For Your Perfect Wedding.

Italy is one of the most stunningly diverse nations on the European continent and so whatever type of wedding you are looking for you’ll be more than likely to find the perfect location within its borders. From castles to villas, unique venues, beaches, hotels and much more besides; Italy is one of the world’s premier wedding destinations!

Prices for a wedding tend to be a little higher in the North of the country but you can still grab some fantastic bargains during the low season which means that even if your budget is fairly limited you can still afford to have your wedding in Italy.

As the destination wedding industry has evolved in Italy over the last few decades you’ll get better service than ever while working with bilingual wedding vendors who can offer you an amazing choice of locations and venues to work with.

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