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Anniversary in Italy

The beautiful land of the Dolce Vita is famous for its art, culture and fashion, but it’s also a place that brings out the love and passion in everyone who visits. So, if you’re looking for a romantic destination to visit for your anniversary then nowhere on the globe is a better choice than Italy.

The natural scenery, spectacular architecture, fascinating museums and abundance of hotels and restaurants all make Italy an ideal destination for an unforgettable anniversary celebration. Whether it’s a quiet, secluded getaway you’re planning or an action-packed cultural trip, Italy has a huge range of options for you and your partner to explore.

Planning a trip to Italy is a fantastic way to celebrate your anniversary, particularly if it’s a special one! There are so many wonderful places that you could choose to visit in Italy but there are a few that really stand out and are often overlooked.

Visit Ventotene And Swim In The Roman Ruins.

One of the least known, but romantic and unique places to visit in Italy is the paradise island of Ventotene. Located 46 km off the West coast of Gaeta, the beautiful island is only 3 km long and less than 1 km wide.

The remains of a long-dormant volcano, Ventotene is one of Italy’s most stunning holiday resorts where you and your partner can enjoy a truly unique anniversary celebration together. With less than 1000 permanent residents, Ventotene has a lovely range of hotels and restaurants to enjoy as well as a picturesque harbor that looks out across the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The island town is built around an ancient Roman port, part of which is still on land while other parts have sunk under the water. You can easily swim off one of the island’s many beaches or dive under the waters to see the remains of the Roman fort up close! There are also ruined Roman villas under the water and the remnants of streets under the water to explore.

Ventotene offers a quiet, secluded and intimate getaway for a romantic celebration of your anniversary. With incredible Mediterranean weather, secluded beaches and charming, family-run restaurants, you and your loved one can spend some truly quality time together.

The secluded island of Ventotene is the perfect location for a relaxing anniversary celebration, where surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean atmosphere, you can reminisce on your happy years together.

Great Things To Do In Ventotene.

It’s not only the quiet beaches and gentle island life that you can enjoy while you’re on Ventotene since there’s a lot to do if you want to be more active during your anniversary vacation.

  • Visit Santo Stefano – a tiny nearby island that’s just 400 wide.
  • Swim through the Roman ruins under the waters of Ventotene island.
  • Walk through the beach town of Ventotene.
  • Explore the protected marine area that surrounds the Ventotene coast.
  • Try some of the local cuisines in the family-run restaurants on the island.
  • Spend quality time with your loved one on Ventotene’s beaches.
  • Visit the Museo Archeologico.

How Do You Get To Ventotene?

It’s very easy to reach the small island of Ventotene from the Formia port on the Gulf of Gaeta. From the Formia port, you simply need to take a short ferry trip to the island.

The Best Place To Stay On Ventotene.

The best place to stay in Ventotene is The Hotel Villa Lulia. This lovely, family-friendly hotel provides the finest lodgings on the island. The Hotel Villa Iulia has a good range of rooms, each of which has a flat-screen TV, a minibar, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. The hotel has a 24/7 front desk concierge service and free baggage storage. There’s a comfortable lounge where you can relax and the nearby Il Giardino lobster restaurant is a must-visit for unbeatable fresh seafood during your stay!

The hotel is ideally located and close to many of the island’s top attractions, including the Memoriale Il Giardino della Vita, the Parrocchia Santa Candida and the Museo Archeologico, as well as a number of beaches and, of course, the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The hotel provides a free breakfast each day, is pet friendly and can help out with activities for your children.

Cervinia – Alpine Paradise Near The Matterhorn Mountain Range.

Cervinia is one of Europe’s top alpine resorts and is located in the very North Eastern corner of Italy, in the Aosta Valley. Nestled beneath the famous Matterhorn, Cervinia is the highest ski resort in Europe and provides its visitors with consistent snow and year-round skiing. The magical resort is hugely romantic and has an absolutely enchanting atmosphere, making it the ideal choice for your anniversary celebrations if you love to spend time in the mountains.

If you and your partner want to celebrate your anniversary in the stunning Italian Alps amongst the Matterhorn peaks, then Cervinia is a dream come true! From indulging in spas, fine dining and numerous outdoor pursuits, you can watch the snow falling together from the warmth of your luxury room as the sun sets over the mountain tops.

Great Things To Do In Cervinia.

The resort is best known for its great skiing and year-round slopes but there are also a lot of other indoor and outdoor activities that you can enjoy during your time in Cervinia.

  • Hiking amongst the spectacular mountain scenery, lakes and alpine waterfalls.
  • Mountain climbing – not for beginners!
  • Paragliding – explore the skies with a guide who flies the paraglider for you.
  • Horse riding tours around the surrounding areas.
  • Visit the Cervinia adventure park – a particularly good option if you have children with you.
  • Visit the local museums.

How Do You Get To Cervinia?

The easiest way to get to the mountain resort is by taking a private transfer from the city of Turin directly to your hotel in Cervinia. The personal transfer service will pick you and your luggage up in Turin and take you through the snowy mountain roads to your lodgings.

It’s better not to drive yourself to Cervinia because sometimes the roads can be very snowy, steep and winding. This means that without proper snow tires and local knowledge of the roads it can be a very dangerous route.

The Best Place To Stay In Cervinia.

The best place to stay in Cervinia is The Hotel Hermitage. It is a luxury, 5-star hotel that welcomes its guests into the enchanting magnificence of Cervinia amongst the Matterhorn peaks.

The hotel has a state-of-the-art spa, a fitness center, gym and off-site private tennis courts to enjoy. The beautiful rooms have air conditioning, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee makers, a bidet and exquisitely comfortable furnishings. The hotel provides free parking if you’re bringing your own car, a free breakfast, babysitting services and a heated swimming pool.

The Hotel Hermitage has its own fine dining restaurant and bar where you can have dinner with spectacular mountain views through the huge bay windows. The restaurant has an a la carte menu as well as daily specials that are based on what’s available in the local markets. The chef cooks excellent meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and there’s always an enthralling array of cheeses and desserts to choose from.

The hotel has a 24-hour concierge service where you can get tips on the top places to visit in Cervinia.

Florence – The Romantic Jewel In Italy’s Crown.

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is one of the most iconic cities in Italy. The delightful city is a living museum and contains some of the most important museums, galleries, art and architecture in the whole of Western Europe. If you’d like to celebrate your anniversary in the very heart of Italian culture, then there’s nowhere that competes with Florence when it comes to fine dining, shopping, cultural attractions and beautiful scenery!

Great Things To Do In Florence.

Florence is awash with romantic things to do, on top of all the amazing galleries, museums and local attractions. Some of the city’s top attractions include:

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore – the city’s main cathedral with its famous domed roof.
  • Battistero di San Giovanni.
  • Santa Maria Novella.
  • The Uffizi Palace and Galleries.
  • Piazzale Michelangelo – see the city from this famous lookout point.
  • Galleria dell’Accademia – see the Statue of David by Michelangelo.
  • Ponte Vecchio.
  • Take A Horse Drawn Carriage Through The Florentine Countryside. No trip to Florence to celebrate your anniversary would be complete without taking a horse drawn carriage ride through the city. As you’re driven through the cobble-stoned streets you’ll pass many of the city’s main attractions while relaxing in a traditional carriage. However, for an even more unique experience, you can book yourselves onto a horse drawn carriage ride through the spectacular scenery of the surrounding Tuscan countryside before you’re dropped off for lunch together at a small, family-run restaurant in the heart of Chianti.

How Do You Get To Florence?

Florence is a major metropolitan city. You can reach Florence from anywhere in the world by plane. Flying to Florence any time of the year is generally expensive. So the best way is to fly to Milan or Rome and take the express train from these cities to Florence. The train journey will take about 90 minutes and cost you around $50.

The Best Place To Stay In Florence.

The San Firenze Suites & Spa is one of the best places to stay in Florence. To properly celebrate your anniversary in Florence you certainly want to make sure that you stay in a lovely hotel. The San Firenze Suites & Spa is a 4-star hotel right in the heart of the city with views over the Piazza della Signoria next to the Uffizi Gallery and the Bargello museum. You literally couldn’t find a better situated hotel in Florence for your romantic vacation!

The hotel has a lovely spa, which can be exclusively booked by hotel residents, as well as a rooftop restaurant with views across the iconic Florentine skyline.

San Firenze Suites & Spa has a wide range of rooms including a bridal suite and rooms with views of the nearby historic landmarks. All rooms have air conditioning, a kitchenette, a flatscreen TV, a bidet and luxury furnishings. There is also free Wi-Fi throughout the entire hotel.

Book A Trip To Italy To Celebrate Your Anniversary.

If you want to celebrate your anniversary with an unforgettable vacation then you should book a ticket to one of Italy’s most romantic spots. Whether you want a cultural city trip in Florence, an Alpine retreat in Cervinia or a secluded beachside holiday on the island of Ventotene, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice!

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