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Italian Women's Boots

During the winter months, it’s vital to have the appropriate footwear to manage the cold, wet Italian weather. Gone are the summer sandals and in their place come sturdy hiking-style boots, elegant leather knee-length boots to complement your evening attire and fur-lined boots to keep your feet cozy while you’re doing your groceries in the icy months.

The ideal women’s winter boots should be comfortable, warm, slip resistant and versatile enough to be worn with a wide range of outfits. It’s essential that your winter boots can keep your feet warm and dry, even when the temperatures dip well below zero and the streets are wet with rain. Fortunately, there is a fantastic range of Italian brands that craft the finest winter boots in the world.

The Best Italian Winter Boot Brands For Women.

The following are some of the best Italian winter boot brands for women:

Montelliana 1965.

Montelliana 1965 was founded in Montebelluna and quickly became one of the leading producers of women’s winter boots in Italy. All of the shoes are crafted using natural materials that do not pollute the environment. The shoes are made with leather uppers, an anatomic insole and breathable fabrics throughout so you’re guaranteed upmarket quality.

All of the boots combine a funky, playful attitude with ultra practicality that really hits the mark in contemporary aesthetics. From faux leopard skin hiking-style boots to heavy-soled suede boots with delightful fur pom poms on the ankles, these boots really push the boat out when it comes to incorporating functionality with a unique flair that’s hard to find anywhere else.


Despite being a relative newcomer, being founded in the early 1990s by Maico and Dennis Signore, Diemme has made leaps and strides in the footwear industry. Diemme’s super practical boots offer functionality, versatility and great value for money, making them ideal for the cooler months of the year. However, as well as being tough and sturdy the boots have an understated flashiness and reflect the tastes of many metropolitan women. Each pair of boots is made in Diemme’s factory in One di Fonte, in Italy, and incorporates traditional artisanal methods using sustainable techniques.

Definitely designed for the rugged wear and tear of daily life, the good selection of ankle boots are tough but chic. There is also a great range of colors to choose from including cream, black, brown, suede and ankle boots with bright patterned upper linings. All of the boots have slip-resistant soles that are just what you need on wet or icy streets.


Founded in 1994, Aquatalia produces women’s winter boots that are comfortable, high quality and fashionable. This luxury footwear brand was one of the very first companies to combine weatherproof, stain-resistant technologies with the essence of classic Italian design. All of Aquatalia’s packaging is made with 95% recycled materials and the company continues to seek new ways to improve the sustainability of its practices.

Perfect for winter, Aquatilia’s ankle boots have solid uppers and slip-resistant soles, providing superb comfort, even in the coldest weather. Among the brand’s best sellers, you can choose from the understated Fuoco ankle boots or the sophisticated knee-length Remo boots, designed to complement elegant evening outfits.

Valentino Garavani.

Valentino Garavani boots are absolutely bold in their design and scream of high fashion and the ultra-chic catwalk. This unapologetically iconic fashion house was founded in Rome in the 1960s and has been making waves with its outstanding craftsmanship and eye-catching designs ever since.

Valentino Garavani’s selection of winter boots includes bright patterned uppers and tough, slip-resistant soles. From buckled platform ankle boots that wouldn’t look out of place at the Biennale to over-the-knee lace boots and rock-studded red and black high-heeled boots; if you’re looking for something that’s guaranteed to turn heads then look no further!


Tod’s are famous for high-quality winter boots that allow the wearer to really reflect their personality and inner sense of fashion. This family-run fashion brand produces reliable, value-for-money footwear that is constantly staying one step ahead of recent trends.

There’s a broad selection of boots on offer at Tod’s, including stylish black, brown and multicolored leather footwear that epitomizes the modern woman in a busy world. You can also find amazing leopard print boots with buckles, boots with outer fur details and studded boots with eye-catching patterning. If you’re looking for more practical options you can pick out sturdy walking boots, leather Chelsea boots or lace-up ankle boots with a faux fur outer layer.

Loro Piana.

Loro Piana is a hugely popular Italian fashion brand that specializes in producing high quality, ready-to-wear clothing, textiles and shoes. Loro Piana’s winter boots are expertly crafted to suit the vogue tastes of today’s women, combining stylish designs with sturdy soles that are ideal for day-to-day wear during the cold winter months.

There’s a lovely range of winter boots to choose from including ankle-length boots with fur inner linings, classy knee-high boots to complement your evening attire and elegant boots that come in black, white, suede and brown. You can even find a cute pair of furry boots that look like a teddy bear’s feet – perfect for a chilly evening in Milan.

Brunello Cucinelli.

Founded in the 1950s, Brunello Cucinelli is one of Italy’s luxury heavyweights that strives to lead the world of fashion in everything it does. The company not only has a huge following of loyal customers but it also donates 20% of its profits to charity, giving Brunello Cucinelli, the brand’s founder, the nickname of the ‘philosopher-designer’.

There’s a fairly limited range of women’s winter boots on offer but each boot is lovingly designed with elegance and practicality in mind. From cute, below-the-ankle fur boots that resemble a cozy slipper to chic gray knee-high boots that emblemize Italian sophistication, from ruggedly practical outdoor walking boots to matte calfskin ankle boots, all of the boots have tough soles that are slip resistant and ideal for winter.

Scarpa Rossa.

Scarpa Rossa makes luxury, handmade items that only use the very finest Italian leather to produce ready-to-wear winter boots that are modish and comfortable. There’s an amazing range of boots to choose from to suit every occasion, from a quick trip to the grocery store on a snowy day to an ultra fashionable party at an exclusive venue.

Everything from wide calf boots to leather over-knee stunners, from fur boots to funky cowboy boots, you’ll find everything you could imagine at Scarpa Rossa. The boots also have trendy decorative features including chains, gold accessories, laces and buckles. If you’re looking for a pair, or two, of Italian winter boots, then you simply can’t afford to overlook Scarpa Rossa during your search!


Based in Florence, Italy, Valentina produces a metropolitan range of women’s winter boots. Any women’s boots are one of the most important fashion statements that they can make when putting together an outfit, so getting it right really matters. Valentina has a delightful collection of winter boots that incorporates daringly impressive designs as well as more understated leather boots that are designed for everyday use.

All of Valentina’s boots are made with top quality leather and carefully sourced materials for the soles. There’s a wide range of boots on offer, including knee-high soft leather boots, rugged ankle boots and super cozy fur-lined walking boots that can handle any weather conditions. There are also charming features such as exterior patternings, exterior buttons and subtle buckles to add a little sparkle to your choice.

Gianvito Rossi.

Gianvito Rossi is a family-run Italian luxury fashion brand that embraces the elegance of femininity and uses the intergenerational knowledge of superb craftsmanship to produce some of the finest winter boots on the market. Founded in San Mauro Pascoli, in Emilia-Romagna, the brand’s winter boots are primarily knee length but offer a good range of soles, including modest heels and tougher, rugged soles that are designed for the wear and tear of regular use.

The collection of winter boots includes stylishly studded black leather boots as well as more understated, classical designs that emphasize the female form. There are several colors to choose from when it comes to Gianvito Rossi’s boots, including black, brown, suede, white and even orange. Overall, if you’re looking for an exceptionally classy pair of Italian made leather winter boots then Gianvito Rossi should be very close to the top of your list!

Italian Winter Boots Are The Best In The World.

No matter what your tastes and style, Made in Italy winter boots are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. From super elegant evening wear to rugged fur-lined walking boots, whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it amongst the amazing collections of Italy’s top brands.

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