How To Dress Like An Italian Man During Summer

Italian Man Summer

Summer in Italy is a magical time of year when both tourists and locals can enjoy the very best of the Dolce Vita. The weather is warm and sunny, especially in the Southern Mediterranean provinces, so you won’t be needing your stylish winter scarves and coats. Even so, with a little consideration, you can still dress elegantly and add a touch of the classic Italian sprezzatura to your summer outfits.

Dressing During Summer In Italy – A Concise Guide For Men.

Men have a good range of options to choose from during the summer in Italy. You can opt for loose-fitting, casual shirts with a bright jacket and beige trousers or go with a well-tailored jacket, white shirt and smart cravat. In fact, for men, there are few styles of dress that allow more freedom of expression than the Italian dress code in the summer.

To help you get started on selecting your Italian summer wardrobe, we’ve put together a brief style guide to give you some inspiration.

Summer Shirts.

While many people in the West consider the humble shirt as a boring part of their outfit, Italian men use both shirts and T-shirts to express themselves during the summer. Traditionally, Italians wear monochromatic shirts in classic colors such as white, pale pink or a shade of blue.

When you’re selecting shirts for the summer in Italy it’s worth splashing out to buy a few superbly tailored designer shirts. These can be a real statement piece and act as a major point of interest in your outfit.

However, whatever you do you should always make sure that your summer shirts are made from high-quality cotton or other breathable fabrics that will help you stay comfortable in the heat. In fact, the very last thing you want to do is to wear shirts made of nylon because, in the unforgiving summer sun, you’ll find yourself sweating and feeling uncomfortable.

Summer Jackets.

Elegant and stylish jackets are one of the mainstays of men’s fashion in Italy, even in the summer. Of course, when selecting a jacket for the warmer weather you want to choose a lightweight material, such as linen or cotton, as opposed to a heavy cotton or woolen jacket which you might wear in the winter.

When it comes to the color and design of your summer jackets there’s a lot of room for expressing your creative side. On the one hand, you can keep it traditional and wear a plain-colored, well-tailored lightweight cotton jacket that you can mix and match with almost anything.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with going for a patterned jacket or brightly colored design. For instance, bright stripes can look great on the beach while a floral design might be perfect for a relaxing evening in the town center.

Another option for men in the summer is to match a linen jacket with smart, formal trousers. This is ideal for dinner in an upmarket restaurant or a special family event such as an anniversary party or wedding reception.

Summer Trousers.

During the summer you’ll be much better served by selecting a pair of understated loose-fitting trousers to let your jacket and shirt make a big impression. These will also help you stay cool and comfortable, even in the soaring summer temperatures of Southern Italy. The best material for summer trousers is linen although lightweight cotton is also a suitable option.

Alternatively, if you want to make more of a statement with your trousers you can opt for a pair of white jeans. The white color will help to keep you cool and they’re easy to mix and match with stylish jackets and shirts. For a really high-fashion look, you can even wear a pair of patterned or floral Dolce Gabbana-style jeans which are guaranteed to turn heads in the city.

Summer Shoes.

It’s often difficult to know what type of shoes you should wear during the hot summer months in Italy. While you could settle for a pair of super casual flip-flops there are also other options that are much more stylish and equally comfortable.

For example, you can wear a pair of leather loafers which will not only keep you cool but you’ll also look great. Loafers are perfect for sightseeing and if you’re wearing a high-quality pair of calf leather loafers your feet won’t get too sweaty, even in the midday sun.

Alternatively, you can wear soft-soled sneakers to achieve a more urban chic look. There’s a lot of room for making a statement with a pair of vibrantly patterned sneakers. You have a lot of scope for making a statement with a pair of sneakers since Italian fashion houses specialize in creating some really jazzy and debonair designs.

Finally, if you want to dress for a formal occasion in the summer you can wear a pair of classic Oxford-style leather shoes. You can find Oxford shoes that are completely traditional and match perfectly with a suit or you can select a pair that have tassels, buckles and other touches of glamor.

Can Men Wear Shorts In Italy During The Summer?

Italian men do wear shorts during the summer but only for casual occasions such as visiting the beach, sightseeing, boating or having a picnic. However, just because you’re wearing shorts it doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish! Generally, you want to choose a pair of well-tailored shorts that are slim fitting – you certainly don’t want to wear a pair of loud shorts that look more like you’re joining a Stag party than enjoying the Dolce Vita!

You should wear neutral-colored shorts, such as navy blue or beige, and match them with a collared shirt and a lightweight jacket or sweater. If you’re wearing shorts then you’ll also want to wear them with a pair of stylish loafers so you don’t look too casual. In the end, if you do decide to wear shorts you should ensure that they are well-fitted and matched with a great pair of shoes and generally complement your overall outfit.

Beachwear For Men During The Italian Summer.

Italy has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and so you’re bound to want to spend some time enjoying the sun, sea and sand during the summer. However, just because you’re on the beach it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to look stylish and elegant.

Swimwear – Wear High-Quality Trunks.

Italian men usually chose well-tailored swimming trunks that are made from top-quality materials. Plain colors, such as dark blue or black are the smartest and easiest to match with other items of clothing. When selecting your swimwear, it’s best to choose a quick-drying fabric with an elastic waistband.

Shirts For The Beach.

As well as your swimming trunks you should also have a lightweight, breathable cotton or linen shirt with you at the beach. Not only does this give you a stylish look but you can also wear your shirt to protect you from the powerful sun! You can wear any colored shirt you like although a plain white collared cotton shirt is the traditional choice for Italian men at the beach.

Shoes For The Beach.

The ideal shoes for the beach are a pair of leather sandals or boating shoes that can be worn both off and on the beach. Your shoes should certainly complement the rest of your outfit but just as importantly they should be practical and versatile.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize!

While you’re at the beach you shouldn’t forget to pack an ultra-chic pair of sunglasses. Of course, these will protect your eyes from the sun and the glare of the ocean but they’ll also help you to look fantastic, even as you relax by the sea. You can also accessorize with an elegant Panama hat, a chunky chain necklace or a statement bracelet.

General Tips For Summer Dress In Italy For Men.

The following are some of the general dress codes to keep in mind during summer in Italy:

Wear Lightweight And Breathable Materials.

The heat in the summer can be quite extreme in Italy, particularly in provinces such as Sardinia and Sicily. Select high-quality linens or cotton shirts and jackets while making sure that they are well-tailored and slim to medium fit.

Always Accessorize.

There’s a huge scope for men to accessorize during the summer months. Don’t be afraid to wear a statement hat, such as an elegant Panama or straw hat, and feel free to add a well-chosen necklace or bracelet to your outfit.

Sunglasses are almost an essential item during the summer in Italy so take your time and choose a pair that you’ll be proud to be seen in! You can wear your sunglasses for casual events such as a day at the beach as well as while you stroll through the city in the evening.

Neutral Colors Are The Most Elegant.

As a general rule, Italian men tend to wear neutral colors such as beige, white and navy blue during the summer months. These colors are neat and elegant and instantly give you a classic Italian look.

Of course, you can still add brighter patterned items to your outfit but try not to overdo it because you want to ensure that you maintain the traditional Sprezzatura look that Italians are famous for!

Staying Stylish During The Summer In Italy.

Best known for style and their nonchalant ease of looking great, Italian men dress to impress all through the year, including the summer months. So even when the sun is shining and the weather is hot, there’s no need to sacrifice style for comfort in the heat.

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