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Gym In Rome

Staying fit and healthy while living in a major city is not always easy, even at the best of times! That’s why it’s essential to have access to a local gym that provides the type of training, fitness and well-being services that suit your personal requirements, with classes and opening times that fit your schedule.

Fortunately in Rome, there is a great selection of fitness centers that ranges from unpretentious gyms and bodybuilding centers to facilities that offer more rehabilitation services and personalized health plans.

In this article I use the word fitness center, fitness studio, health club and gym interchangeably. A gym can be larger and less personal. Gyms used to be dominated by men. But all this is not the case anymore. A fitness center can offer a lot more than a gym, like yoga or swimming classes. A health clubs focus on the mind in addition to the body.

I am a huge fan of Orange Theory (OT). I been a member for over four years. OT is an American exercise studio that has branches all over the world, but unfortunately not in Italy. You can use your membership in any OT studio in the world. There are studios like OT available in Italy. But overall, most Americans who are interested in maintaining their exercise routine when traveling in Italy or living in Italy for short periods of time will feel let down. Italy and for that matter most European countries do not have the quality and the variety of options that we take for granted in the United States. But then most Italians do not have the problems with fitness that we have! NOTE: VOLT which is located in Via Salaria is very similar to Orange Theory.

The Best Fitness Centers In Rome Italy.

The following are some of the best gyms and fitness centers in Rome:

Urban Fitness Roma Barberini – Via Barberini, 25/27.

The groundbreaking Urban Fitness Roma Barberini specializes in providing services in an innovative form of fitness and wellness training known as EMS, or ‘electrostimulation’. The EMS technique uses pulse technology to stimulate various muscle groups and is combined with carefully selected exercises to maximize its benefits.

Using the EMS technique can lead to rapid improvements in muscle growth and strength. EMS can also be used to help facilitate weight loss, improve your metabolism and refine your performance in sports.

As well as offering EMS techniques, Urban Fitness Roma Barberini has a fully equipped gym and fitness center that its members can utilize in their training routines. If you’re interested in finding out more about Urban Fitness Roma Barberini you can book a free trial or drop by to speak to the staff.

This gym is a great place to join if you’re just starting out on a new fitness regime. The center also provides you with everything you need to train, including clothes, non-slip socks and toiletries so don’t even need to bring your own bag!

Monti Fitness – Via Di Sant’Agata De Goti, 19.

Monti Fitness is a fully equipped gym and fitness center that offers weight lifting training, cardio workouts, kickboxing and mixed martial arts classes for all abilities. If you want to improve your health and well-being in a more moderate manner then you can join the center’s highly acclaimed Pilates classes which are great for getting fit or rehabilitating yourself after an injury.

The Monti Fitness center has an excellent weights room that is popular with weight lifting enthusiasts and a cardio suite that is designed for moderate to medium intensity activity on the specially selected machinery. You can also tone your abs, buttocks and abdomen in GAG classes or boost your aerobic and anaerobic strength in circuit training. Lastly, the pre-pugilistics training combines basic boxing techniques with a full-body workout and is a superb option for high-performance athletes.

Omega Fitness Club – Via Del Monte Della Farina, 14.

The Omega Fitness Club has modern, well-equipped gym facilities that are suitable for all ages and abilities. However, the center is primarily focused on delivering health and fitness services in the areas of pain relief, muscle toning, strength and mental empowerment.

There are always qualified physiotherapists on-site who can help you rehabilitate after an injury and teach you how to improve your posture. This is a great service for city professionals who often have poor posture due to sitting at their desks for long hours and find it hard to exercise as a result. Spending some time under the tutelage of one of the physiotherapists can open new doors for you if you’ve been struggling to get into a long term fitness regime.

Omega Fitness Club has excellent massage facilities as well, so if you’re tired or run down you can rejuvenate yourself after your workout or physiotherapy session. The entire center is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of busy professionals who may not have the time to spend hours and hours in the gym each week.

VOLT_HIT – Via Salaria, 163.

VOLT_HIT specializes in delivering high-intensity workouts and training sessions for its members. This generally involves training in short bursts during which an explosive intensity of activity is maintained. After a short period of intense exercise, you can rest for a short period of time to recover before another explosive period of activity. High-intensity workouts are great for athletes, martial artists and anyone who wants to push themselves to the limit. However, it’s not an ideal type of workout for people recovering from injuries or anyone who just wants to improve their health and fitness in a more gradual way.

There are several categories of high-intensity workouts that VOLT_HIT provides. Firstly, the full-body workout focuses on improving your overall endurance, strength and agility. This sculpts your muscles and gives you greater power in a whole range of activities. The lower body workout focuses on squats, lunges and other exercises that are designed to give you legs of steel. The upper body workout focuses on the arms, chest, abdomen and back, and utilizes weights, free body techniques and a wide range of equipment including rings and bars.

Palestre Italiane Roma Termini – Via Giovanni Giolitti, 44.

Situated right inside the Roma Termini train station, the 1,600 square meter center has everything you need to improve your health and fitness. The center has a large, fully equipped gym floor and boasts the latest generation of machines and technologies, including touchscreen technology throughout.

All of the machines in the gym and spinning room are connected to a free app that allows you to watch your Netflix account while you train! Alternatively, you can link up to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. So if you like to listen to a particular playlist or watch a movie while you train, this gym is definitely for you.

The center runs a wide range of courses in multiple disciplines including Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Zumba, Stretching, Kombat and Pump; so there really is something for everyone at Palestre Italiane Roma Termini gym. After you’ve finished your workout, you can rest and recuperate in the on-site spa that has a sauna and a Turkish bath.

Fruit And Fitness – Via Alessandria, 160.

This unique fitness center and gym puts a major emphasis on ensuring its members don’t injure or hurt themselves while they train. The personal trainers go to great lengths to make sure you don’t overstain yourself while still ensuring that you make good progress with your own personal fitness goals. The on-site tutors are always there for you and are ready to answer questions and help you design a regime that suits your physical limitations and ambitions.

Fruit and Fitness is an ideal gym for people who are just getting started with fitness training and is perfect for anyone who might feel a little intimidated about going to a regular gym. The staff will constantly monitor your progress and will adjust your training as you grow in strength and continue to improve. You’ll never be rushed or pushed beyond what you’re ready to do because as they say at Fruit and Fitness, ‘Quality takes time’.

Anytime Fitness Magnifico – Via Lorenzo Il Magnifico, 156.

With a team of on-site personal trainers, a fantastic gym and fitness facilities, as well as remote services to help you train and stay fit no matter where you are in the world, Anytime Fitness Magnifico is designed to meet the needs of the busy modern professional.

Everybody at the gym gets a personalized plan to guide their training and the site is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means you can literally work out at any time that suits you! The gym utilizes the latest technology and takes an extremely flexible approach to meet the requirements of its members.

There’s a great community atmosphere at the gym and so even if you’re feeling a bit hesitant about joining there’s no need to worry because you’ll be welcomed with open arms, no matter what your ability and level of experience.

H20 Fitness Center – Via Del Pigneto, 108.

This upmarket gym has a weights studio, a cardio center, a spinning fitness suite and a 25-meter pool, as well as saunas and Turkish baths. With everything you need under one roof, the H20 Fitness Center is one of the city’s finest fitness establishments for people of all ages and abilities.

The gym runs numerous programs to help improve your health including the special GAG class which focuses on your legs, abdomens and buttocks. This is perfect for toning your body and boosting your core strength, even if you’re just starting out on a new fitness routine.

After you’re finished your workout you can rejuvenate in the saunas or Turkish baths and then have a dip in the pool to stretch off before going home. Staff are always on hand to help you with advice and tips and, if you require it, they can create a personalized training plan for you to move forward with.

H20 Concept – Via Della Pilotta, 16/18.

Just a stone’s throw from the Trevi Fountain, this exclusive fitness center is equipped with the very latest machinery and technologies in its top-quality gym. There are 1,300 square meters of facilities at your disposal including a gym, several fitness rooms, a cross-training room, a cardio-isotonic room and a relaxation area with a lovely spa.

Members of all abilities are welcome and the staff are always ready to help anytime you need some advice or personalized training. You can also take classes in Yoga, Pilates, posture training and much more besides, all under the careful supervision of a highly trained professional.

Viktory Gym Colli Albani – Via Arrigo Davila, 37A.

With 3,000 square meters of floor space, the Viktory Gym Colli Albani has more than 100 exercise machines in 2 separate weights rooms as well as 35 cardio-vascular machines and 3 fitness rooms that are dedicated to different types of workouts.

The center runs over 30 different types of classes for its members, including Pilates, Aero Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Salsa, Zumba and postural training. All the classes take place in a friendly atmosphere and beginners are always welcome. You can also benefit from personal training to improve your muscle tone and core strength in the gym and fitness rooms. Overall, this is a superb fitness facility where you can really take your personal health and well-being to the next level.

CrossFit Villa Albani – Via Salaria, 105.

This great all-around gym offers a combination of weight training and high-intensity activities with on-site instructors to help you make the most of your workout time. The gym has a particular focus on delivering training that incorporates a wide range of different activities during any session so that you build and strengthen multiple muscle groups every time you visit.

This leads to rapid strength gains and although it’s very hard work the results are certainly worth it! CrossFit Villa Albani has a fully equipped gym, a fitness room, a spinning room and a modern changing area.

Kb Gym (Fitness & Boxe Roma Prati) – Via Crescenzio, 21.

The Kb Gym has fitness training, boxing classes, cardio workout facilities and weights machines. Just a few moments’ walk from Piazza Cavour and 5 minutes from the Lepanto metro, it’s conveniently located for people working in the city. With the perfect mix of fitness training, powerlifting and classes, the center put a special emphasis on boxing and martial arts. However, you can learn Yoga, Pilates and postural gymnastics with the help of the on-site instructors if you’re looking for a more moderate workout.

There’s a great range of martial arts classes that welcome junior members as well as adults of all ages. Among the martial arts on offer, Kb Gym runs classes in Thai boxing and Kickboxing, both of which are hugely popular with adult and junior members.

Mister Gym – Viale Amelia, 30.

Providing fully tailored individual health and fitness programs for its members, the Mister Gym Gym is a hybrid facility that offers everything you would expect from a standard gym. On top of state-of-the-art gym equipment, the center also runs classes in boxing and personal training to help you make the most of your valuable workout time.

There’s a truly amazing array of classes on offer at Mister Gym Gym which include group fitness training, gymnastics, postural training, Muay Thai kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Aikido, Judo, Karate, Salsa, Classical Dance, Latin American Ballroom Dance, Pilates and much more besides! The entire gym is air conditioned and the instructors are always available to help you warm up and warm down safely to ensure that you don’t overstrain or injure yourself during your training.

Centro Doria Center – Via Del Plebiscito, 117.

Situated in the outstanding Doria center on Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, this is undoubtedly one of Rome’s most prestigious fitness clubs. The 2,500 square meter center has a fully equipped weights room, 5 fitness rooms and 2 cardio rooms. Each week, the center runs more than 80 hours of classes for its members in a wide range of disciplines.

Once you’ve finished your workout you can rest and relax in the wellness center where you’ll find a jacuzzi, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath and an ice fountain. There are also aromatherapy and chromotherapy facilities and a separate beauty center where you can pamper yourself after a hard training session. Finally, the center also has a cafe and restaurant where you can grab a quick snack or have a super healthy lunch during the day.

It’s Easy To Get In Great Shape In Rome!

Although Rome is best known for its art, culture and history, the city also has a great selection of gyms in Rome. These facilities cater to everyone from hardcore weightlifting enthusiasts to people who are only just beginning their journey to better health and personal well-being.

There’s never a bad time to sign up for a gym so why not drop into your nearest fitness center and see what they can do for you? All of Rome’s top gyms have highly trained personal coaches who can help you put together a tailored fitness plan that you can work with to reach your full potential. Alternatively, you can create your own plan and work towards better health under your steam in one of the city’s gyms.

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