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Rome, the Eternal City, is one of the most incredible places in Italy, if not the entire world! It attracts millions of tourists and expats each year to marvel at the ancient architecture, artistic masterpieces and stunning scenery; but it’s also a wonderfully romantic city where couples can create special memories together.

Italians are well known for their passionate romance and so while you’re in the nation’s capital it’s easy to get swept off your feet by the bustling beauty of the city! From tasting the wide range of culinary options on offer to visiting galleries, riding Vespa’s or taking a horse drawn carriage through the cobble streets there’s an abundance of romantic adventures just waiting to be discovered in Rome.

The Most Romantic Things To Do In Rome.

The following are some of the most romantic things you can do in Rome:

Visit The Trevi Fountain And Make A Wish!

A great way to start your romantic trip to Rome is to visit the 18th Century Trevi Fountain. Designed by Nicola Salvi and finally completed by Giuseppe Pannini, this stunning Baroque architectural masterpiece is located in central Rome and projects the elegantly understated power of the ancient city.

The impressive fountain is nearly 50 meters wide and stands at almost 30 meters high! It’s a constant attraction for visitors to the city and is undoubtedly one of the most famous fountains on the planet.

Aside from visiting the fountain to appreciate its grandeur, it’s also a magnet for honeymooners and couples visiting Rome for a romantic vacation. The local legends say that if you throw a coin into the fountain it means that you will one day return to Rome; which is great since there’s a lot to see and do.

However, tradition also says that if a couple throws 3 coins into the fountain then it means that they will one day get married! This means that the Trevi Fountain is the perfect way to begin your time together in Rome.

Discover The Magnificence Of The Teatro Dell’Opera.

Even if you’re not a big fan of opera, seeing a live performance at the Teatro Dell’Opera is a deeply moving and romantic experience that you’ll never forget! Seated in the exquisitely decorated interior of the theater under chandeliers and surrounded by Renaissance-era frescoes you’ll be enchanted by the magical atmosphere of the venue.

The Teatro Dell’Opera puts on a wide range of performances including ballet, contemporary performances and classical music concerts; so even if you don’t want to see an opera there’s plenty of other options on offer. Also, attending a show at the theater is a great excuse to get dressed up in your finest attire which is always fun for couples in Rome!

To find out more about the Teatro Dell’Opera and to view the schedule of upcoming performances you can visit the official website.

Share A Picnic On The Aventine Hill.

Rome is often referred to as the ‘City of Seven Hills’. One of the most beautiful of Rome’s hills is the Aventine Hill in the Southern part of the city just across the river from Trastevere. This lovely hill offers a tranquil environment to have a romantic picnic with your partner.

With breathtaking views of the city, the delightful gardens are an ideal spot to reminisce on your time together as a couple. The nicest area of the Aventine Hill is the Giardino Degli Aranci, or the ‘Orange Garden’, where you can smell a sweet citrus scent in the air while enjoying the views of Rome. So bring along a hamper of freshly bought food and a bottle of wine to spend a leisurely afternoon together or, if you prefer, to watch the sun go down over Rome.

See The City Sights On A Vespa!

If you want a really fun way of seeing the sites then why not rent a Vespa scooter and take a ride through the streets of Rome together? You can join a 3 hour Vespa tour of the city in the evening; stopping off at the Colosseum, the Mouth of Truth, the Circus Maximus, Palatine Hill, St Peter’s Square and the Trevi Fountain.

The Vespa’s are classic retro style models with comfortable side cars! Your professional, multilingual guide will steer you through the quieter evening streets so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! The tour includes a hotel pick up and drop off so it’s very convenient and after you’ve seen the city you can head out together into the night to find a charming little restaurant for your dinner.

Explore Trastevere, The Bohemian Quarter.

It’s good to see the main touristy spots in Rome but for a more authentic feel of the city you can take a stroll through Trastevere. Located just across the River Tiber from the center of the city, Trastevere has an exciting Bohemian atmosphere where you can see street musicians, arts and crafts stores, contemporary galleries and gorgeous cafes, restaurants and bars.

Trastevere is the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening together just following your feet to see what you might find! When it’s time to go home you can easily catch a taxi so there’s no need to worry about getting lost on your adventure.

If you want to drop into some bars with live music then you should visit in the evening when the streets will be alive with trendy crowds of locals and savvy visitors to the city. If you end up having a late night in Trastevere, which is very easy to do, then you can enjoy a leisurely stroll back to your hotel through the quiet cobbled streets of the early morning.

Have Dinner On A Rooftop.

There’s nothing more romantic than having an exclusive meal together in one of the city’s rooftop restaurants. While you’re waiting for your food to be prepared you can appreciate the spectacular views of the city while watching the sun set over the famous skyline.

Rome has a lot of fantastic rooftop restaurants but perhaps the most spectacular is the Raphael Hotel Terrace and Restaurant. The multilevel terrace and restaurant gives you direct views of some of Rome’s best known sites including St Peter’s, the Pantheon, the Palazzo del Quirinale and the Piazza di Spagna!

The rooftop terrace gives you a complete 360 panoramic view of the city which makes it the absolutely perfect place for a romantic lunch or dinner. The restaurant serves a great selection of organic dishes including seasonal classics and Italian cuisine as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

To book your table at the Raphael Hotel Terrace and Restaurant you can visit their official website.

Take An E-Bike Tour Of The Appian Way.

One of the most important developments of the ancient Romans was the invention of straight, durable and easily navigable roads. The famous Roman roads allowed trade to flourish throughout the Empire and helped armies move quickly from place to place. The Appian Way was one of the first roads to be built in Rome and takes you out into the surrounding countryside as well as to places that few tourists ever see.

To really see the Appian Way you can join a 4 hour E-bike tour which will take you through the ecological corridor of the Parco dell’Appia Antica and past many engineering masterpieces of ancient Rome, including 6 converging Roman aqueducts. You’ll also see ancient statues, tombs and imperial mansions on your way.

You don’t have to be very fit to enjoy a tour on an E-bike because once you get going the electric battery takes over so you can cruise along in style while taking in the spectacular scenery around you.

Learn To Make Authentic Italian Pasta And Tiramisu.

If you’re a couple who enjoys cooking your own food at home then why not join a 1 hour 30 minutes Pasta and Tiramisu Workshop in Rome? This hands-on workshop will give you invaluable insights into the best ways to make your own authentic Italian classics during which you can ask questions and get personal tips from the workshop’s leader.

Once you’ve finished the workshop you can sit down and enjoy a glass of well paired wine with your fellow classmates. You’ll also be given a printed out list of recipes which you can try at home later on.

Visit The Temple Of Venus – The Roman God Of Love.

No romantic trip to Rome would be complete without visiting the Temple of Venus. The impressive temple complex is situated on the Velian Hill to the East of the Colosseum and is believed to have been the largest temple in the ancient city.

The temple was constructed under the rule of Hadrian in the 2nd Century and although it was damaged by fire in the early 4th Century it was quickly restored due to its important place in the life of the Roman citizens. As well as enjoying a look around the temple you’ll also get some fantastic views of the Colosseum and since you’re in the center of town you can drop by a nearby restaurant afterwards for your lunch.

Ride Down The River Tiber In An Exclusive Restaurant Boat.

For a truly romantic experience in Rome you can book yourself onto a river boat and enjoy some unique sightseeing without worrying about the crowds! The 2 hour boat tour departs at 6pm and includes food and appetizers while you appreciate the view before being dropped off two hours later at a river side restaurant for dinner.

This is the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening on your last night in the city as you’ll see some of the places you visited on foot over the last few days. You’ll also get to try a great range of authentic Roman cuisine and the restaurant where you’ll be dropped off at only serves authentic Italian dishes.

The Perfect Romantic Destination For Couples.

The ancient city of Rome is full of world famous monuments, churches, piazzas and galleries but it’s also a very romantic location. There’s plenty of unique things that you can do as a couple in Rome where you will create lasting memories that you can treasure for the rest of your life together.

Rome is the ideal destination for couples, honeymooners and married couples who want to combine some sightseeing with a romantic vacation together. There’s so much to do in the city that there’s something for everyone, no matter what their tastes and interests are.

So even if you’re only spending a week in the city you can have a fantastic time together; eating on rooftops, cycling on E-bikes, cruising down the River Tiber and visiting the Temple of Venus and the Trevi Fountain.

Any visit to Rome is a wonderful experience but if you’re there as a couple then it’s a truly magical place to explore together.

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