Reasons Why Italy Is Great For Solo Travelers

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Italy is a romantic country, the land of poets, dreamers, sculptors and artists; and so if you’re wondering whether it’s a good destination for a solo trip then look no further it is! This is true for expats who are already living in Italy or someone who is looking at Italy as a solo travel destination.

Almost 18% of global travel bookings are solo travelers which represents a massive 42% increase over the last few years. This trend is particularly pronounced among the millennial generation, with more than 25% planning solo trips for the following year. When asked in a global survey, more than 10% of travelers said that they had taken a trip alone in the past year!

So ironically, if you’re planning a solo trip to Italy, you won’t be alone! In fact, the number of solo travelers to Italy has been increasing over the last few decades and the trend looks set to continue long into the future.

What Are The Most Popular Travel Styles?

The travel industry has evolved enormously over the last 100 years. At the turn of the 20th Century most people would feel lucky to spend a weekend by the seaside in their home country or, if they were wealthy, they might even take a train tour of Europe.

However, today, there is a vast range of holiday and travel styles to choose from. One of the most popular ways to travel is in groups. Known as group travel, individuals, couples and families join a group to travel together as they explore new countries. This is a great way to meet other travellers, make new friends and see the world while a tour guide handles the details of travel and accommodation arrangements for you.

Adventure travel is a fast growing niche in modern tourism which often involves exciting and unusual activities such as white water rafting, paragliding, rock climbing and scuba diving. To take part in an adventure travel holiday you will have to be fairly fit and ready to push yourself as you experience another country making it ideal for adrenaline junkies everywhere! Adventure travel is organized by a specialized travel company and you’ll usually be travelling in a group.

Independent travel has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, far outstripping any other niche in the travel industry. An independent traveler makes their own arrangements and travels on their own or with friends or family. They make all their own bookings for travel and accommodation which allows them to tailor their ideal trip.

This has largely been fueled by the increasingly easy access to information on the internet. With only a few clicks you can book a hotel, purchase a ticket or arrange for a guided tour anywhere in the world!

Solo travellers almost always travel independently. Some of the most popular places for solo travel are South America and Europe; with Italy being one of top world destinations for the solo traveler.

Why Do People Travel Solo?

There’s a whole host of reasons why people travel alone and as world wide travel infrastructure has improved and the ticket prices have come down, it’s never been easier to hop onto a plane and head for a foreign land!

No One To Travel With.

One of the major reasons why people travel alone is because they have a desire to visit other places but don’t have anyone to go with! They may live alone or be pursuing their own career and so they don’t waste the opportunity of travel and simply go it alone!

More Flexibility.

Travelling solo will give you far more flexibility on your trip; leaving you free to choose your own itinerary, see the sites you want to and set your own agenda. This is a hugely liberating way to explore the world that is exciting and confidence building.

Significant Others Don’t Always Share The Same Interests.

A surfing holiday in Hawaii may be your idea of heaven but if your significant other hates beach holidays and has no interest in surfing then you might just choose to go alone! There’s no reason why your significant other will necessarily share your interests and so it’s becoming more common for couples to take holidays and visit other countries on their own.

Work And Family Commitments.

There are times when you need to travel for work or to visit relatives abroad but your significant other, or family, have fixed commitments at home. In this case, many people travel solo to pursue their own personal commitments and job opportunities.

Some People Don’t Want To Travel!

If you’re a real travel bug then it’s hard to imagine that anyone wouldn’t want to go abroad but there are many people who simply don’t want to or don’t like to travel! Some people are afraid of flying, having seen one too many disaster movies, while others just prefer to stay in the comfort of home!

Reasons Why Italy Is Good For Solo Travel

There are several reasons Italy is good for solo travel.

Italy Is Built For Tourism.

Since the 17th and 18th Centuries Italy has been a major tourist destination for the famous Grand Tour; and it’s popularity has never waned; in fact, it’s never been more popular than it is today!

Italy has plenty of hotels, hostels, Air B&Bs and private accommodation for you to stay in and a wonderful array of restaurants, cafes and bars in all towns and cities. If you’re in the countryside, you can still easily find accommodation and places to eat as well. Both in terms of accommodation and food there are options for any budget so you can have a luxurious extravaganza of a holiday or a more frugal backpacking adventure.

Italy Is Very Safe.

Many countries around the world can be quite dangerous for solo travellers however Italy is extremely safe, regardless of your age, gender or nationality. Italians are extremely friendly and because tourism is a significant industry in the country tourists are treated very well.

However, as with anywhere, you do need to take the basic precautions. For instance, you shouldn’t leave your valuables on display and avoid the rougher parts of cities. That said though, as long as you are sensible you have nothing to worry about as a solo traveler in Italy.

Italy Has A Well Established Tourist Trail.

First time solo travellers can be a little nervous about getting lost and not knowing where to go on their holiday in a foreign country but Italy’s well established tourist trail makes all that very easy to navigate. The tourist route has excellent infrastructure, for transit, accommodation and food.

Another excellent feature of the Italian tourist trail is that you don’t need to speak Italian to get by because most of the locals who work in the tourist industry speak fluent, or near to, English. If it’s your first solo trip, or your first time in Italy, it’s worth sticking to the main tourist routes until your confidence and knowledge builds up and you can start to venture further off the beaten track.

Superb Public Transport System.

When you’re travelling alone in Italy you can rely entirely on the public transport to get you from A to B. An extensive network of trains and buses cover the entire country, including the rural regions.

The rail network has high speed trains, night trains and regional trains which have varying prices and on board facilities. This makes getting around the country a piece of cake, even for the first time traveler who doesn’t speak Italian.

There’s A Lot To See And Do.

When you visit Italy you’ll never find yourself bored or wondering what to do! The cultural heritage of the country is incredible, with outstanding churches, museums and art galleries to visit. There are also world class shopping districts to explore and for the more active travellers you can cycle, kayak, ski, paraglide and much more besides!

The diverse country has everything you could want from a trip abroad, with sandy beaches in the South and snowy high peaked mountains in the North, with everything else in between!

Italians Are Friendly And Welcoming.

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get to Italy is just how friendly and welcoming the Italian locals really are! They’re always up for a chat and even if you just drop into a bar or cafe then you can easily strike up a conversation, get some tips about things to do in the area or directions if you’re lost!

Italy Is The Perfect Destination For Solo Travellers.

As solo travel has grown in popularity more people than ever are visiting Italy on their own. With so much to do, a well worn torn tourist trail and a highly developed infrastructure, it’s the perfect place for first time solo travellers and veterans alike.

You can return to Italy a hundred times and there would still be so much more to see and do, so if you’re planning a trip away, make sure that Italy is at the top of your list!

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