The Best Seafood Restaurants In Palermo Sicily

Seafood in Palermo

Palermo, on the island of Sicily, is the capital of a region of Italy that is famous for its seafood, and consequently, the city has a fantastic selection of seafood restaurants to discover. While Sicily is probably best known for its tantalizing oversized sardines, succulent Gambero red prawns and mouth-watering Bluefin tuna, there’s also a huge range of seafood on the menu to suit all tastes.

In most parts of the world, seafood is very expensive but because of the natural bounty of the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds Sicily, the area is a paradise for seafood aficionados looking for a modestly priced meal in a local restaurant.

The Best Seafood Restaurants In Palermo Sicily.

The following are the best seafood restaurants in Palermo that are affordable:

Il Cambusone – Piazza Sant’Andrea, 4.

This delightful restaurant has a casual, relaxed atmosphere that is fully wheelchair accessible. With a lovely outdoor seating area and a delightful menu, Il Cambusone is family-friendly and serves plenty of healthy options. Some of the finest seafood dishes on the Il Cambusone menu include Sicilian Caponata and seafood salad, penne shrimp with pesto and almonds, grilled fish platter, bucatini with sardines and swordfish steak.

If you’re visiting with children you can also order smaller, child portions and for adults, there is wine, spirits, beer and authentic Italian coffee for after your meal. Il Cambusone is the ideal place to taste modestly priced seafood in Palermo as well as all the standard regional classics.

Ciccio In Pentola – Via Dello Spasimo, 44.

Situated in the historic district of Kalsa, the Ciccio in Pentola serves a magnificent selection of freshly caught seafood to its loyal customers. The unique menu demonstrates a constant attention to the smallest details and is a fantastic representation of the owner’s passion for the authentic flavors of Sicily.

Some of the most alluring dishes on the menu include blue fish with sweet and sour honey, red onions and sultanas; the must-try fish meatballs with mint cooked tomatoes, bread crumbs and dried pine nuts and the especially delicious cod a sfincione, served with anchovies, onions and tomato sauce. If you’d like to taste the full spectrum of Sicilian seafood, why not order the seafood platter which includes red prawns, scampi, squid and cod, or the fried Parana dish that is made up of calamari, cuttlefish and squid.

Perfect for families, couples and solo visitors, the Ciccio in Pentola is one of Palermo’s top seafood restaurants that doesn’t charge the earth for unbeatable flavors and traditional island cuisine.

Trattoria Del Pesce Fresco – Foro Italico Umberto I, 3.

This charming, independently run restaurant has a really organic feel with gorgeous outdoor seating. The restaurant has a great menu that includes wonderful seafood, pizzas and a wide range of Sicilian pasta dishes. With delivery and take-away services available, if you’d like to pick up some top quality seafood at a reasonable price to eat at home or along the Palermo harbor, the Trattoria del Pesce Fresco is an incredible restaurant to visit while you’re in the city.

The Trattoria del Pesce Fresco has an extensive bar that includes good local wines, beer, spirits, and with late-night food available, it’s a superb restaurant to stop off at after you’ve had a few drinks in the city. The restaurant is family-friendly and serves lunch and dinner throughout the week.

Ciurma – Officina Del Pesce, Via Maqueda, 235.

This fun and welcoming restaurant serves excellent seafood at prices that are hard to beat, even in Palermo. Among the restaurant’s headlining dishes, the legendary octopus fish burgers, served with salmon tartar, are a unique take on the classic hamburger while the mixed bruschetta di mare is a delicious, finger-licking specialty that has to be tried to be believed.

With a great oceanfront location, the Ciurma Officina del Pesce is a good place to enjoy the freshest seafood at low prices while appreciating the stunning Sicilian sea views. The restaurant welcomes families and has a huge selection of seafood on offer, as well as pasta dishes and snacks to share with your group. It’s a real treat for food buffs and people who love their seafood straight from the sea, so make sure to drop by the Ciurma Officina del Pesce while you’re in the city.

Ristorante Ai Normanni, Piazza Delle Vittoria, 25.

The stylish, contemporary Ristorante Ai Normanni, provides its guests with beautiful seafood dishes at prices that won’t break the bank. Combining tradition and modern trends in cuisine, the menu has an innovative selection of dishes that showcase the magic of the chefs, Marilena and Marco, who are always on hand to give you a few tips about the specials on the menu.

The white and red shrimp, with passion fruit, mint and lemon is delicious while the fried cod with sweet and sour onions and almonds is served with panelle and a lovely Katsuobushi vinegar that perfectly complements this fusion dish. Another classic dish on the menu is the red mullet, served with a refreshing orange sauce, which is a great choice for anyone who has yet to experience the top quality seafood of Palermo.

With an elegant dining area, the Ristorante Ai Normanni serves world-class cuisine at mid-range prices. Every dish on the menu is created to venerate the Sicilian culinary traditions while incorporating new ideas that continue to help the island’s seafood heritage to flourish in the modern world.

Kus-Kus, Piazza Virgilio, 9.

This small, family-run restaurant is located in the heart of the city and serves a great menu of artisanal, homemade seafood and Sicilian cuisine. Using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, the Kus-Kus restaurant serves genuinely Sicilian food, specializing in Trapani cuisine, seafood and other regional delicacies. The warm atmosphere also hosts live traditional dancing shows and other entertainment at night while the wine list includes a multitude of Sicilian classics.

Marianna and Tony, who run the restaurant with passion and dedication to excellence, are well-known in the community and welcome local residents and tourists into their restaurant each day. The daily fish soup is absolutely delicious and the Swordfish Savini served with breadsticks, butter and a rocket salad is the perfect example of Sicilian seafood at its very best. There’s also a great choice of risottos on the menu, something which you don’t often find in Sicily.

Cotto Da Mare, Via Sciuti, 77.

The Cotto da Mare is a beautiful restaurant that serves superb seafood and Sicilian gastronomy. The restaurant also has a complete range of gluten-free dishes so that guests with special dietary requirements can still enjoy the best of Palermo’s cuisine. With an air-conditioned indoor dining room and an outdoor seating area where you can eat under the stars, the Cotto da Mare is perfect for families, couples and anyone who wants to experience the delights of the island by night.

Some of the showcase dishes on the restaurant’s menu include squid, cuttlefish, cod, salmon and swordfish, although the peppered mussels are certainly a choice dish for any connoisseur of seafood. The restaurant also provides a home delivery service so you can enjoy the best of Sicilian cuisine in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

Flambé, Via Vincenzo Barbera, 11.

The Flambé restaurant and American bar is a fantastic place to enjoy the finest Sicilian seafood. The restaurant specializes in flambé cooking techniques. This high-intensity technique is used to bring out the inner essence of the flavors of the fish and gives every dish an extra special touch. The Flambé combines the best of international and Sicilian cuisine and also uses slow cooking methods, all of which will truly amaze your tastebuds.

To perfectly complement your experience in the Flambé restaurant, the American bar serves cocktails and a wide selection of local wines and beers, as well as soft drinks for the children in your group. The stunningly presented fish dishes really steal the show at the Flambé and include options such as prawns with salad and exotic fruits and the grilled fish of the day which reflects the seasonal products of the surrounding oceans.

Grecale, Via Torretta, 66.

With spectacular, panoramic sea views, the Grecale restaurant has gorgeous outdoor seating as well as a comfortable indoor dining area. The ideal place to celebrate a special event, or to enjoy a family dinner or lunch, the Grecale offers gourmet-style food at mid-range prices. Specializing in locally sourced seafood, the restaurant puts on frequent events for occasions such as New Year’s, Epiphany and other big celebrations on the island.

Some of the menu highlights include spaghetti with clams, swordfish with aubergines and, for the more adventurous, spaghetti with sea urchins. As well as the divine selection of appetizers, the main courses include classic dishes such as grilled prawns, roasted squid and a popular local favorite, the crispy sea bass filet with steamed chestnuts and humus.

No visit to Palermo is complete without having a meal at the Grecale restaurant, savoring the finest fresh caught seafood and taking in the magnificent scenery of the ocean’s crystal clear waters.

Palermo Is The Jewel In Italy’s Seafood Crown!

Palermo has a fantastic culinary heritage but the true show-stopper on the menu is always the locally sourced seafood. Fortunately, seafood in Palermo is really very cheap compared to other parts of the world, even in a lovely gourmet restaurant! This means that if you’ve not tried a lot of seafood before you should certainly take the opportunity to sample the incredible options that are available while in Palermo.

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