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Milan Barber Shop

Milan is undoubtedly one of the most fashion-conscious cities on the planet and so it should come as no surprise that visiting the local barber shop is a regular part of the daily life of many Milanese men. A classical barber shop is an elegant establishment that is often decorated with masculine art, luxury upholstery, ornate mirrors and, sometimes, even chandeliers and statues. Barber shops are places that are designed to be a comfortable place for men to relax, catch up on the latest stories and jokes while forgetting about the worries of work.


Barberino’s is one of the best-known names in barbering in Milan, in fact, the name is practically synonymous among the local Milanese with men’s wellness and grooming service. Berberino’s has ten stores in Milan although the flagship barber shop is its stores at Corso Magenta, 10. You can view a full list of Barberino’s barber shops in Milan, as well as in Rome, Turin, and elsewhere in Italy, by visiting their website. The entire ethos of Barberino’s team of barbers and men’s wellness experts is based on creating a space with men’s personal care at its core.

It gives men a friendly place to relax and rejuvenate while having their hair or beard groomed. Some of the main services include haircuts, beard trimming and shaping, cleansing shaves, hair coloring, anti-hair loss treatment and much more besides. Barberino’s also has its own range of up-market shaving sets, grooming products, balms and shampoos that men can use to maintain their rigorous grooming routine at home in between visits to the barber shop.

Antica Barbieria Colla.

Founded in 1904, Antica Barbieria Colla (located at Via Altaguardia) is one of the oldest barber shops in Milan and has provided men in the city with a world-class grooming service for generations. Utilizing traditional techniques, including the use of a candle to burn hair ends to help them grow back thicker and fuller, the barbers in Antica Barbieria Colla have also embraced modern trends without abandoning the ancient, tried and tested methods of their ancestors.

Providing services that include haircuts and treatments, beard treatments, shaving and manicures, the Antica Barbieria Colla has a strong community atmosphere and is a great place to let your down and forget about the worries of the day. The barber shop offers a 20% discount on their services if you sign up for their newsletter on the website and all online orders of over 100 Euros from the online products store have free shipping and delivery included in the price.

Pisterzi – Italian Grooming Art.

With past customers such as Gabbana, of Dolce & Gabbana fame, Pisterzi was founded by Gian Antonio, the former master barber of the Acqua di Parma fragrance brand. Offering its clients a truly elite barbering experience, the salon is 100% customer-focused with a delightfully relaxing atmosphere, luxurious decor and barbers who are trained to be more than just a cut above the rest. The shop is located in Via Monte Napoleone.

As well as providing the traditional range of services, such as haircuts, beard trimming and treatments, they also offer a selection of membership options that give you ongoing access to the barber’s services. For instance, the annual membership, which costs 999 Euros, allows you to book regular appointments without having to worry about paying each time. The barber shop also has its own line of fragrances and grooming products which customers can use to bring the up-market grooming services home with them.


L’Italiano has 8 barber shops throughout Milan although one of the local favorites is the store at Viale Campania, 29. Even so, all of the barber shops provide a superior service for both men and women, combining the best of traditional techniques and style with the latest, cutting-edge trends and barbering insights. Each L’Italiano barber shop provides a classic barbering service for men, as well as offering haircuts for boys and teenagers.

Founded by Sebastiano Liso, who began working in a barber shop at the age of just 9, everything about L’Italiano is built on passion, excellence and a dedication to delivering the finest service to all of its customers. Certainly one of the leading names in Milanese barbering, L’Italiano should certainly be near the top of your list next time you’re looking for a local barber to get your hair and beard trimmed.

Barberia Maroncelli.

As master professionals in all aspects of traditional Italian scissor cuts, old-school American styles and high-end fashion cuts using scissors and electric razors, the barbers at Barberia Maroncelli have created an environment where you can relax and forget the bustle of the world beyond. There’s a huge range of services on offer at Barberia Maroncelli, including, but not limited to haircuts, beard treatments and trimming, hair coloring, scalp treatment, manicures, eyebrow trimming, relaxation therapies and the special Maroncelli facial cleansing service.

A truly outstanding barber in Milan, the Barberia Maroncelli team is super friendly and always ready to accommodate your specific requirements in your hair, beard and facial treatments. So next time you’re nearby, why drop by for a trim or simply to rejuvenate before taking on the hustle and bustle of the city again?

Francesco Cirignotta.

This opulent, ultra-luxurious barber provides all the services you might need in surroundings that feel like an up-market 5-star hotel. Designed for the most refined gentleman, although anyone is welcome, Francesco Cirignmotta is a consummate master in the art of barbering. The services include haircuts, mainly traditional in style, beard trimming and shaping, hair treatments and more. There’s also an excellent range of grooming and self-care products that you can purchase to upgrade your self-care routine.

What’s more, after you’ve rested and enjoyed having your haircut and beard cut, you can have a shower to freshen up and then browse a selection of colognes. So after an appointment at Francesco Cirignotta’s barber shop, you are ready to walk out the door and head straight to any important event. If you’re planning to visit Francesco Cirignotta barbers shop, then you should call ahead to book an appointment to ensure that you can be fitted into the barber shop’s busy schedule.

OIR Barber Shop.

With several locations throughout Milan, OIR Barber Shop provides a great service to its many customers. One of the flagship stores is situated at the Corso Via Emanuele II, although each of OIR’s barber shops delivers the same top-quality service. The expert barbers provide the full range of services, including classic haircuts, beard trimming and conditioning, scalp treatments and more.

While often overlooked amongst the parade of Milanese barbers, OIR Barber Shop is rapidly making a name for itself in the competitive barbering scene of the city. If you want to find your nearest OIR Barber Shop, then just check on the company’s website before booking an appointment to get yourself looking your best.

La Barberia De Milano.

This ultra-trendy barbers shop is, as they will explain when you arrive, as much a speakeasy as it is a traditional barber shop! If you’re wondering why La Barberia de Milano compares itself to a 1920s American speakeasy, it’s because as well as cutting your hair and trimming your beard, your barber is also a confidant and a friend who you can trust to keep your secrets.

Providing the full range of barbering services, La Barberia de Milano offers haircuts, full shaves, beard trimming, conditioning and shaping, and, of course, being a trusted friend that you can turn to for advice about anything that’s troubling you in life.

Milan Has Great Barber Shops.

Milan’s leading barber shops are famous, the world over, for providing gentlemen from all walks of life with the finest grooming services. Whatever your precise grooming requirements, the barbers of Milan are guaranteed to deliver a service that far exceeds your expectations.

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