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Italian men are known for many things. Stylish, flamboyant, and, more often than not, the life and soul of the party, Italian men tend to make an impression. But even so, their famously Sprezzatura approach to life and fashion is usually underpinned by a rigorous personal grooming routine. And for most men in Rome, that means frequent visits to the local barber shop to get their hair and beard trimmed.

As a result of the importance of looking one’s best, the barber shops in Rome are among the best in Europe. Combining traditional techniques with the latest in the fast-moving world of fashion, Rome’s barbers are definitely a cut above the rest.

Machete Barber Shop Monti.

Practically a legend on the streets of Rome, Machete operates several barber shops throughout Rome but their flagship store in Monti is widely considered to be one of the finest establishments in the city. If it’s your first time at Machete, then it’s worth bringing a picture of the style that you would like your hair and beard cut to, although if you’re a regular the barbers will know your cut better than you do yourself. After you’ve sat down in the chair, you need only sit back and relax, catch up on the latest news, and watch as you’re transformed into the hidden Adonis that lay beneath your unkempt hair and overgrown beard.

Machete operates a special offer for first-time customers that means if you download a voucher from their website you’ll get your first cut free – so what are you waiting for? While you’re at Machete Barber Shop, you can also pick up their new line of hair and beard products, all of which are approved by the incredibly high standards of the team at the store. Alternatively, you can shop for their products at the Machete online store.

Bandiera Gialla Barber Shop.

Located in Tiburtina, the Bandiera Gialla, or the ‘Yellow Flag’, Barbers Shop provides the most refined gentlemen of Rome with classic comb and scissor cuts, particularly specializing in old-style beards and mustache shaves. However, their team of innovative barbers has also embraced current trends and has mastered all of the most trendy modern cuts and is even well known for offering personalized hair tattoos.

Founded in 1994, the barber shop combines a wealth of experience, earned over decades, with a passion for hair styling and gentlemen’s contemporary sophistication. The store offers its services at very competitive prices with a cut and shampoo costing around 22 Euros. So next time you’re in the area, and feeling a bit underwhelmed by your personal grooming, make sure you stop by the Bandiera Gialla for a trim.

Max & Jo Barber Shop.

As a Roman icon of suave, male grooming elegance, Max & Jo Barber Shop provides men with the barbering services that they need to look their very best without the stress of worrying about their grooming. First opening its doors in 1990 amongst the electric atmosphere in the days before the nation’s unforgettable World Cup Final victory, Max, a young barber without a shop, decided to follow his dreams and open his own business. More than 30 years later, you’ll have to book in advance to get an appointment at the Max & Jo Barber Shop because it’s gained quite a reputation in the neighborhood.

Sala Da Barba – GENCO.

Utilizing the knowledge and traditions that have been handed down through the generations, Roberto Polidori learned everything he knows from his mentor, the great Silvano Rossi who worked in barbering in Rome since the 1950s. Providing men with exclusive men’s grooming services, Sala da Barba provides their clientele with a superior shaving and grooming experience.

Offering all the services you would expect, including fresh morning shaves, classic haircuts, beard reconditioning, facial cleansing treatments with rose water, anti-hair loss treatments and much more, the barbers are true masters of the barbering arts. Although it’s probably not Rome’s best barber for the most up-to-date styles such as hair tattoos, the Sala da Barba specializes in barbering services for the refined gentleman with more traditional tastes in grooming.

Barber Andrea.

This small local barber is often overlooked in the glossy press but it’s a local favorite in Rome. With excellent customer reviews and a reputation for providing men with top-quality grooming services, Barber Andrea was founded in the late 1960s and has been cutting hair and caring for the beards of Romans ever since. With funky decor and a friendly atmosphere, you can find out all about the latest news while you have your hair and beard groomed. What’s more, the prices are very competitive compared with some of the bigger barbers in Rome so it provides its customers with excellent value for money.

Luca Conti Hairdresser And Barber.

Ideally situated in Roma Termini, the Luca Conti barber shop provides a superb hair and beard grooming service for men in the city center. The perfect place to stop for a trim and freshen up if you’re traveling through the city, Luca Conti is run by the third generation of a family-run barbering business.

Offering a wide range of services including hair cuts, beard cuts and trims, facial treatments, hair coloring, shampoo and hair care, Luca Conti is your one-stop city-center barber shop for all your male beard and hair care needs. Due to its popularity and city center location, it’s always worth booking an appointment before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

Modafferi Barber Shop.

Founded by Ivano and Manuel Modafferi, the brothers learned the art of barbering from their father, Gianni, who first opened the shop in the 1970s. Located between the Piazza Bernerini and the Piazza di Spagna, this traditional barber shop in the center of Rome provides its clients with an unparalleled range of hair, beard and beauty treatments. Services at Modafferi Barber Shop include men’s haircuts, coloring and care, beard trims, cuts and grooming, and male beauty treatments such as male hair removal, facial treatments, sports massages, manicures and pedicures – all at great prices which are hard to beat.

Skilio Barber Shop.

Skilio Barber Shop was founded in 2015 in the Flaminio district of Rome and provides a modern, men’s barbering service. With flamboyant interior design, the barbers specialize in the most cutting-edge trends in hair and beard grooming without forgetting the techniques and lessons of the past.

Providing men in Rome with a relaxing and refreshing grooming experience, Skilio Barber Shop has an affordable price list with a haircut costing 25 Euros, beard shaping and reconditioning costing 20 Euros and a clean shave for just 15 Euros. With a great atmosphere, and an extremely talented team of barbers who deliver results that will turn heads, the Skilio Barber Shop is helping to forge the future of contemporary men’s hair and beard grooming services in Rome.

Petrolium Barber Shop.

As one of Rome’s leading barber shops, and situated near the city’s historic center, Petrolium Barber Shop has a classic 1940s-Americana vibe and is decorated with eye-catching collectibles and antiques. Although all of the highly trained barbers, who dress in ultra-elegant shirts and a waistcoat, excel in traditional barbering and can give you the perfectly sophisticated ‘old-school’ trim, they are also more than capable of providing you with a much more extravagant look. As usual, if you want an unusual cut then you’ll need to bring in a photo or have a link on your phone to help the barber visualize what it is you want.

Petrolium Barber Shop also sells a great line of products including oils to soften and perfume the beard, aftershave balms, brushes for superior hair care and waxes for styling the mustache. The barber shop also runs regular special offers on Wednesdays when you can get some pretty good discounts. To find out about the upcoming special offers you can check on the Petrolium Barber Shop website.

Santolù Roma.

Santolù Roma is a bespoke boutique barber that offers its clients a one-on-one barbering service that puts the specific preferences and needs of the customer at the center of the process. When you visit the barber, you can have your hair or beard trimmed, shaped, washed or groomed, while relaxing in the ultra-suave environment.

The expert barber can also give you advice if you need to find out the best ways to represent yourself with your hair and beard or, if you prefer, they can follow your instructions to the letter. Just remember, if you’re planning to treat yourself to a truly extraordinary barbering experience, you must make a reservation in advance to book your appointment at this highly sought-after Roman barber shop.

Traditional Barber Shops Are Thriving In Rome.

For any contemporary, sophisticated man, it’s essential to have your hair and beard professionally groomed regularly. Not only will this keep you looking your very best, but it’s also an enjoyable way to relax while talking with the barber or simply running through recent events in your mind.

Fortunately, for men in Rome, there’s no shortage of fantastic barbers to choose from in locations all over the city, so you’ll have no trouble booking an appointment and getting the personalized hair and beard grooming services you need.

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