The Best Coworking Spaces In Rome For Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad in Rome

Rome is one of the European Union’s powerhouse financial centers and is home to numerous multinational corporations, high-tech companies, and big global players in the charity sector. Rome is also a major magnet for digital nomads who can live and work in the city while enjoying the unique cultural heritage that the Eternal City is famous for.

With easy access to high-speed internet connections, an abundance of casual cafes and co-working spaces, and a great community of Expats from all over the world, Rome is perfectly suited to the needs of the modern digital nomad. So whether you’re a digital nomad who’s recently arrived in Rome, a foreign student, or would just like to mix it up and find some new spots in the city to get some work done, we’ve compiled a list of Rome’s leading laptop-friendly cafes and co-working spaces.

Ex Circus.

This trendy cafe, bar, and live music venue, is a popular working space among foreign students and digital nomads. Things can get a little raucous after dark, but during the day it’s a wonderfully tranquil cafe where you can enjoy breakfast, bagels, snacks, coffee and soft drinks while you get your work done online.

The surroundings are extremely comfortable, with couches, coffee tables and an outdoor terrace to choose from, and there are lots of power outlets and a good, stable internet connection throughout. Ex Circus is also a fun place to meet fellow digital nomads and other Expats although if you need to beat a looming deadline you’ll be able to work in peace.


Understated, elegant, and stylish, the Anti-Cafe is a favorite co-working space among the savvy digital nomads of Rome. The Anti-Cafe charges a fee of about 6 Euros per hour which gives you access to a pleasant working space, plug sockets and the internet, as well as a free cup of coffee each hour. There are also pastries and snacks at the counter which you can purchase on top of the hourly fee if you’re feeling a bit peckish while you work. Anti-Cafe offers a nice, stress-free environment to work but you can also do a little bit of relaxed networking and meet other digital nomads while you’re there.

Caffè Letterario.

This large, spacious coffee shop, co-working space and bar is packed full of bookshelves and quiet nooks and corners to work in. As you work, you can grab a coffee and pastry to keep your energy levels up, and in the evening, after you’ve done and dusted your work, you can unwind and enjoy the aperitives before catching one of the live bands. You can also borrow books and DVDs from Caffè Letterario’s in-house library and there’s a reliable internet connection so you can check your emails and easily stay in touch with your clients while you’re in Rome.

Materia Cafe.

Just up the road from the Colosseum, this city center Scandinavian-style cafe is a fantastic place to get away from the bustling streets of Rome and get some work done in a quiet and friendly setting. The cafe has a reliable internet connection and there’s coffee, snacks and food to keep you fueled while you complete the work at hand.

Coaster Coworking.

As one of the city’s premier dedicated co-working spaces, Coaster offers competitive monthly packages for the modern digital nomad. You can either rent a personal space for 180 Euros per month, or a personal, serviced office for 700 Euros per month. Alternatively, if it’s more convenient, you can rent a co-working space on a daily basis.

Coaster has fantastic amenities including ultra-high-speed internet, air conditioning, heating, a lounge and chill-out area, free coffee, an on-site cafe with food and snacks, free drinking water and networking events in the evening. The co-working space is also fully wheelchair accessible, an amenity that not all the cafes and co-working spaces in Rome can provide. So if you’re serious about setting up a home office in Rome, then Coaster Coworking is probably one of the best places in the city.

Impact Hub Roma.

This co-working and networking hub is an amazing place to meet entrepreneurs, digital nomads and other like-minded people in the business community. There’s a great atmosphere at Impact Hub Roma where you’ll feel inspired and ready to take on any challenges that you may face in your life as a digital nomad. You can get a personal membership for the co-working space, sign up for a business unit or attend on-site networking events for startups, which all makes this one of the city’s most vibrant co-working and networking spaces.


With some excellent co-working spaces and smart working hubs, Workinco is situated over two floors in an old Roman villa. The environment is ideal for getting your work done but there’s also a communal kitchen, a large outdoor terrace, regular social lunches, open-air meetings and even yoga classes, concerts and art exhibitions to take part in. This is one of the top co-working spaces in Rome so if you’re staying in the trendy Trastevere or Monteverde district, it is absolutely ideal.


Part co-working space, part office, and part events venue, B-Side is a superb location to work and network in the heart of Prati. You can rent a space to work for an hour, a day, a week or a year, and since it’s situated in Prati you’re surrounded by other studios, offices, shops, hotels, bars and restaurants – making it the perfect home from home for any digital nomad. It’s also very well served by local public transport, and is just a stone’s throw from the Lepanto subway station, so you can easily get to B-Side from anywhere in the city.

Chiostro Del Bramante.

This beautiful cafe and bistro is the perfect place to get your head down and work in a lovely laid-back atmosphere. With spectacular views across the courtyard of the museum, Chiostro del Bramante has an excellent internet connection and serves breakfast and lunch as well as coffee and cold drinks throughout the day. The varied menu includes all the cafe classics that you would expect and what’s more, there’s table service so you won’t even have to get up to order your next cup of coffee. After you’ve finished your work, you can pop next door to the restaurant and bar area of the Chiostro del Bramante for a bite to eat and a glass of wine before you head home in the evening.

Pimm’s Good.

If you don’t mind a little background noise and chatter, Pimm’s Good offers free WiFi and serves a delicious breakfast and lunch each day. There’s also a fully stocked bar and coffee as well as an outdoor terrace which is ideal for a warm summer’s day. Perhaps not the best place if you need to get down to some serious work that requires 100% of your attention, but it’s a popular spot among Expats and digital nomads who are catching up on their emails or doing other less strenuous types of remote work. During the evening, the vibe really picks up so if you’re all done for the day you can let your hair down and join in the party.

Rome Is A Digital Nomad’s Dream City.

In recent years, Rome has embraced the digital nomad community and now there is a plethora of cafes, bars and dedicated co-working spaces that provide high-speed internet, coffee, drinks, snacks, and even full-blown meals. You can also attend networking events and even do yoga classes and much more at some of the city’s favorite co-working centers.

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