The Best Italian Leather Brands That Are Affordable

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Italy is widely considered to be one of the world’s leading producers of the highest quality leatherware and accessories. As a result, it should come as no surprise that some of the most prestigious leather brands were founded and based in Italy.

There are several ways to produce leather although Italian brands tend to use traditional techniques. Top quality Italian leather is known as ‘full-grain, vegetable tanned’ leather. This is a technique that produces extremely durable and soft leather which is ideal for use in jackets, purses, belts and shoes.

Full grain Italian leather maintains an unaltered grain structure and is made from the longest lasting parts of the animal’s hide. Unlike other lower quality leather, full grain leather has not been separated from the upper grains of the hide which makes it stronger, more flexible, robust and supple.

Consequently, Italian leather is highly sought after in a number of industries including fashion, footwear and accessory manufacturers. Italian leather craftsmen are expert artisans who have built upon generations of experience to ensure that their produce remains at the very top of the industry.

Look For The ‘Made In Italy’ Label.

When you’re buying leather in Italy, or elsewhere, you should always keep your eye out for the ‘Made in Italy’ label. This label guarantees that the product has been made in Italy using traditional techniques and therefore signifies a high quality item.

You should also look for the PDO, PGI or DOCG labels on leatherware. This means that the item has been made by local artisans or small companies in a specific location. This lets you know that you are supporting local businesses as well as getting a high quality product.

The Best Affordable Italian Leather Brands.

The following are the best Italian leather brands that are reasonably priced:


Dudubags is a family-run business that was established in the heart of Florence in 1992. It was Biagio Addario who mastered the art of leather manufacture and passed these skills and understanding to his two children, Enrica and Paolo, who went on to set up the Dudubags company. Today, the brother and sister duo have created a strong brand that boasts a huge variety of leather collections that combine the traditional refinement of Florentine fashion with up-to-date modern trends.

Dudubags are famous for their attention to detail and their superb design work. Collaborating with a wide range of artisans, Dudubags produce rucksacks, handbags, cross body bags, wallets, belts and other leather accessories. Dudubags have strict quality control in all aspects of the production process so you can be sure you’ll only find the very best quality products on offer.


Ganza Roma was founded in 2015 and produces a wonderful range of handbags, clutches, cross body bags and their popular ‘hobo bags’. All of Ganza’s leatherware is handmade under the prestigious ‘Made in Italy’ label which represents the very best quality, professionalism and creativity from design right through to manufacture and delivery. Ganza at this point seems to be focusing on leather goods for women only.

The company’s central production hub is in Rome although the company does have retailers throughout Italy and ships to customers worldwide. The company works closely with expert leatherware artisans in Tuscany with every step of the production process taking place in Italy. One of Ganza’s mission statements is to provide top quality leatherware at affordable prices so even if you have a tight budget you can find beautiful bags and leather accessories in their catalog.


Founded by Aldo Furlanetto in the late 1920s, Furla is one of Italy’s best-known leather brands. As the company approaches its 90th anniversary, it has built up an international reputation for superb craftsmanship, high quality leather and cutting-edge design work.

Furla has a good range of leather items on offer including shoes, bags and accessories. With a broad range of modern and traditional styles in its collections, Furla is one of the most elegant leatherware producers in Italy.

From its modest beginnings, Furla has grown to have a large global footprint, with a retail network that operates in 50 countries. The company has nearly 3000 stores as well as 35 stores in airports and railway stations. In 2015, Furla moved its main headquarters into the heart of the fashion district in Milan where it also established its flagship showroom.

Florence Leather Market.

The Florence Leather Market is an online store that sources handcrafted leather accessories, bags and clothing from the master artisans that have given the bricks-and-mortar Florence leather markets the sterling reputation that they deservedly enjoy.

There’s a great selection of items available on the Florence Leather Market platform including travel bags, messenger bags, clutches, wallets and belts. The online store has a lovely selection of styles and colors in all their collections which makes this a great site if you’re looking for a top quality item of Italian made leather. Every item is carefully selected to promote the excellence of the Italian leather industry and with so much variety under one roof, it’s a great place for browsing and online window shopping!

Chicca Borse.

As a relatively new player on the scene, Chicca Borse has been making waves with their delightful collection of leather bags and accessories for both men and women. Founded in 2008, Chicca Borse has worked with over 15,000 customers and operates through a variety of online sales channels.

The company specializes in wholesaling and has become the primary supplier for numerous retailers in Italy and beyond. All of their leather bags are extremely well made and are subjected to multiple layers of quality control checks before they are ready to go onto the shelves to be sold.

Chicca Borse has a wide range of products in its collections including bags for men and women, purses, clutches, handbags, document holders and briefcases. The products at Chicca Borse are surprisingly affordable and come in numerous styles and colors so you’re bound to find something that perfectly complements your outfit.

Alviero Martini.

Founded in 1991 in Milan, Alviero Martini is a brand that is best known for making luxury bags and accessories. Alviero Martini, the founder of the company, has had a remarkably diverse life which began by studying art before working as a window display designer. Later, he set up a theater company where he focused on costume design until later, he transferred his skills into the world of interior design and high fashion.

Inspired by an antique map that he found in a bookshop in Moscow, Alviero Martini created his unique line of leather handbags with their signature map logo. This was the beginning of his journey to the top of the Italian leather industry. Today, Alviero Martini produces high fashion leather handbags, purses, footwear and other accessories. His company also manufactures clothing collections for women, men and children.

The majority of his collections are based on his concept of urban travel and are all hand drawn and designed by his team of dedicated artisans. Alviero Martini combines the best of modern, cutting edge manufacturing with his sense of traditional craftsmanship to produce some of Italy’s finest leather items.

Patrizia Pepe.

Founded in Florence in 1993 by Patrizia Bambi, the company’s Creative Director, and Claudio Orrea, the Patrizia Pepe brand exploded onto the scene. The brand creates broad collections of clothing, shoes and leatherware, including bags, belts, hats and gloves.

The Patrizia Pepe brand seeks to provide women with a range of clothes and accessories that are extremely glamorous but practical enough for everyday use. This vision allows their customers to express their inner flair without sacrificing durability and value for money. Stylish, elegant, feminine and innovative, the Patrizia Pepe brand is never afraid to push the envelope.

Patrizia is famous for her creativity and she loves nothing more than to experiment with new designs. This has made her collections exciting and thrilling because you never quite know what you’ll find when you browse through the brand’s catalogs.

Italian Leather Brands Are Head And Shoulders Above The Competition.

Italians have been producing high-quality leather items for thousands of years and through the generations, they have mastered the artform in a way that few other nations have achieved. Italian leather is synonymous with quality, durability and cutting-edge elegance. Ideal for shoes, jackets, bags and accessories, everyone should have a few items of Italian leather in their wardrobe!

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