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Italy, the land of La Dolce Vita, fine wines and world famous cooking is also the birthplace of revolutionary figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, Marco Polo and Luciano Pavarotti. In fact, there’s so much to love and celebrate about this magical country on the Southern coast of Europe that it’s hard to know where to start! Italian themed gifts and products are a lovely way to show your love for the country or to surprise a friend or family member

Italian Themed Clothing And Accessories – The Perfect Gift.

Everybody loves Italy, even people who haven’t visited yet! This ancient country is steeped in centuries of unique history, culture and art and the people have a passionate flair for life that you won’t find anywhere else.

Italian themed clothes and accessories make a fantastic gift for any Italophile, Expat living in the country or somebody who has recently returned from a vacation and is already missing the Dolce Vita.

Italian inspired clothing and accessories not only appeal to fans of Italy but also to the large Italian American community in the United States. So if you know someone in the United States who has an Italian heritage then why not surprise them with a thoughtful Italian themed gift?

Of course, if you’re a big fan of Italy yourself then there’s no harm in spoiling yourself with a few Italian themed items, such as a stylish hoodie, a fun T-shirt, a ceramic coffee mug or a useful vacuum flask water bottle.

The Best Online Store For Italy Themed Clothing And Accessories.

With an ever growing list of items on this exciting new online store, Italy IRL has a great selection of Italy inspired clothing and accessories just waiting for you to discover. The Italy IRL store sells T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts as well as mugs, water bottles and stickers.

This makes it easy to celebrate Italy and all things Italian, whether you’re buying something for yourself or for a friend, family member or partner. All of the clothing and accessories are made to the very highest standards and shipped directly to your front door for a flat rate shipping fee.

What Italian Themed Products Does The Italy IRL Store Sell?

Italy IRL stocks a fantastic selection of high quality, carefully chosen clothing and accessories that reflect the very best of Italian life, culture and heritage.

There’s a huge variety of Italy inspired designs to choose from including historical references, Italy related quotes and puns, Valentine themes and LGBTQ pride related designs. Of course, the family plays a major role in Italian life and so there are also a number of mom and dad related designs that celebrate the strong familial bonds that Italians are renowned for.

Italy IRL has collated a lovely selection of high quality T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that have vivid, long-lasting and machine washable designs that celebrate the best of Italy. These items make an awesome keep-sake for your visit to Italy but are also a great gift for your friends, family or an Italian American living in the US.

The clothing on Italy IRL is all made on demand. This is an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach that reduces overproduction and helps to reduce the strain on the limited resources of the natural world.

T-shirts For Men And Women.

The Italy IRL online store sells T-shirts for men and women. All of the T-shirts are 100% combed and ring spun, soft and lightweight. The T-shirts are made using pre-shrunk material so they won’t shrink when you put them in the washing machine for the first time.

The stitching on the T-shirts is tight and strong so they are guaranteed to last a long time without fraying at the seams. The T-shirts come in a range of elegant colors which perfectly complement the design work on the front.

The men’s T-shirts have numerous designs to select from which include quotes, graphics, location-based designs, puns on famous movie titles and LGBTQ related themes. Some of the stand-out designs include, but are not limited to, puns such as ‘Sleepless in Siena’, ‘Dial M for Milan’ and ‘Last Tango in Positano’. You can also browse location inspired designs such as Lake Como and the Amalfi coast as well as rainbow T-shirts with quotes such as ‘L’amore e amore’, meaning ‘love is love’.

The women’s T-shirts are slightly fitted so they are not baggy and accentuate the female form. The designs are fun, playful and vivid and include an Italian flag in the shape of lips and quotes such as ‘Buongiorno’, ‘I Love Italy’ and ‘Made in Italy’.

Hoodies For Men And Women.

Italy IRL’s hoodies are 65% ring spun with a 100% cotton face and matching flat drawstrings. These classic items of streetwear incorporate great designs that include Italian flags, Italy themed quotes and unique graphics.

The men’s hoodies include a black ‘Made in Italy’ design as well as quotes such as ‘Milan Confidential’ and ‘Escape from Naples’ – both plays on classic movies with similar titles. There is also an elegant gray-blue colored hoodie with the image of the famous Milan Cathedral on the front. The best women’s hoodie designs include a beautiful butterfly graphic with ‘Sognatore’, meaning ‘dreamer’, written below.

Sweatshirts For Men And Women.

The sweatshirts on Italy IRL all have a 100% cotton face with tightly knit 3-end fleece. The sweatshirts are made using side stitched construction and a strong double-knit stitched rib color, cuffs and hem, making them long-lasting, tough and ideal for daily wear and tear.

The men’s sweatshirt designs include a bold ‘Made in Italy’ graphic, an image of the island of Sicily and a classic white ‘Italia’ design. In the women’s sweatshirt category, you can find a lovely white ‘Live IT Love IT’ and a heather green ‘La Dolce Vita’ design.

Italy Inspired Coffee Mugs.

There’s no better way to reminisce on your time in Italy than over a cup of coffee in the morning, and so every Italophile should have a cupboard full of Italy themed coffee mugs on hand! Not only are these mugs a great conversation starter but they are beautifully made and guaranteed to help get your day off to a good start.

With bright, glossy printed designs, the ceramic mugs in the Italy IRL store are made to withstand both the dishwasher and the microwave. This means you can heat up your drink in the microwave and put your mug in the dishwasher once you’ve finished your tea or coffee.

All of the mugs are 15 oz, the ideal size for a full cup of coffee, and are made to order especially for you. This means that it can take a little longer for your order to arrive but it’s a more environmentally friendly and sustainable approach, something which Italy IRL is firmly committed to.

Each design has been selected to reflect the finest aspects of Italy, both traditional and modern. There’s an amazing array of mugs to choose from so you’re bound to find something that perfectly suits your tastes and temperament. From mugs that celebrate Italy’s legendary cities, such as Florence and Piedmont, to LGBTQ themed designs, from mugs honoring Italy’s natural beauty to family themed designs, Italy IRL’s selection of Italy inspired mugs is second to none!

Italy Pride Stickers.

The perfect way to decorate your laptop and other electronic devices, these Italian-themed stickers are highly durable and made to last. With dozens of bright patterns that range from edgy Italian-inspired comedy quotes to classic, stylish designs, browsing through the massive selection of Italy IRL stickers is guaranteed to turn up some great results! The stickers come in three sizes and are very inexpensive but make a big impact.

Italy Themed Water Bottles.

These high grade stainless steel, 17 oz (500ml) vacuum flask bowling pin-shaped water bottles are sturdy and durable. These water bottles can keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours and have great Italy-themed designs on the stylish silver exteriors. It is, however, recommended that you hand wash these water bottles and avoid using the dishwasher which can sometimes fade the graphics over time.

Ideal for day trips and regular daily use, the Italy IRL water bottles are a must-have for any Italophile or Italian American living in the USA. There’s a nice range of designs that include ‘I Love Italy’, ‘La Dolce Vita’ and Italian flag graphics, among others, to choose from.

Italy IRL Online Store Is Completely Safe And Secure.

With the best sales and payment platform in the industry, Italy IRL ensures that all your personal information and details are kept safe and secure during any transaction. By using WooCommerce, one of the most widely used and trusted payment gateways on the internet, Italy IRL is able to run a seamless service that delivers your orders right to your door.

WooCommerce is a highly secure payment platform that performs regular security scans to ensure that no malware impacts the smooth transaction of sales. The platform also has a built-in firewall which guarantees that hackers can never access your information. This means that buyers can shop on Italy IRL with confidence in the knowledge that their personal information and data is 100% safe and secure.

WooCommerce has an excellent, full-time support team who can assist you if you are having any problems making a payment. WooCommerce has a fantastic, well-earned reputation and is arguably the best payment gateway service on the internet.

Flat Rate Worldwide Shipping.

No matter where you live in the world, you can order clothing and accessories from the Italy IRL store and have your items shipped to you at a flat rate, regardless of whether the product is shipped from the United States or Europe.

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