The Best Luxury Real Estate Agencies In Italy

Luxury Apartments In Italy

Italy has some of the most beautiful real estate on the planet and so it’s the perfect place to find the property of your dreams. Luxury, fine living and spectacular scenery are all part of the classic Dolce Vita, and nowhere excels in this better than Italy.

Italy has a hugely varied heritage that includes many distinctive architectural styles that have evolved through the centuries. From ultra-chic city center penthouse apartments to classical villas, from beachfront estates surrounded by golf courses to palatial rural retreats with olive groves and vineyards, the real estate market in Italy has more than its fair share of luxury properties on offer.

Compared to other parts of the Western world, the prices for the most opulent properties in Italy are relatively low. Even so, you should still expect to see plenty of 7 and 8 figure price tags on the more desirable properties on the market.

Benefits Of Investing In Luxury Property In Italy.

Owning a luxury property in Italy is not something most people can do including me. You have to factor in not only the cost of buying the property, but also the cost of ownership (maintenance, fees, taxes etc.). It is like owning a boat or a plane. The following are some of the advantages Italy has when it comes to luxury properties:

  • Italian real estate is excellent value for money and much cheaper than other Western European countries.
  • There’s an amazing variety of luxury properties available in Italy.
  • Italy has a very low capital gains tax.
  • Italy has gone through numerous distinct architectural styles and consequently, you can find some truly unique luxury properties for sale.
  • The real estate market is stable and a secure place to invest your money.
  • The quality of life is excellent in Italy.
  • The Italian climate is extremely pleasant all through the year.
  • The cultural heritage of Italy means that you’ll never run out of new galleries and museums to visit.
  • Italians are friendly and welcoming so you’ll quickly feel at home.

The Best Luxury Real Estate Agencies In Italy.

Almost all the major luxury real estate agencies in the world have offices in Italy.

Romolini Immobiliare.

Romolini Immobiliare is a luxury real estate agency based in Tuscany. They list luxury properties all across Italy. The company was founded in 2004 and in 2008 became an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. They have a good website but what I like most about them is their YouTube channel. They have fantastic property tours in their YouTube channel. You can sit comfortably in your sofa, watch the property tour and then contact them if you are interested.

With tireless dedication, the founders, Riccardo and Marta soon built up a fantastic reputation for delivering beyond expectations for every client they work with. The husband-wife duo has always specialized in one-off historical properties and can also assist with renovation projects to bring ancient buildings up to modern standards, installing new kitchen facilities, bathrooms and other exclusive facilities.

Romolini is a classic success story that is built on its excellent service and broad knowledge of the Italian housing market. The team creates personalized search strategies for buyers, and for sellers they produce bespoke brochures and organize photo shoots of the property for you.

Christie’s International Real Estate.

As one of the world’s premier luxury real estate brands, Christie’s exclusively sells properties that are priced around $1,000,000 and above. They have an astounding range of superb properties on offer throughout Italy which range from country villas to modern city center penthouses.

Christie’s was founded in London as an auction house almost 250 years ago and has gone on to build one of the most prestigious brands in real estate. With extensive networks in Italy, Christie’s are able to offer the very finest properties that are currently on the market.

Run by experienced experts in real estate, Christie’s International Real Estate connects buyers with sellers, helps with negotiations and manages the paperwork so you can relax and wait for the sale to go through. The company always works with discretion while providing you with detailed market analysis so you can buy or sell a luxury property with peace of mind, knowing that it’s in the hands of trusted advisors.

Lionard Luxury Real Estate.

Lionard was founded in Florence in 2008. It currently has offices in Milan, Rome and Naples as well. As one of the biggest names in Italian luxury real estate, Lionard manages some of the most exclusive property sales in the country. They have a constant supply of new villas, apartments, castles and estates in their portfolio which never cease to amaze.

With almost 3000 properties in their current portfolio, valued at around 15 Billion Euros, this well-established estate agent has one of the best selections of luxury properties in Italy. The average property in Lionard’s portfolio is valued at just under 5 Million Euros although there are properties in every price range.

Lionard works throughout the entire country and has specially designed services for Expats and foreign investors to streamline sales and take the headache out of quickly closing the deal. Lionard has properties for sale in all of Italy’s most prestigious locations including Rome, Florence, Siena, Milan, Lucca, Venice and Forte dei Marmi, to name just a few. All the properties in the Lionard portfolio are hand-picked by their dedicated team who search out the finest offerings on the market each year.

Lionard has an impressive client list and is always available for you to reach out to register your interest in a luxury property in Italy. Lionard guarantees you complete confidentiality in your dealings and is always discrete when making inquiries on your behalf.

Lionard also has a fantastic YouTube channel that showcases some of the most spectacular properties in their portfolio. You will certainly be inspired by some of the gorgeous villas, mansions and dreamy sea-front properties! The Lionard YouTube channel is a great addition to their brick-and-mortar services and is bound to give you some ideas about the types of property that are available in the Italian luxury property market.

San Niccolo Luxury Real Estate.

San Niccolo was founded in the 1990s in the Florentine district of the same name and has grown to be an important player in Italian luxury real estate. This boutique firm is a leader in the Tuscan property market, with a head office in Florence, but they operate throughout Italy with properties for sale in Rome, Venice, Naples, Rome, Milan, Sardinia, the Versilia Riviera and the Amalfi coast.

As San Niccolo has evolved it has shifted its focus to working more with foreign buyers and investors and by using its own long-standing local networks they are able to source some of the most amazing properties on the market. They specialize in investment and leasehold property contracts although they can also arrange sales for individual clients. San Niccolo has an excellent reputation that precedes them and a list of satisfied clients.

San Niccolo has also developed a bespoke advisory service that is designed to help you to analyze the market and find the ideal real estate; incorporating unique, historical assets and other features that make a property stand out. San Niccolo has a great range of properties available to view including villas, estates, castles, wineries, apartments and farmhouses.

The company collaborates with some of the top professionals in the notarial and legal fields so you can be sure that there’ll no unexpected problems in the sale. San Niccolo can also act as your representative in any upcoming investment projects that you have planned.

Casa & Country.

Casa & Country operates in the regions of Umbria, Tuscany and Sardinia and has an excellent portfolio of luxury properties that includes stately town houses, sprawling coastal villas, rural castles, farmhouses and beautifully frescoed apartments. However, they also specialize in managing the sales of agricultural estates, vineyards, hotels and unique restoration projects.

Casa & Country has head offices in London and Florence and primarily caters to international and Expat buyers. The prestigious company pride themselves on delivering a carefully crafted service to all its clients and has a team of advisors that are fluent in English, French, Russian and Italian.

The company has a transparent fee structure that guarantees proactive service to ensure that you are able to promptly buy or sell the property in question. Unlike some of the larger estate agencies in the luxury property market, Casa & Country is a small, independently run company; and because its success is reliant on the excellent reviews of past clients you can be sure that their team will always go the extra mile for you.

If you’re a buyer, Casa & Country will dedicate themselves to finding a property that perfectly suits your requirements while striving to locate unique offers with unusual features and amenities. As a seller, you can expect the team to create a detailed marketing strategy and a fair valuation of the property before it goes on sale.

Find Your Perfect Luxury Property In Italy.

If you’re looking for a dream property then you should certainly consider starting your search in Italy! From enchanting castles to ultra chic beach front villas, the variety of luxury properties for sale in Italy is truly astounding.

The Italian property market is very stable and continues to grow on a gradual upward trend. This makes investing in a luxury property safe and, potentially, very profitable.

However, it’s vital that you work with a trusted estate agent to help you find the ideal property. This is because they can manage the negotiations and paperwork on your behalf and with their large networks of professional contacts they can source properties that you might not otherwise have heard of.

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