The Best Luxury Villas For Rent In Florence

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Renting a beautiful Tuscan villa in or around Florence is one of the best ways to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing vacation of a lifetime in Italy. Each Florentine villa is unique and steeped in its own fascinating history so there really is something for every taste and budget.

Choosing to rent your own villa will give you and your group or family privacy, luxury and the freedom to set your own itinerary. While you’re staying in a Florentine villa you can truly experience the fantastic Tuscan landscapes, the cultural highlights of the city and, of course, the charmingly laid back lifestyle of the Dolce Vita in your very own slice of heaven.

Considerations When Choosing A Florentine Villa.

Spending a vacation or celebrating a special event in a Florentine villa is a once in a lifetime opportunity but there are a few things that you need to decide before you book to ensure that your stay goes smoothly and exceeds your expectations!

What’s Your Group Size?

The first thing you need to confirm is the size of the group that will be staying in the villa. Try to confirm the group size as early as possible during your planning process so that you can quickly narrow down your search to appropriate properties.

This way you can ensure that you’ll have enough beds and be able to properly enjoy the facilities that are available. This is especially important when planning a larger event such as a wedding at which you might have dozens of guests in attendance.

Do Any Guests Have Special Needs?

If some of the members of your group have special needs and might struggle to get up and down stairs then you need to call ahead to ask if this can be accommodated. Downstairs bedrooms and easy access to the property are essential if group members use wheelchairs or have trouble making it up steps.

It’s always worth asking villa managers about this, even if it’s not mentioned on their website, because they can usually facilitate the needs of guests by using temporary ramps and other facilities to help you out.

What’s Your Budget?

One of the most important factors to keep in mind is your budget. There are, fortunately, a wide range of villas at prices that suit every budget. Don’t forget that if you’re sharing the costs of the villa rental even a fairly high price can be quickly broken down to a very reasonable price per person. In fact, if you’re paying for the villa as a group it can work out to be much cheaper per person than a 5 Star hotel!

This is particularly true if the price includes free breakfasts, on-site maids and chefs as well as access to private facilities such as swimming pools and tennis courts! Nonetheless, a quick calculation on the back of an envelope will immediately tell you which villas are within your price range.

The Best Luxury Florentine Villas To Rent.

The following are the best villas to rent in the beautiful city of Florence. These properties are listed on VRBO and/or Airbnb.

The Villa Merlo.

Located near to the center of Florence, the 7500 square feet Villa Merlo is just a few km from the bustling cultural hub of Tuscany while still offering the tranquility of a quiet suburban neighborhood without the constant hum of traffic and crowds.

Surrounded by a large private park with cypresses, fruit trees, olive trees and stunning terracotta pots of flowers; the Villa Merlo boasts its own pool, wood burning oven, outdoor kitchen, barbecue, outdoor seating and sunbeds.

One of the most unique features of the villa is the labyrinth garden maze which is fun for adults and children to explore! Traditionally, Italian garden mazes were believed to inspire creativity and intuition but they were also used for meditative purposes because they can be seen as a metaphor for the journey of life.

The Merlo Villa can accommodate up to 24 people in 12 separate rooms, each with its own bathroom. This makes it ideal for medium sized groups who are visiting Tuscany for a vacation or events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. All the rooms have air conditioning and are furnished with antique Tuscan furniture and luxurious linens on the beds.

There are also caretakers who live on site so if there are any emergencies or you need a hand you can always ask for some help or advice. The property has been recently renovated to give it an up to date luxury finish which perfectly compliments the old world feel of the ancient building. The Merlo Villa has two lounges, terraces that overlook the garden and the panoramic views, a dining room, fireplaces and two kitchens for the guests.

A daily continental breakfast is included in the price which is served between 8.30 and 10.30 each morning in the dining room. You can also arrange to have lunch and dinner in the villa for an extra fee on request. The villa has high speed Wi-Fi in all the rooms.

The Estate Of Petroio.

Located in a gorgeous 900 acre estate, this stunning 12th Century villa is just a short drive from central Florence. The villa perfectly preserves the elegance of the 12th Century architecture with all the modern conveniences and comforts of the luxury lifestyle tastefully added over the years. There is an on site maid to take care of domestic chores and all the rooms have air conditioning and high speed Wi-Fi.

The villa is the main centerpiece of the estate that grows vineyards and olive trees. The beautifully furnished property has a huge open plan living and dining room with an ancient fireplace and windows with panoramic views of the breathtaking rural scenery. The villa hosts up to 40 people which makes it ideal for medium to large groups.

The villa’s private gardens have two swimming pools, an AstroTurf tennis court, a soccer pitch and easy access to the unspoilt Tuscan countryside and the city of Florence. There are plenty of hiking trails through the hills and vineyards where you can enjoy the tranquility of some of Tuscany’s most iconic scenery.

If you want to stay fit while you’re relaxing in your Florentine villa there’s also a fully equipped fitness center with a Spa and massage area as well as an infrared sauna and hydro led shower. In the garden there’s also a jacuzzi where you can sip a glass of wine as the sun goes down over the vineyards around you.

The Estate of Petroio is the perfect location for holding special events and the private on-site kitchen staff can cater for up to 40 people during the celebrations. Starting in 2023, the estate is also going to be setting up an on-site bar with bar staff which can be booked for several hours during your dinners.

The Villa Medicea.

This luxury 7 room villa is located on a beautiful hillside and has stunning views of Florence and the Brunelleschi Cupola. During the 15th Century the villa was bought by the legendary Medici family and upgraded to meet their extremely high standards! Despite its grandeur, the villa is tucked away in lovely park land so you’ll have the tranquility and privacy to forget all the worries of the world.

The Villa Medicea has a spacious terrace where you can have your dinner under the canopy of the stars and with waiters and cooking staff on hand you’re guaranteed a real 5 Star experience. The villa is perfect for weddings and other events and can host up to 120 guests for the meals and celebrations with a maximum of 25 guests staying in the villa itself.

Each of the 7 rooms is an exclusive suite and can comfortably host 14 guests but because they are so large extra beds can be added for children to fit up to 25 people in total! There is no private kitchen for the guests in the villa because all the catering is done by the on-site staff. Weddings can be arranged to take place in the villa’s gardens or inside a nearby chapel which can host up to 30 people for the ceremony.

Dante’s Manor.

This amazing secluded villa is one of the most beautiful properties in all of Florence and is often included in guidebooks on the city! The villa was also an inspiration for the famous Italian writer Dante following his exile from Florence in 1302. In fact, the villa was the original home to the family of Beatrice Portinari, on whom the character ‘Beatrice’ is based in Dante’s masterpiece, The Divine Comedy.

Despite being steeped in history, Dante’s Manor has been upgraded and contains all the modern conveniences including WiFi, wide screen TVs, a fully equipped kitchen and 5 bedrooms and bathrooms. The villa is decorated with original frescoes, stylish fittings and antique furniture throughout the property.

The 3 storied villa is situated in traditional Tuscan gardens and is just 5 minutes drive from central Florence and 10 minutes drive from the Duomo. The villa has stunning views across the city from its front windows on each of the floors which means you can enjoy the scenery while you’re having a leisurely breakfast before a day of exploring the city below.

The 1 hectare garden is designed in a traditional Italian style and contains a newly fitted swimming pool. There is also a laundry room in the neighboring staff quarters which guests can use at any time. The staff are also always on hand to help you make arrangements for sight seeing or onward travel.

Central Florentine Capital Property Near The Ponte Vecchio.

If you want to stay right in the heart of Florence so that all the cultural highlights are on your doorstep but still want to enjoy the luxury villa lifestyle then this city center apartment is ideal for you! This authentic Florentine property has 4 bedrooms that can sleep up to 8 guests. There are 4 bathrooms which means you’ll never have to wait your turn in the morning while you’re getting ready!

During the evenings you can relax on the property’s balcony and watch the bustle of life on the streets below the sweeping city vistas! All the city’s major monuments, galleries and tourist attractions are just a short walk from your front door which means for visitors to the city this luxury property is the perfect option. Outside the Capital property you’ll find Borgo San Jacopo, a Michelin Starred restaurant, the Galleria dell Accademia which is home to Michelangelo’s statue of David and just across the River Arno you’ll find the Santo Spirito.

Within the spacious apartment you can appreciate the authentic frescoes, designer furniture and ancient features which are seamlessly merged with modern upgrades, wide screen TVs and a state of the art kitchen.

The Capital luxury apartment is a great match for families, couples or small groups who want to enjoy the exclusive property while still being able to easily explore the incredible Florentine attractions throughout the city.

The Perfect Way To Experience The Dolce Vita.

The most luxurious and enjoyable way to spend time in Florence is to rent a villa for your stay. There’s a great selection of villas that come in all shapes and sizes and even though some of the prices can seem a little steep at first glance if you’re dividing the costs between your group the cost per person is actually very reasonable!

Naturally, while you’re staying in a Florentine villa you’ll want to explore the city and the surrounding countryside but you’ll always be able to go back to your beautiful villa to relax in the lap of luxury. Villas are an ideal choice for weddings, anniversary parties and other special life events, however even for a holiday they’re bound to make it an experience you’ll never forget.

So next time you’re looking for a place to stay near Florence why not book a villa and set yourself up for an unforgettable Tuscan experience?

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