The Best Moving Companies For Relocation To Italy

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Moving to Italy is likely to be one of the most exciting moments in your life that will leave you with fantastic memories and wonderful experiences in one of the most beautiful countries of all! However, getting your belongings to your new home can be very tricky without the help of a trusted and reliable moving company.

There’s a huge plethora of moving companies that you can choose from but out of all the possible options we’ve narrowed it down to the best 5 for getting your cargo from the United States to Italy smoothly and without any problems.

The following are some of the best moving companies that you should consider:

United Van Lines.

United Van Lines is an American company and was founded almost 93 years ago. It is a billion dollar company. For United Van Lines getting your personal belongings safely to your new home is just the tip of the iceberg of services that they can provide you with! Not only do they ship your items to your new country and home but they also assist you with everything from finding a new school for your kids, put you in contact with local estate agents and even provide you with a tour guide and translator!

Pros Of United Van Lines.

  • Personal move coordinator if you select the full service package.
  • Incredible range of add-on services.
  • Car shipping services.
  • Excellent worldwide coverage including Italy and the European Union.
  • A good range of insurance options for their customers.
  • Moving services for the military.

Cons of United Van Lines.

  • Not the most economical.
  • Not the best choice for a smaller moves (keep in mind that moving to Italy from the US is rarely a small move).

Optional/Add-On Services Provided by United Van Lines.

Some of the key optional and add-on services provided by United are: Full and basic insurance cover. Packing and unpacking services including furniture disassembly and reassembly. Shipping car to new home. Trip planning in your new destination. real estate services and property management.

When it comes to additional services United Van Lines are head and shoulders above the competition! If you’re worried about relocating to Italy and you want a whole range of support services to make your move as easy and smooth as possible then this is the ideal company for you to hire.

You can contact United Van Lines to request a quote and find out about the type of personally tailored services they can offer you to suit your exact requirements. You can contact them by phone, on their website or even arrange to meet up with a company representative in person to discuss your move and how they can help you.

Allied Van Lines.

Allied Van Lines is also a large American moving company. In 2020 Allied was recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s best customer service providers. Allied Worldwide is generally considered to be the largest relocation company in the world. This well organized company has excellent customer service and a track record of decades of success in the international moving industry. Allied Van Lines are among the best shipping companies in American and can handle every aspect of your move from helping with the packing, providing you with comprehensive insurance and managing the transport of your cargo. With highly professional staff and an excellent range of services which when taken together make their services hard to beat.

Pros of Allied Van Lines.

  • Top Quality Service.
  • Helpful Website With Sophisticated Tracking Tools.
  • Serve over 130 countries worldwide, including Italy and the European Union.
  • Can ship any cargo, including your car.

Cons of Allied Van Lines.

  • The services can be quite expensive.

Optional/Add-On Services Provided by Allied Van Lines.

The optional services provided by Allied is almost the same as those provided by United Van Lines. Allied offers less add-on services compared to United. Some of the key optional and add-on services provided by Allied are: Full and basic insurance cover. Packing and unpacking services including furniture disassembly and reassembly. Shipping car to new home. Kitchen appliances disconnected and connected on arrival and online cargo tracking services.

Before you make any fixed arrangements you can get a free quote from Allied Van Lines. You can either use the calculator on the website, call the company to speak to one of their customer service representatives or request to get an in-house estimate done.

North American Van Lines.

North American Van Lines is a part of Allied Worldwide. It was also one part of PepsiCo and Norfolk Southern (one of America’s largest freight railroad company). If you’re worried about the safety and security of your belongings as they are being shipped internationally then North American Van Lines is a great company to hire for your move. The company takes extra care when they are packing your items for you and even if the worst happens on route then they have a superb range of flexible insurance programs.

Pros of North American Van Lines.

  • A good selection of add-on services.
  • Excellent insurance options.
  • Friendly staff who treat your items with care.

Cons of North American Van Lines.

  • Their website is very basic and does not provide a lot of information.
  • Getting a quote online is not easy. You have to call customer service or an agent to get an accurate quote.

Optional/Add-On Services Provided by Allied Van Lines.

The optional and add-on services provided by North American is almost the same as those provided by Allied Van Lines. Some of the key optional and add-on services provided by North American are: Full and basic insurance cover. Packing and unpacking services including furniture disassembly and reassembly. Shipping car to new home. Kitchen appliances disconnected and connected on arrival and online cargo tracking services.

North American Van Lines is a great all round company that prides itself on taking the very best care of your things in transit. They pack all your items carefully and ensure that it gets to your destination safely. Once you arrive in your new home they also offer a good range of relocation services that you can take advantage of if you need a hand settling into your new home.

You can contact North American Van Lines through their website, by phone or request a home visit to get an accurate quote for your move.

International Van Lines.

International Van Lines is a fairly new company and was founded only in 2000. Forbes Home considers International Van Lines as the one of the Best Overall Moving Companies. This is an ideal choice if you’re planning to move to Italy but want to keep the costs down; and although you won’t get the full scope of services offered by some of the other companies, the price might justify the choice for your international relocation.

Prices can quickly spiral when you’re arranging your international shipping so if you don’t mind a no frills option then International Van Lines is an excellent option to consider.

Pros of International Van Lines.

  • Plenty of basic service options available.
  • Cheaper prices than the competition (this company is a lot smaller than the others).
  • Years of experience and satisfied customers.

Cons of International Van Lines.

  • No online tracking is available.
  • No relocation planning services are available (few optional and add-on services).

The services International Van Lines provide are solid and reliable. You can get a quote from the company on their website, over the phone or by arranging a home visit with one of the company representatives. Undoubtedly one of the go to options for people who want to move their things to Italy on a budget and the company’s blog is also a wealth of free information for their customers.


UPakWeShip specializes in small shipments of goods both local and international. Unlike the other major movers mentioned above, UPakWeShip typically does not have any minimum charges.

UPakWeShip has an interesting business model where they deliver the moving container to your door and once it’s packed they take it away for you. They offer a wide selection of shipping containers that range from a 50 Square Foot cardboard crate right up to a full sized metal cargo shipping container.

The services are fairly simple and you won’t get any help packing your items however the prices are kept down by stripping their business model down to the essentials.

UPakWeShip delivers their shipping containers to hundreds of locations around the world, including Italy, and are a great choice regardless of whether you’re just moving a few things or your entire household!

Pros of UPakWeShip.

  • Perfect for smaller scale international moves.
  • They offer a wide range of container sizes for your shipping. They even ship pallets!
  • No hidden fees and no minimum fees.
  • You do not have to pay cash up front.
  • Slightly cheaper than full moving service.
  • Great storage options available.

Cons of UPakWeShip.

  • No air freight.
  • No extra services – such as furniture disassembly.
  • No packing services.

Optional/Add-On Services Provided by UPakWeShip.

UPakWeShip does not provide a lot of optional and add-on services like the others. The following are some of their services: Basic and full valuation coverage, loading and unloading services and storage facilities.

You can order an extra loading and unloading service with the company if the crates are too heavy for you to move around yourself. Remember if you do choose to use UPakWeShip that they only offer sea freight moving services and although this is far slower than air freight the prices are much lower.

When you order your shipping containers from the company you have the option of doing a ‘live load’, when the driver will wait outside while you pack the container. Alternatively, you can do a ‘drop and back’ service, in which case you have between 24 and 48 hours to pack your container and then the driver will come and pick it up for you.

You can also keep your container in storage with UPakWeShip for anything from a few days to several months which can be very useful while you are moving to a new country and sorting out things in your new place.

Choosing The Right Shipping Company Is Important.

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure and can be the beginning of a wonderful chapter in your life, however if you choose the wrong shipping company that doesn’t provide the types of services that you need then it can really get off to a bad start!

When you are selecting a shipping company to hire to move your items to your new home make sure to get an estimate before you sign any contracts; and check with their representatives if you need any extra add-on services, such as relocation planning, help with finding a house or even a school for your children.

Alternatively, if you have already made all the necessary arrangements in your new country then you can save on the cost of the move by hiring a no frills company that will just deliver your items without any additional support once you arrive.

Always check customer reviews for the company you plan to use for your move and don’t be afraid to ask detailed questions about the services they offer, the time it will take for your items to arrive and, if you want it, whether you can track your cargo online as it makes its way to your new home.

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