The Best Small Towns Near Rome For Relocation

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Rome, the Eternal City, is a bustling metropolis that is home to some of the finest art, historical monuments, galleries and shopping districts in the whole of Western Europe. A hugely popular destination for tourists and relocating Expats alike, Rome is a great place to visit.

However, property prices in Rome can be very expensive, the city is always busy and often overcrowded with tourists, especially in the summer high season. That’s why for many Expats it’s far more appealing to live in one of the beautiful nearby towns.

Although many people don’t realize it, the region that surrounds Rome is full of wonderful towns and villages that you can also relocate to. There’s a good deal of diversity in the towns that litter the countryside of Lazio and Tuscia where you can live a far more authentic life while still being able to easily travel to Rome using the extensive network of low cost public transport.

Why Live In A Small Town Near Rome?

There are many reasons why Expats, and many Italian locals, choose to live in one of the towns outside of Rome instead of in the city itself.

  • Property prices are far cheaper in the rural towns.
  • There’s a strong sense of community in smaller towns which makes it easier to fit in and make new friends.
  • You can experience a more traditional Italian lifestyle.
  • Friendly locals will welcome you to the town.
  • It’s easy to commute to Rome for work or to visit for the weekend by using buses, trains or your own car.
  • Every town is unique so you have plenty of places to choose from.
  • The small towns are treasure troves of art, culture and regional traditions that you can’t always find in the major cities like Rome.
  • The cost of groceries and other daily expenses are much lower than in the large cities.
  • Living in a small town outside of Rome is much more relaxed with a slower pace of life.
  • You have better access to the outdoors and areas of natural beauty.
  • Life in a rural setting is healthier with less pollution, more fresh air and less day to day stress.
  • Crime rates outside of the cities are much lower which makes it a safer place to bring up a young family.

The Best Small Towns Near To Rome To Relocate As An Expat.

The following are some of the best small towns near Rome that you can relocate to:


Located just 30 km from central Rome, the town of Bracciano overlooks a picturesque volcanic lake by the same name. The quaint town is famous for the well preserved Medieval Orsini-Odescalchi Castle, which you can visit to see the beautifully decorated rooms and exquisite artwork that lines its walls.

For the more adventurous, you can go kayaking on the lake during the spring and summer months or explore the numerous hiking trails that take you around its shoreline. There are also many local restaurants, nearby beach resorts and free public beaches for day trips while you’re living there.

Bracciano is the perfect town for Expat families who want easy access to Rome while still living in a rural idyll. The tiny, cobblestone streets and piazzas of Bracciano’s historic center have a great atmosphere that feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale!

Property prices in Bracciano are very competitive with a 3 bedroom apartment costing between 50,000 and 150,000 Euros, depending on its interior design and the size of its rooms. This makes property prices excellent value for money compared to the city of Rome.

Bracciano is well known for its local specialities which include Porcini mushrooms, freshwater fish from the lake and their own regional homemade pasta dishes.


Only 70 km to the East of Rome, Subiaco is perched in the stunning Lazio mountains. The town is home to some of Italy’s best kept architectural secrets including the amazing Monastery of San Benedetto.

The surrounding countryside is absolutely breathtaking with plenty of great hiking trails and the famous Sacro Speco cave which was a major pilgrimage site for Catholic devotees. It was in this cave that San Benedetto went to meditate and founded the tradition of Western Monasticism in the 6th Century. Following the revelations of San Benedetto, the monastery was built around the cave in the Romanesque style with later Renaissance frescoes that cover many of its walls.

Property prices in Subiaco vary quite considerably within the town. You can buy a reasonably sized 4 bedroomed 2 storey apartment in the historic center for as little as 55,000 Euros while a larger, more rustic, semi detached property will cost around 150,000 Euros.

Although Subiaco does attract some tourists, you’ll never feel swamped by visitors while still being close to Rome. The wonderful isolated peaks that surround the town and the steep surrounding valleys make Subiaco an ideal option for Expats looking for the best of town and city.


Just under 100 km to the North West of Rome, Tolfa is roughly halfway between Lake Bracciano and the coast of Civitavecchia. This means that it’s ideally situated for Expats who want to take trips to the seaside, Lake Bracciano as well as Rome and other parts of Tuscia.

The village of Tolfa has a real old world feel and is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Rome. Surrounded by lush green valleys and spectacular scenery, Tolfa is a nature lover’s paradise.

The town is also famous for its annual Tolfarte Festival which takes place in August and attracts visitors from far and wide. There are several great local arts and crafts shops on the main high street of Tolfa as well as nice family run restaurants where you can taste the local delicacies and cuisine for a very reasonable price.

Property prices in Tolfa are fairly average for the region; with a lovely traditional terraced house starting at around 190,000 Euros although you can find some real bargains at lower prices. For instance, a small 2 roomed apartment can be purchased for as little as 50,000 Euros.

Tolfa is off the beaten path for most tourists so you can really experience the best of rural Italy while still being close enough to the beach and Rome to give you plenty of options for your day trips. Due to the town’s altitude, temperatures tend to be about 5 degrees cooler than in the valleys but this can be a real blessing during the summer when other parts of the region can get uncomfortably hot.


Nicknamed the ‘City of Popes’, Viterbo is located 1 hour 30 minutes North of Rome by train. During the 13th Century the popes made this stunning town their home and it quickly became a thriving hub of culture and commerce. Viterbo has one of the best preserved medieval historic centers which is made up of lovely alleys, palaces, fountains and ancient churches.

Viterbo is the perfect town to explore the surrounding region; however, you can also live happily spending most of your time there. Within the town’s medieval walls, you can enjoy fine dining restaurants, cafes, historical sites; all of which is only a short drive from Rome.

Property prices are surprisingly low in Viterbo with apartments starting at just 40,000 Euros and ranging right up to 200,000 Euros. You can also purchase a beautiful villa for around 350,000 Euros in Viterbo.

The town is often overlooked by relocating Expats although you can really create a wonderful life for yourself amongst the gorgeous rural surroundings.

Soriano Nel Cimino.

This impressive hilltop town is located on the steep slopes of Mount Cimino and is over 2000 years old! At just over 1 hour’s drive North of Rome, Soriano nel Cimino was an Eutruscan settlement before their Empire was conquered by Rome; although it remained an important center of trade and culture.

Some of the town’s highlights include an ancient beech wood forest which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the stunning Orsini Castle and, of course, the Chestnut Festival which takes place each year in October. The town is surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Lazio and is a popular location for holidaying local Italians.

Property prices in the town for a 3 roomed apartment start from around 60,000 Euros and range up to around 200,000 Euros for a spacious 4 roomed detached house.

In recent decades the town has become more popular among Expats although the town is primarily inhabited by local Italians. Even so, as an Expat you’ll find the locals are friendly and welcoming! There are plenty of great restaurants to visit as well as cafes and a good selection of reasonably priced stores; all of which have amazing views of the surrounding mountainous landscape.


Located in the very heart of the beautiful Ciociaria countryside, Anagni is just over 70 km to the South West of Rome. Getting to the town is easy and takes about 1 hour by car. The town is made of steep alleyways, cobblestone streets and lovely red brick buildings. Anagni is famous for being the birthplace of several Popes during the Medieval Period.

The town is full of artistic treasures including the astounding frescos in the central Cathedral; in fact, the Cathedral’s crypt earned the nickname of the ‘Medieval Sistine Chapel’ because the artwork is so astounding. However, the town has continued to evolve over the centuries and so you can find lovely cafes and a thriving modern community of locals and Expats.

There are some amazing properties in Anagni including village houses that start from as little as 50,000 Euros and modern 4 bedroom apartments which can be purchased for around 60,000 to 100,000 Euros.

Anagni is famous for its ‘zero-km’ cuisine. This means that local restaurants and markets sell locally grown produce so for food buffs it’s a wonderful place to be based. The region is also well known for its wine, particularly the Casanese variety of grape.


This charming town in the rolling hills to the South of Rome is just 20 km from the city. The town has a fantastic community and is home to a great selection of cafes, restaurants, boutique stores and hotels.

The town has been a top summer resort for Romans for hundreds of years so although you can enjoy a more genuine Italian lifestyle in Frascati you should be prepared to see an influx of visitors during the summer months.

However, as a result of the town’s historical position as a holiday resort for local Italians, there are a good number of amenities including grocery stores and other basic essentials. There’s also a lot of historical attractions in the small town including the breathtaking Summer Palace of Pope Clement VII.

Property prices in Frascati are a little higher than in most other smaller towns of the region. You can buy a stunning for as much as 1,500,000 Euros although you can also opt for a central apartment for around 250,000 Euros.

Frascati has amazing views of the surrounding countryside which you can enjoy from any number of the tiny alleyways, piazzas and winding streets. The town has had a reputation for top quality cuisine for many generations and local restaurants use ingredients that are sourced from the nearby farms and producers of the Roman Campagna.

Create A New Life Abroad In A Town Near Rome.

There’s a fantastic diversity of towns in the countryside surrounding Rome which are becoming an increasingly popular option for relocating Expats. Each town is unique so it’s always worth doing some research before you buy a property or move in to live!

Therefore, if you’ve been considering a move to Rome then you should certainly keep the nearby towns at the forefront of your mind.

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