The Best Small Towns Near Venice For Relocation

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Venice is a remarkable city that is the capital of the Italian region of Veneto. Venice is a favorite destination for tourists however the entire region is one of the most beautiful in all of Italy. Veneto is also one of the most diverse regions in Europe, with mountains, agricultural plains, lakes and the gorgeous Adriatic Coast.

One of the best kept secrets of the countryside surrounding Venice are the amazing towns that are nestled amongst the spectacular landscapes and are home to wonderful, tight knit communities of locals and Expats living side by side. Modern transport links mean that it’s easy to get to and from the smaller towns to Venice; and so by choosing to live in a nearby town you can really experience the best of both worlds!

Why Relocate To A Small Town Near Venice?

There’s a number of reasons why living in a small town near Venice is a great option for relocating Expats.

  • The small towns have a close knit, friendly community atmosphere which is welcoming of newcomers.
  • There are much lower levels of crime in small Italian towns. This means it’s a safer option for raising a family in Italy.
  • Property prices are incredibly affordable in the countryside, especially when compared to the major cities such as Venice.
  • The cost of daily living is cheaper in rural areas and you have much more access to low cost locally grown organic ingredients.
  • You can enjoy a slower, more relaxed pace of life in a small town outside of Venice.
  • With good public transport and highways you can easily visit Venice as well as other nearby urban centers.
  • Each town has its own unique characteristics so you can always find one that suits you and your family perfectly.

The Top Towns Near Venice For Relocating Expats.

The following are some of the best towns near Venice where you can relocate:

Ponte Di Piave.

Located less than 50 km to the North East of Venice, Ponte di Piave is a charming rural town with a proud history of producing excellent wines that is steeped in a fascinating cultural heritage. In fact, wine plays such a major role in the town’s life that it’s home to Italy’s oldest wine school! With a permanent population of just under 9000 people, the town has a strong community focus and a thriving local economy.

The town was founded in the pre-Roman times and was home to the ancestors of the Venetians who were famed breeders of horses. The town was upgraded and developed in the 11th Century and quickly became an important cultural and trading hub for the entire province.

The stunning landscapes that surround the town include the River Piave around which you can find a series of lovely cycle and footpaths. These paths will take you through traditional vineyards and pristine forest scenery making this the ideal location for wine lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Property prices in Ponte di Piave are much lower than in Venice with a 3 bedroom apartment starting at just 50,000 Euros and small estates on the outskirts of the town costing as little as 150,000-250,000 Euros.

The trains to Venice take around 1 hour while traveling by car takes around 50 minutes; all which makes Ponte di Piave a excellent choice for Expats who wish to commute to the city for work. This gorgeous town would make a fabulous rural location to bring up a young family and gives you plenty of options to explore the surrounding area.


Chioggia is situated around 50 km from Venice at the opposite end of the Venetian Lagoon. Long renowned for its secure harbor, Chioggia is one of the most beautiful towns on the Adriatic coast. Often nicknamed the ‘Little Venice’, Chioggia is bursting with life, culture and fantastic places to live.

The ferry to Venice takes just over 2 hours but you can enjoy the iconic lagoon scenery on route. For regular trips into Venice, for shopping or work, you can drive down the coast and reach Venice within an hour.

Property prices in Chioggia are extremely competitive with a central apartment starting at around 140,000 Euros and a spacious detached house costing in the region of 200,000 Euros.

Chioggia has traditionally been an artistic retreat because of its uniquely spectacular views of the Venetian Lagoon. It was also popular among wealthy Venetians who often chose to own second homes in the area where they could spend their summer vacations.

Chioggia has its own array of museums, restaurants, cafes and bars which means you don’t need to travel far to enjoy an evening out. For more nature bound activities you can walk along the coast, cycle on the many well maintained footpaths or take boat trips around the lagoon.

For Expats looking for a town near Venice to move to, Chioggia is a great option which offers reasonably priced properties, a high standard of living and a wonderful cultural and historical heritage to explore.


This small town is situated on one of the islands in the Northern Lagoon of Venice. Just 8 km from Venice, it’s quite an exclusive location with superb access to the city. Historically, Mazzorbo actually predates Venice itself although it was eventually abandoned before being redeveloped again in the 1980s by the architect Giancarlo de Carlo.

Arguably one of the most unusual places to live near Venice, Mazzorbo was redeveloped with a series of beautiful, brightly colored houses on the water’s edge. It also includes larger villas and luxury accommodation.

However, as a result, don’t expect the property prices to compete with more distant rural locations! For a semi-detached house with a good sized garden prices start at around 800,000 Euros.

The village is connected to Burano by a wooden bridge, known as the Ponte Longo, which is a larger town with easy access to Venice and beyond. However, despite the small size of Mazzorbo, it has a great selection of restaurants that serve fresh seafood and other classic Venetian dishes. Among the best restaurants on the island is the Trattoria Alla Maddalena but the Venissa Wine Resort is also a must visit!

Life on the island is quiet and relaxed but you can always access Venice with ease; either by taking a 30 minute ferry ride across the lagoon or by crossing the Ponte Longo and driving to Venice.

For a seriously unique and exclusive lifestyle, Mazzorbo is a wonderful place to live that would be perfect for Expats who commute into Venice for work while enjoying the tranquil island life on the weekends.


Located amongst stunningly diverse scenery, roughly halfway between the Dolomites and Venice, Treviso is a larger town with a population of 80,000. Only 40 km from Venice, it’s ideal for quick trips to Venice as well as any part of the Dolomites.

Full of porticoed facades, beautiful piazzas, canals and impressive architecture, Treviso has an elegant vibe that’s complemented with an artistic flair. Famous for its production of Prosecco and claimed to be the origin of the favorite Italian dessert Tiramisu, it also got a strong presence in the fashion industry with retailers including Lotto Sport Italia, Benetton and Diadora having their headquarters in Treviso.

The cost of living in Treviso is significantly higher than in more rural towns however you can enjoy all the advantages of city life without the overcrowded streets. There’s a thriving culinary tradition in Treviso and if you want to pick up fresh local ingredients you can explore the fruit and vegetable markets in the Piazza del Grano. The canals which crisscross the town are lined with cool shady riverside paths beside quiet lanes that are home to a myriad of cafes, restaurants and boutique stores.

The property prices in Treviso are quite steep compared to other parts of the region with town center apartment prices ranging from 150,000 to 500,000 Euros. There are also cheaper apartments available with prices starting around the 80,000 Euro mark.

The town’s architecture has a Renaissance feel and there’s plenty of museums, galleries, churches and other cultural sites to visit on the weekends. There are also schools and all the amenities you could need in your daily life; so if living in a rural location is a bit daunting then Treviso might be the perfect balance of town and country for your new life abroad.

Isola Della Scala – Small Town Near Verona.

Isola della Scala is located 130 km due East of Venice just outside the city of Verona. This means it takes just under 2 hours to drive to Venice but Verona is also just a stone’s throw away!

The town, with a population of around 10,000 people, is a buzzing hive of activity and has a great selection of restaurants, cafes, shops and bars. This makes it easy to throw yourself into community life and forget the outside world; but if you do want to see more of the region it’s easy to take day trips to Verona for shopping or Venice for sightseeing.

A small villa in the town will cost around 150,000 Euros while a comfortable 3 bedroom apartment is priced at approximately 60,000 Euros. The cost of living in Isola della Scala is very reasonable compared to the nearby cities of Venice and Verona so you can live on a very tight budget if you choose to.

Some of the cultural highlights of Isola della Scala include the Church of Formica, the Abbey of Santo Stefano and the impressive Tower of the Scaligeri which is the official symbol of the town.

Isola Della Scala is part of the region of Italy that grows rice as well as other important agricultural products including pork, beef and poultry. A local culinary specialty that you must try is the delicious Isolana Risotto which is one the best known dishes from this region of Italy.

Relocating To A Small Town Near Venice.

To create the ideal balance between experiencing the rural idyll of Veneto and the exciting city life of Venice, you can choose to relocate to a nearby town. Living in a smaller town has plenty of of its own advantages and with the well maintained modern transport links of Veneto it’s easy to get to and from Venice for shopping, work and sightseeing.

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