The Best Things To Do During Romantic Italian Getaway

Romance In Italy

Italy is the ideal destination for couples who are looking for that perfect getaway in Europe. Famous for its spectacular scenery, divine cuisine, unique cultural heritage and friendly population, Italy is a Fairy-tale destination for an unforgettable romantic vacation.

Italy is great to visit all year round but the best times of year to visit are between May and late June or in September. This way you’ll avoid the larger crowds of European tourists who visit at the height of summer and you’ll also be able to save a lot of money on your flights and hotel bills.

Of course, if you want a beach holiday at the peak of summer you should plan your visit between late June and mid-August. However, do be aware that the beaches won’t be empty, especially in major tourist hotspots, and the prices will be inflated at the hotels and restaurants.

If you are outside of Europe, you are most likely making a reasonably long journey to Italy. It is worth spending at least 7 to 14 days in Italy. This will give you plenty of time to see some of the country’s top attractions without feeling overly rushed during your vacation. If you visit for less than 7 days you’ll end up spending too much time traveling from one place to another and won’t have the time to really immerse yourself in the destinations you visit.

World Class Italian Hotels For A Perfect Romantic Getaway.

The following are some of the best hotels for a romantic getaway in Italy:

Aman Venice, Veneto.

This legendary hotel in the heart of Venice offers couples a truly exceptional experience. Set alongside the Grand Canal, the Aman Venice has 24 luxury suites, some of which feature treasured frescoes and magnificent views of the canal below. Set in the 16th Century Palazzo Papadopoli, the hotel has an on-site gym, beautiful private gardens, a bar and several restaurants and is tastefully decorated in the classical Rococo style.

All suites have air conditioning, a private balcony, an en suite bathroom, room service, a minibar, free WiFi and a flat-screen TV. The hotel’s 24-hour concierge desk is always on hand to arrange tours of the city, tickets and reservations during your stay as well as oversee smooth airport transfers for all the guests.

Palazzo Avino, Amalfi Coast.

The Palazzo Avino is a stunning 5-star hotel that’s situated in a 12th Century villa in the hilltop town of Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast. Frequently rated as one of Italy’s top hotels, it boasts a Michelin-star restaurant, a gym and fitness center, private beaches and superb views of the glittering Mediterranean Sea.

With 33 rooms and 10 exclusive suites, a pool, a cafe, a lobster and martini bar, a beachfront clubhouse and a spa, your stay at the Palazzo Avino is guaranteed to be unforgettable! Each room has air conditioning, a private beach, balcony, minibar, ocean views and a large en suite with daily housekeeping and 24-hour room service. The hotel concierge can help you to arrange your vacation in and around Ravello and the hotel even runs helicopter and limousine services for the guests.

Rosewood Castiglion Del Bosco, Tuscany.

Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco represents the quintessence of glamor and is located in one of Tuscany’s largest estates in the midst of the UNESCO-listed Val D’Orcia National Park. The romantic estate has 42 luxury suites and 11 villas, a private golf and wine club as well as a gym, a bar and a lounge. During the evening you can walk around the immaculately kept gardens or take a dip in the pool before enjoying a gourmet dinner at the on-site restaurant.

All of the suites and villas are exquisitely decorated and have all the modern conveniences. The suites have private balconies, a flatscreen TV, free WiFi, complimentary toiletries and access to 24-hour room service. The resort also runs some unique experiences for the guests including truffle hunting, guided tours of Val D’Orcia, Yoga classes, cycling tours and much more besides.

Best Places To Visit During Your Romantic Holiday In Italy.

There are a thousand amazing places to choose from in Italy but some of the most popular locations for visiting Indian couples are listed below. While it’s tempting to stay in the major cities, sometimes it’s also good to get off the beaten path as well. The following are some of the popular places to visit during a romantic getaway in Italy:

Cinque Terre And The Hotel Porto Rica.

The Cinque Terre is an iconic stretch of coastline on the Italian Riviera in Liguria. The 5 seaside towns that make up the Cinque Terre include Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Corniglia. These luxury coastal resort towns are famous for their picture-perfect, brightly colored houses that are perched on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean.

Cinque Terre is an idyllic area for a quiet, romantic getaway where you and your loved one can enjoy walks along the beach, hiking in the surrounding hills, eating in traditional restaurants and visiting local churches and museums. All of the towns have an extremely laid-back atmosphere that makes a dreamy backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Cinque Terre has many hotels but the exceptional Hotel Porto Rica has a fantastic atmosphere and is ideally situated, just 200 meters from the historic center of Monterosso al Mare. The hotel is a beautiful oasis of calm with its own gardens and a cliff-side swimming pool. The Hotel Porto Rica has more than 40 air-conditioned suites and an on-site restaurant serving local and international cuisine that overlook the waters of the Monterosso al Mare harbor below.

Florence And The Hotel Degli Orafi.

The capital of Tuscany and home of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is a magical city that boasts some of the finest cultural attractions in Italy, including the Uffizi Gallery, the Firenze Duomo and the Galleria dell’Accademia. There’s an abundance of restaurants to choose from and a whole array of activities to enjoy, from taking a boat cruise down the River Arno to visiting local wineries or even taking a hot air balloon ride over the city.

While you’re in Florence you can stay in the famous Hotel Degli Orafi. Best known for making an appearance in the classic romance film, A Room With A View, you can even stay in the actual room that is featured in the movie! Situated in a palatial 13th Century building, the hotel is just a stone’s throw from all the city’s top attractions, including the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery.

Lake Como And The Hotel Belvedere.

Lake Como is located in Lombardy, 80 km North of Milan, and is home to several upmarket resort towns, including Bellagio. Nestled on the shores of Lake Como, Bellagio is a tranquil paradise where you can get away from the busy cities and immerse yourself in a romantic holiday with your partner.

Bellagio has been a popular holiday resort since Roman times and is well set up to cater to visitors. Some of the attractions in Bellagio include its picturesque views, boat cruises, hiking trails and Renaissance-era churches. What’s more, if you’d like to get a panoramic view of Lake Como you can jump on the funicular train and head up to the mountain town of Brunate for a fun day trip. You can also fish in the lake, cycle around the trails and take trips to other lake towns by catching one of the lake’s ferry services.

The Hotel Belvedere is truly one of a kind. Founded in 1880, the family-run hotel provides a perfect base for a relaxing holiday by the lake. The hotel has great facilities including a fitness center, a private pool and bicycle rental services for the guests. All of the rooms have free WiFi, air conditioning, en suite bathrooms, a flat-screen TV and tea and coffee-making facilities. The hotel has its own restaurant where you can enjoy homemade food or, if you prefer, you can walk to one of the nearby lakefront restaurants in the town for dinner.

Amazing Restaurants For Your Romantic Holiday.

The following are a few great restaurants to check out during your romantic getaway in Italy:

L’Ancora Della Tortuga, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre.

This gorgeous Michelin-starred restaurant is perched on the cliffs above the ocean in Monterosso al Mare and specializes in seafood, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine as well as numerous healthy eating and vegetarian options. With an outdoor dining terrace overlooking the breathtaking coastal scenery, the L’Ancora della Tortuga is a charming spot for a quiet dinner with your loved one.

Degusteria Italiana, Florence.

Located just around the corner from the Uffizi Gallery in central Florence, the Degusteria Italiana is a wonderful place to enjoy a candlelit dinner in a traditionally elegant Tuscan setting. With soft background music, attentive staff and an enchanting menu that includes the best of Tuscan cheeses, truffles and game meat, the Degusteria Italiana is a Fairy-tale haven where you spend some quality time together after a day of sightseeing in Florence.

La Terrazza Lake Como, Bellagio.

With lovely views of Lake Como, La Terrazza Lake Como has indoor and outdoor seating and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, specializing in Northern Italian cuisine, freshwater fish and Mediterranean dishes. The menu is packed full of seasonal delights including regional cheeses, fresh fish from the lake, lamb and a whole array of pasta dishes, all garnished with aromatic herbs and complemented with delightful salads. The in-house sommelier is also always on hand to help you pair your dishes with the ideal wine.

Great Activities To Do On A Romantic Holiday In Italy.

The following are some of the activities that you can do while on a romantic vacation in Italy:

Take A Food Tour Of Tuscany.

While Tuscany is renowned for its Renaissance heritage, artistic masterpieces and atmospheric cities, the region is also home to some of Italy’s most iconic cuisine and wineries. If you’d like to discover the culinary heritage of Italy during your romantic vacation then a food tour of Tuscany will tick every box. You can travel from town to town, sampling the diverse local cuisine, visiting traditional wineries, staying at farmhouses and visiting some of the estates that have made Tuscan wine a household name.

Along the way, you’ll have lots of opportunities to see Tuscany’s top attractions, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the galleries of Florence but you’ll also have the opportunity to see a more authentic side of the province by getting off the beaten path. The smaller, lesser-known hilltop towns, such as Volterra, are absolutely beautiful and as well as unique culinary offerings they boast some truly remarkable churches, galleries and scenery to explore.

If you’d like to take a food tour of Tuscany you can either arrange your own itinerary or join a guided tour. Booking your place on a guided tour will take the stress out of your vacation and your guide will ensure that you see and taste the very best that Tuscany has to offer.

Discover The Dolomites.

For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the pristine Dolomite mountains are a magical retreat where you can enjoy each other’s company amongst some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery. There’s lots to do in the Dolomites including hiking, horse riding, cycling, climbing, white water rafting, fishing and boating in the lakes.

While an outdoor vacation may not be every couple’s idea of a good time, for those who love to get out and about in the wilderness, the Dolomites are hard to beat. With a good selection of top-quality hotels, resorts, holiday rentals and Glamping sites, you can stay in comfort while enjoying the pristine natural beauty of the Dolomites.

Visit Naples, Pompeii And Mount Vesuvius.

Naples and the surrounding areas are often overlooked by tourists but the Southwestern coast of Italy is a paradise in its own right with some of the best year-round weather in Italy. Naples is famous for being the birthplace of modern pizza but it also has a thriving contemporary art scene and a number of historical attractions including the Sansevero Chapel and Museum, Ovo Castle and the Naples National Archaeological Museum. However, from your base in Naples, you can easily take day trips to the haunting ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii and the towering Mount Vesuvius.

Pompeii was once a thriving Roman city but in 79 AD it was destroyed by a huge volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The entire city was covered in layers of ash and dust which preserved much of its buildings, and even residents, in stone. You can see all this for yourself and visit the local museum to learn about the remarkable history of this ill-fated city.

Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed nearby Pompeii, looms over the Gulf of Naples and is clearly visible from the city of Naples itself. While staying in Naples you can visit Mount Vesuvius and hike up to its peak. From the top, you have amazing views of the surrounding area, including the Gulf of Naples and the numerous towns that are scattered around the valleys below.

The World’s Premier Destination For A Romantic Getaway.

Italy, the land of Dolce Vita, or the ‘Sweet Life’, is certainly one of the most romantic destinations in the world for couples looking for the perfect vacation together. From the spectacular grandeur of Venice or Florence to the natural beauty of Lake Como, from the historical wonders of Pompeii to the sun-soaked beaches of Cinque Terre and the adventurous Dolomite mountains, there’s something for every couple just waiting to be discovered in Italy.

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