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If you’re planning to visit Italy it can be very difficult to make all your own arrangements, especially if it’s your first time traveling to Europe. Contacting hotels, booking city tours and making sure that you have a smooth, hassle-free trip can all feel like a real headache and will certainly make your vacation less enjoyable.

Fortunately, some fantastic travel agencies in India can take the reins and ensure that you have a dream vacation in Italy without all the stress. Travel agents have plenty of experience in arranging flights, accommodation and booking tours in Italy and with trusted local contacts on the ground you know you’ll be in safe hands while you’re abroad.

Types Of Tour Pages Available.

Most of the top travel agencies have a range of package tours to Italy. Firstly, package tours vary in length, usually from around 7 to 14 days. Longer tours will give you more time to immerse yourself in the culture of Italy but may not fit around your other commitments at home.

Some travel companies also offer tours that are tailored to different types of demographics. For instance, you may be a female traveling alone in which case you can join a tour of other solo female travelers. This is a great way to make friends and will give you a feeling of security while you’re on vacation. There are also tour packages that are tailored to better suit families or couples.

However, in general, the best package tours are suitable for any age or demographic. You will be in safe hands while you discover the amazing heritage of Italy while having the opportunity to meet new friends and talk about the things you see with fellow group members.

The Best Indian Travel Agents.

The following are some of the best travel agents in India for travel packages to India:

Thomas Cook.

Thomas Cook is a giant in the travel industry and is one of the oldest package tour companies in the world. Thomas Cook operates throughout the globe but it also arranges fantastic Italian package holidays that depart from India.

With a huge network of tour guides, hotels and transport partners, your package vacation to Italy is guaranteed to be great. Thomas Cook runs a selection of package tours to Italy that range from 7 to 14 nights, although one of the best all-around options is the Italian Delights package tour.

The Italian Delights package tour gives you 8 nights and 9 days in Italy and starts at Rs. 2,25,343 per adult. This is an ideal tour for first-time visitors to Italy and encompasses many of the country’s top attractions. The tour includes return economy flights, all local taxes, accommodation, sightseeing, entrance fees and transfers in an air-conditioned coach. You’ll also be shown around by a multilingual guide so you won’t miss out on any of the vital information during the tour.

The Italian Delights itinerary includes visiting Rome, the Vatican City, Pompeii, Sorrento, Naples, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Milan and Capri – so you’ll really get a wonderful taste of Italy!

Veena World.

Veena World provides superb package tours for Indian tourists in Italy and ensures comfortable, carefully selected hotels, air-conditioned transfers, entrance fees and all of your meals during the trip. This means you can relax during your vacation and focus on enjoying your time in one of Europe’s most iconic nations. Your return flights are also included in the package tour price so you don’t need to worry about arranging your travel to and from Italy.

There’s a good selection of tours that incorporate Italy in the itinerary, some including Switzerland, France and other nearby countries, however, the leading exclusive tour of Italy is 7 day Best of Italy Tour Package. Starting at Rs. 1,80,000 per person, the tour includes stops at Milan, Venice, Padova, Modena, San Gimignano and Florence in the first half of the week. Afterward, you’ll visit Rome, Naples and Capri. This tour really packs a lot in which means you’ll get to see many of Italy’s most famous sites in just one week.


With over 70 years in the travel industry, SOTC runs up-market package tours to Italy at prices that are hard to beat. Specializing in package group tours and customized holidays you have an excellent choice of well-thought-out vacation options in Italy.

One of the leading package tours to Italy is the Italian Getaway. This 6-night/7-day tour of Italy starts at Rs. 1,65,199 per adult and takes you through some of the most breathtaking sites in the country. Included in the tour are stop-offs in Milan, Venice and Arezzo where you’ll spend two leisurely nights. Next, you depart for Pisa to see the famous Leaning Tower and enjoy a city tour before heading back to Milan for your final night in Italy.

The package tour includes economy flights, your Visa and medical insurance as well as all local taxes, sightseeing, entrance fees and transfers in an air-conditioned coach. It also includes a buffet continental breakfast and evening meals that are suitable for vegetarian and Jain diets.


PickYourTrail arranges a unique selection of tours to Italy that can be personalized for solo travelers, solo female travelers and families as well as older and younger tourists. This is because although the general outline of the package tour is pre-set, you can tailor a lot of the activities to suit your tastes.

This gives you the freedom to create a personalized tour within the framework of the pre-arranged itinerary. For example, one of the tours, the Astonishing 9-Day Tour Package to Italy that starts at Rs. 63,588, even includes the option to tandem skydive over the skies of Nettuno, just outside of Rome! So you can safely say that PickYourTrail certainly has some unusual offers available.

Of course, the company also offers more relaxed tours that take you through all the traditional attractions. For instance, the Stunning 15-night Italy Package includes visits to Sorrento, Naples, Rome, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Florence and Turin. The tour starts at Rs. 1,37,605 per adult and includes transfers, accommodation, activities and more although you will need to pay for flights separately.

Akbar Travels.

Akbar Travels provides good quality package tours of Italy at very competitive prices. The travel experts at Akbar Travels coordinate everything for your tour, from flights and accommodation to Visas, transfers, activities and meals. This allows you to let down your hair and avoid all the potential hassles of trying to arrange your own itinerary.

The 7-day All About Italy package tour is a fantastic option for Indians who want to visit Italy and learn about its remarkable culture and heritage. With prices starting at Rs. 96,780 per person, this wonderful tour takes you through the cities, mountains and lakes of Italy, stopping off at all the major attractions. The package tour’s itinerary includes stops at Milan, Verona, Venice, Perugia, Naples, Salerno and Rome.


With more than 3.5 million monthly users, Thrillophilia has seen incredible growth since it first launched, primarily arranging package tours to Bangalore. However, as a result of its success and popularity with returning customers, Thrillophilia now arranges travel to more than 15 Asian countries as well as European nations such as Italy.

Thrillophilia has a good selection of Italian package tours, although the 7 day Italian Delight Tour Package is the perfect choice for first-time visitors to Italy. The tour starts at Rs. 1,14,599 per person with an itinerary that takes you through all of Italy’s major cities. The Italian Delight itinerary starts with 2 days in Rome and then continues on Florence, Pisa, Venice and culminates with a tour of the islands in the Venetian Lagoon.


TravelTriangle is one of India’s top online marketplaces for travel. As one of the 20 most visited travel websites in India, TravelTriangle connects travel agents with travelers to arrange tours and holidays at great prices. TravelTriangle offer 24/7 support and pride themselves on strict quality control standards with all the agencies and travel experts that they work with.

Ideal for solo travelers, families or groups, TravelTriangle organizes excellent package tours to Italy from India. For example, the Europe Italy Tour Package is a 7-day trip to Italy that starts at just Rs. 62,525 per person and includes meals, sightseeing, transfers, accommodation, activities and entrance fees. During the tour, you’ll visit Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice, including the beautiful islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.


MakeMyTrip is a major travel booking site like Expedia. However, they also offer several tour packages to almost all major tourist destinations in the world including Italy.


Yatra is similar to MakeMyTrip. They focus mostly on domestic and international travel around India. They do have a few packages to Italy that you might want to check out.

Travel Packages Removes The Stress From Traveling.

Italy is an enchanting place for Indians to visit but making all the necessary arrangements can quickly become quite stressful. Booking flights, hotels, transfers and planning your itinerary can be very difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with Italy or have never visited before. Luckily, the top travel companies in Italy can take the lead on your behalf and help you to experience your dream holiday in Italy.

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