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For most Expats finding a job is a vital part of relocating to Italy. A job provides you with the financial security you need to build a new life abroad but it’s also a great opportunity to meet new friends and become involved in the wider community.

The Italian economy has been struggling for several decades and has some of the highest rates of youth unemployment in Europe, with an eye-watering rate of 29.8% in the 4th Quarter of 2021. The problem of unemployment in Italy began after the financial crisis in 2008 but it was accentuated by the global pandemic of 2020 and the consequential lockdowns which badly impacted some of the country’s main sectors, such as tourism.

However, even though Italy does have some lingering economic problems the outlook for Expats is actually a lot better than it is for many locals. Expats have crucial skills to offer, including native English and experience of working in a range of different countries. These types of skills are highly prized in Italy which means that with a little forward planning you can easily find a great job, either before or soon after you arrive in the country.

The Best Job Search Websites For Expats In Italy.

In the modern world, one of the most effective tools in any job search are the various websites that exist to help people find employment. There are numerous job search websites in Italy and it can be a serious drain on your time and energy to try to find the best ones to help you get into work.

So, to help you get started I have compiled a list of all the leading websites that you will need to find a new job in Italy as an Expat. These websites are fantastic hubs where you can find the latest openings in your chosen location from all major employers as well as smaller, family run businesses. These websites are not listed in any particular order.


As the world’s number one job platform, Indeed boasts around 250 million unique visitors to its site each month. Currently, Indeed has over 150 million job seekers registered on its platform. The site caters to the Italian job market and you’ll find a broad selection of positions available that range from entry-level jobs in hospitality to mid and upper level executive roles. There’s also a consistent demand for native English speakers in sectors such as tourism, communications and teaching throughout the country.

To make the most of Indeed’s functionality you need to upload a recent copy of your Resume onto the site and apply for jobs directly. You should also send a cover letter as part of your applications and include any relevant references that you have from your previous employment.


Glassdoor is a fantastic research tool when it comes to finding a job. The website has around 50 million visitors each month and almost 10 million listed jobs at any time.

To use the site you’ll have to sign up, for free, with your email, Facebook or Google account. Once you have full access to the website you can search the top companies in a chosen location and apply to jobs directly through the platform. This can be extremely helpful and give you a clear idea of what’s potentially available to you.

You can also search for jobs and read reviews from past and present employees with the companies on Glassdoor. This will give you a real insight into the working culture of the company and help to flag up any companies that you might want to avoid working with!


Monster is a major player in the Italian job market and is worth incorporating in your job search. The site is similar to Indeed and allows you to upload your resume and apply to the listed jobs. Things move fast on the platform and with almost 3000 job ads being posted every minute there’s bound to be a few that interest you.

The platform is highly intuitive and has some useful blog posts that offer helpful advice on subjects such as Resume formatting, interviewing and other aspects of finding a job.


InfoJobs is one of the leading recruitment platforms in Italy and has over 30,000 jobs listed at any time. The website allows you to search for jobs and apply to the companies but it also has some other great services including courses to help you find work. You can efficiently search for permanent, part-time or temporary jobs as well as internships in Italy using this platform.


As a site that caters to Expats abroad, XpatJobs is a fantastic tool to have at your disposal during your job search in Italy. The platform primarily focuses on advertising jobs in Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources and I.T. although there are also opportunities in a number of other sectors.

This is a great site to help you find a solid career abroad which might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re planning to relocate to Italy for the long term. The platform works directly with companies as well as recruitment agencies so there’s a good selection of jobs available for you to choose from.


TheLocal only advertises jobs for English speakers in Italy and so as a native speaker, you’ll have a major advantage over your Italian competition. There’s a nice range of opportunities on the site that includes roles in teaching and education, software development, customer service and sales.

As an Expat in Italy, you should certainly be aware of this platform and make use of it during your job search. You can also use the site to help you find a rental home for your time abroad.


This is a huge Italian job platform that provides a portal for employers to advertise positions to a huge audience of job seekers. The platform has more than 3 million users each month and consequently, there’s a good selection of jobs on offer.

The site doesn’t cater specifically to English speakers though so if you’re not fluent in Italian you’ll have to search through the listings to find something that’s suitable for your skill set.


CarrieraIN is a job portal that advertises graduate level jobs in Italy. The platform helps employers connect with and recruit young graduates into the careers of their choice after they’ve finished their university education. The site has over 200,000 registered graduates on its books and although many of the jobs require fluent Italian there are some positions that may include Italian language classes as part of the package.

This site might not be the best option if you don’t have Italian language skills but it could yield a few surprises, so it’s worth keeping an eye on during your job search.


The site has some amazing jobs on offer with a real opportunity for career advancement. Once you’ve registered with the platform you can upload your resume and a cover letter and start applying directly to the jobs that are listed.

There’s a good range of jobs available on site which include entry-level positions in tourism, customer services and hospitality as well as higher-level management and executive roles.

Career Jet.

With over 350,000 jobs currently listed throughout Italy, Career Jet should certainly be on your list of trusted platforms to use during your job search. The site compiles job adverts from other career pages, job boards and recruitment agencies to put everything under one roof for your convenience.

The jobs that are posted cover every sector of the economy and level of qualifications so you should definitely keep Career Jet in mind when embarking on your job search in Italy.


LinkedIn is one of the best ways to find a job in Italy. Not only can you leverage your existing network of contacts but you can quickly make new connections abroad using the platform.

You can use LinkedIn to find other Expats in the area or jobs that are specifically being advertised for native English speakers. This makes LinkedIn a powerful tool for your job search.

Remember, if you’re going to use LinkedIn to help you find a job you should take some time to put together your profile. You should include links to your previous employment, education and qualifications as well as post relevant pieces of information about you and your future ambitions.

This is because employers and recruiters often use LinkedIn to find potential candidates for positions they are trying to fill. Therefore, if you’re actively seeking work you should make this clear on your profile so a potential recruiter will be able to spot you!

Make Use Of Google’s Translation Tools.

It should come as no surprise to you that Italian websites tend to be written and published in Italian! Of course, if you don’t speak fluent Italian this could be a serious problem.

However, there is a simple solution that you can employ right away for free. Google has a great translation tool that you can activate to the right hand side of the search bar. You can set this to automatically translate any Italian website that you visit directly into English.

The translations are not always perfect but they’re always good enough for you to be able to understand the meaning of the text. This is an amazing tool when you’re looking for a job but it’s also helpful when you’re booking train tickets or other events online in Italy.

Use Different Platforms When Searching For Jobs In Italy.

It’s really worth casting your net as widely as you can when you’re looking for a job. This means that you should sign up to at least a few job search websites to give you the best chance of finding the right job fast!

While you’re looking for a job you should also make use of your existing network of friends, family and professional contacts. Using a number of different methods to locate and apply for jobs will always serve you better than relying on a single job search platform.

You should also focus on applying for jobs where you have a clear advantage over the local Italians. For instance, any job that is looking for an English speaker is a great place to start!

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