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If you love your pets then you’ll feel right at home in Italy. According to a recent study by the Italian National Association for Pet Food and Pet Care Companies (ASSALCO), 42% of Italian families have at least one pet. That adds up to almost 65 million pets in total, including more than 10 million cats, 8.8 million dogs and 29.9 million fish!

As a consequence of Italians’ great affection for their pets, there’s a very good selection of websites that offer excellent pet food and supplies for pet owners throughout the country. So, whether you have a pet dog, cat, lizard, budgie or fish, it’s vital to secure a reliable source of top-quality food and supplies so that you can provide your pets with the quality of life they deserve.

Buying Pet Food From Local Store.

While you may want to support local businesses, in many towns and villages there are no nearby pet food suppliers. Equally, even in large cities, traveling to the pet food store may not be convenient, especially if you’re buying large bags of dog food or other bulky items such as beds, cages or aquariums.

Fortunately, if you’re busy, don’t have a car or just want to save time, you can simply order your regular pet food and other pet suppliers from one of Italy’s leading e-commerce platforms. Your orders will be delivered directly to your front door at a time of your choosing and it will save you from having to transport the items back to your home on your own.

Zooplus is one of Italy’s premier pet food and supplies websites. As one of the nation’s most widely used pet websites, Zooplus is a real one-stop shop for everything you could need for almost any type of pet. Zooplus stocks thousands of unique products that include food and supplies for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, fish, and even horses.

When you purchase from Zooplus you can have it delivered directly to your home, from wet and dry dog or cat food, cages, aquariums, terrariums, pet beds, blankets, brushes and a whole range of technological products for your furry friends. On top of all the most popular brands of pet food, you can also purchase food for animals with special dietary needs, such as grain-free food for cats and dogs as well as specially designed food for puppies and kittens.

Overall, Zooplus is undoubtedly one of the best overall websites for pet food and supplies and stocks the top brands at prices that are hard to beat. Shipping times for orders from Zooplus are 2-4 working days within mainland Italy and 5-6 days for the islands. Lastly, if you’re looking for a local vet you can search Zooplus’ catalog to find your nearest options.

Bitiba is a major pet food and supplies website that offers excellent products at very affordable prices. The website is a particularly good choice for anyone on a budget and sells everything from pet food to grooming supplies, accessories, cages, toys and much more besides.

The user-friendly website provides food and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish and horses. You can also purchase pet beds, blankets, brushes and specialized food supplements to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing. It’s super easy to place your order and postage is free in Italy for any order over 45 Euros.

If you’re looking for the latest bargains on Bitiba then you can check out the Occasions page where you’ll be able to browse the new bargains and special offers that are currently available. You can also read user reviews on the platform as well as pursue detailed product descriptions before you make a purchase.

With more than 20 years at the forefront of the industry, Petingros is an excellent pet website that specializes in up-market pet foods for cats and dogs. Some of the most popular brands on offer include Royal Canin, Hill’s and Purina but you can also find food and supplies for birds, reptiles and fish. Stocking more than 10,000 products including food, accessories, kennels, collars, leashes and pharmaceutical products and treatments, Petingros operates from a 2000 square meter warehouse and offers customers fantastic online deals at wholesale prices for larger orders.

If you’re not sure about a product or need some advice, the website has a team of experts on hand to give you all the information you need about products for cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and fish. What’s more, you’re guaranteed the lowest prices for all the products advertised on the site, and, if you find a cheaper deal elsewhere, you’ll get a further 5% discount on the advertised price of their competitor.

Delivery times are super fast and range from 24 hours on the mainland to 48 hours for more remote parts of the country. The website runs frequent discounts that can be up to as much as 20% off all prices in the catalog, making Petingros one of the cheapest pet food suppliers in Italy.

Whenever you shop with Petingros you can accumulate discount points for future orders and you can pay using PayPal, Credit card, bank transfer or by cash on delivery. If you need some help with your order you can even get personalized advice by phone or email or find solutions by checking on the brand’s extensive YouTube channel.

Arcaplanet has a huge range of pet food and supplies for any type of pet you may have. From cats and dogs to birds, fish, reptiles, turtles and rodents, you’ll find what you need to give your beloved pet a top quality of life. The platform is easy to navigate and has categories for pet food, listed by animal type, toys, cages, aquariums, terrariums and grooming supplies, as well as supplements and much more besides.

The extensive pet food and supplies site has a good selection of premium brands but it also has more affordable options if you’re on a budget. Each day, you can check in the promotions section where you’ll find lots of bargains or use the search feature to find specific items or brands that you like to use.

Arcaplanet provides some really useful information for shoppers. You can read customer reviews and product descriptions or read Arcaplanet’s online magazine. In the magazine, you can stay up to date with the latest pet-related news and find out about a whole range of topics. You can also use the Arcaplanet site to find your nearest store or, if you prefer, you can order directly online and have your items delivered straight to your front door.

Animalstore is a great site that provides pet owners with an exciting selection of dog and cat food, pharmaceuticals, care and hygiene products and lots of unexpected accessories, toys and other pet products. One of the best features on the website is the Outlet section where you can find the top brands at seriously marked-down prices. It’s worth checking regularly on the Outlet section of the website because there are always new products, ranging from pet food to accessories, that are currently on offer.

Animalstore is a fantastic website that mainly specializes in food, pharmaceuticals and accessories for cats and dogs with a smaller section for small animals such as rodents. However, it’s not the ideal website if you’re looking for food, accessories and other products for pets such as reptiles, fish and tortoises. Even so, if you’re looking for a competitively priced online pet food and supplies store for your furry friend then it’s a great place to shop.

Find A Vet In Italy –

If you’ve recently moved to Italy with your pet, or have just added a pet to your household, it’s essential to locate a nearby veterinary clinic, just in case something goes wrong. VeterinBy is an extremely useful online resource that you can use to quickly search for vets in your area.

The website’s search function allows you to filter vets by location or by specific categories such as Emergency Vet, Pet Hospital or Vet Clinic. This means that you can quickly locate a trusted vet to have on speed dial for any moment when you need professional medical assistance for your pet.

Italy Is A Nation Of Pet Lovers.

For anyone living in Italy with, or planning to move to Italy, you’ll be in great company! Millions of Italian households have pets and there’s an extensive online ecosystem that provides you with super convenient pet food and supplies that can be delivered straight to your home. The major websites have everything you could possibly need for almost any type of pet, including cats, dogs, fish, rodents, birds, reptiles and even tortoises!

Of course, you can try to find a nearby pet store but it’s not always easy to do, particularly in rural parts of the country. Fortunately, you can always rely on Italy’s leading pet food and supplies websites to have your back, no matter where you live or what you need.

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