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Cheap Naples Restaurants

The major Mediterranean port city of Naples has an amazingly rich heritage that combines the best of Italian, North African and Mediterranean architecture, art and cuisine. Naples is probably best known for being the birthplace of modern pizza, but it also has a fantastic range of top-quality street food, up-market fine dining restaurants and trendy cocktail bars that serve delicious aperitivo as the sun sets over the Bay.

Fortunately, for visitors on a budget, local students trying to save money, or Expats who are careful with their finances, Naples has a whole host of superb restaurants, street vendors and hidden gems that serve world-class food at extremely affordable prices. To help you find some of the city’s top places to eat on a budget, we’ve compiled a list of the premier restaurants and eateries that won’t break the bank.

Insolito La Pizzeria Gourmet.

This popular Neapolitan pizzeria and restaurant has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and is famous for its selection of pizzas, traditional pasta dishes, meats, salads, vegetable dishes and more. The spaghetti carbonara comes particularly well recommended and, if you have room for dessert after your main course, the tiramisu and parfait are divine.

The restaurant has an impressive choice of Italian house wines and serves authentic ground coffee to complete a perfect meal. Prices per person, for a full 3-course meal, start at 20 Euros, making Insolito La Pizzeria Gourmet an ideal spot for a relatively up-market experience at an extremely affordable price. If you’d prefer to have your dinner on the go, you can also order your food to take away and enjoy at home or in one of the nearby city parks.

Bellini 9 – Via Vincenzo Bellini.

This conveniently located restaurant and bar is open until 2 a.m. each night and is reputed to serve the finest burgers in the city. But it’s not just burgers that you can enjoy at Bellini 9, because there’s pizza, pasta, fresh seafood and a whole plethora of classic Italian dishes at unbelievable prices.

Bellini 9 also offers amazing sandwiches, to eat in or take away, and a fully stocked bar renowned for its Bellini cocktails, craft beers and house wines. The service is excellent and the cozy vibe makes Bellini 9 a good choice for a laid-back, late-night burger and drink. What’s more, prices are jaw-dropping with some meals costing less than 10 Euros per head.

Tacos – Multiple Locations In Naples.

Tacos is a truly unique and ultra-trendy restaurant that serves a contemporary fusion of Italian and Mexican cuisine. Often frequented by students and young professionals, Tacos has an unpretentious atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating on offer.

Serving all your favorite types of tacos, as well as grilled meats, salads, burritos, rice dishes and fried Neapolitan street-style food, it’s a great place to go for dinner before you paint the town red in the nearby bars. Prices for a meal are fantastic, starting at about 6 Euros, and the in-house bar serves superb craft beers, cocktails, shots and soft drinks. For people who’d prefer to eat at home, you can order a home delivery if you’re staying within Naples.

Laura Bistrot – Via Pietro Colletta.

This charming local favorite serves a delightful range of traditional Neapolitan cuisine with a subtle modern twist. With the average price for a meal coming in at around 20 Euros per person, including a drink, the Laura Bistrot offers excellent value for money. It’s also a popular spot for coffee and lunch during the day or a delicious Aperitivo in the warm Naples evening.

As well as a lovely selection of food on the menu, you can also grab a cocktail and finger snacks, including hand-made Sfizi and sweets. If you’d like to visit for dinner you can sample the Neapolitan-based a la carte menu while savoring the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant with your friends or family.


Greeat is located at CDN, Isola C1 and Via Santa Lucia, 54.This amazing health food restaurant is right at the cutting edge of organic, slow food and serves some of the most invigorating and healthy food in the city. With two locations in Naples, you’re never far from a tasty, health-conscious meal made with the freshest, carefully selected ingredients. There’s a good choice of food including homemade soups, salad bowls bursting with colors and flavor, wraps, snacks and full plates of vegan, vegetarian and Halal-friendly cuisine. With takeaway and home delivery services, as well as dine-in seating, there are lots of ways you can enjoy the life-extending cuisine that this Neapolitan gem is rapidly becoming famous for.

L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele.

Located at Via Cesare Sersale, 1, this Neapolitan pizzeria is a local favorite and has a menu of hand-made pizzas, created with fresh local ingredients and cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven. Serving authentic Neapolitan pizzas, the restaurant first opened its doors to the public in 1870 and has since become a genuine Neapolitan institution!

One of the more remarkable aspects of L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele is that it only serves a very limited selection of pizzas. This reflects the philosophy of the pizzeria, which is focused on simplicity and unparalleled quality – so don’t let that put you off visiting for an unforgettable slice of traditional Neapolitan pizza.

A Taverna D’ ‘E Zoccole.

Located at Vico Lungo Del Gelso, 96, this magnificent trattoria has a fun atmosphere with sidewalk tables, indoor dining and regular live music, and serves outstanding seafood, pasta dishes and desserts. The friendly staff can help you pick your dishes if you’re not sure which seafood to try, and the fresh ingredients, delicious flavor profiles and delightful setting, all make A Taverna d’ ‘e Zoccole one of Naples’ best-kept secrets.

The food prices are surprisingly cheap given its high quality, so you can savor a wonderful evening meal in Naples without worrying about the bill. The trattoria has a fully stocked bar, including local wines and beers, serves late-night food, and has lots of healthy eating options on the menu.

Staj Noodle Bar.

Staj was the first noodle bar to open in Naples and has two elegant restaurants, one on the Chiaia Riviera and the other in Vomero. The easy-going dining area, inventive menu, stylish decor and super-friendly staff, make Staj one of the nicest places to eat oriental food in Naples. The restaurants both serve a daily lunch, Aperitivo, and dinner, as well as offering a takeaway or home delivery service.

If you’re dropping by for lunch, you can enjoy the Combo Lunch which includes noodles and freshly made dumplings and comes in at just 12 Euros. During the evening, after 6.30 pm, you can enjoy the beloved Staj Aperitivo, a drink or glass of wine accompanied by a delicious mixture of starters for only 10 Euros. Of course, if you want to make the most of Staj’s offerings, you should visit for dinner to sample the full a la carte menu which will cost around 20 Euros per head.

Vitto Pitagorico.

The restaurant is located at Pizza Museo, 15. If you’re looking for a beautiful vegan and vegetarian restaurant that also serves plenty of gluten-free dishes, then look no further, Vitto Pitagorico has you covered. The menu is packed with lovely vegan versions of classic Italian pizzas, pasta dishes and desserts, as well as Halal cuisine, all served in an elegant dining area with lots of plants amidst brick arches. Vitto Pitagorico also has a bar that serves cocktails, wine, beer and coffee. There’s even a nightly happy hour when drinks and food are discounted, so be sure to visit Vitto Pitagorico while you’re in Naples.

Roadhouse Restaurant.

Just a stone’s throw from Napoli Centrale station, Roadhouse Restaurant is an awesome Napoli steakhouse where you can get a large cut of beef for under 10 Euros. The fun, family-friendly restaurant has a great international menu with highlights including the grilled steak and the classic English favorite, fish and chips.

The prices for a huge plate are hard to beat, ranging from as little as 10 Euros up to around 15 Euros per person. There’s a bar with a good choice of European beers which is always popular with the student community and travelers who’ve just arrived at the train station. The Roadhouse Restaurant also provides a Naples-wide home delivery service if you’d prefer to eat at home while watching a movie.

Naples Italy Has Budget Restaurants.

Eating out in Naples is a treat for the senses and if you have a bit of local knowledge you can sample some of the finest food in the city at prices that will surprise you. From thick-cut steak dishes for under 10 Euros to noodles for 12 Euros and traditional Neapolitan pizzas or seafood for under 15 Euros, you’re spoiled for choice when eating on a budget in Naples. So what are you waiting for? Book your table at one of Naples’ wonderful restaurants that serves delicious cuisine for less than the cost of your taxi ride back home.

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