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Italy has been setting trends in fragrance and fashion for hundreds of years and in the modern world, the nation still remains head and shoulders above its international competition. From huge luxury fashion house fragrance brands to smaller, more specialized companies, Italy is awash with choices when it comes to smelling good!

It’s a little-known fact, but perfumer makers in Venice were hired by the Royal Court more than 500 years ago. In the early days, many of the Venetian elites would even commission specialist perfume makers to design one-off fragrances that they could wear to the legendary Venice Ball!

This was partly because Venice had unique access to many rare spices and herbs due to its position on the international Spice Route. These exotic spices and herbs were used to make fragrances that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. Since then, the techniques involved in making the highest quality perfumes and fragrances have changed but the passion, inspiration and dedication to excellence have remained at the heart of the industry.

Men’s fragrances from Italy have uniquely masculine scents which often have a woody undertone that is produced with native Italian ingredients. For instance, you’ll often find fragrances that incorporate citrus, lemon and cypress scents in them, all of which grow abundantly in Italy. Other popular ingredients include rose, bergamot and deep hardwood elements.

What Are Colognes Made Of?

Italian colognes are usually made with approximately 3-5% perfume oils. This oil is made by combining the various ingredients that will make up the scent of the finished product. The oil is then dissolved into a mixture of alcohol and water. Generally, cologne contains between 80-90% alcohol with the rest being made of sterilized fresh water.

What Are The Natural Scents Of Italy?

Italy’s ancient heritage of fragrance making grew out of a combination of exotic herbs and spices that were imported from the Orient as well as a whole range of local scents. The quintessential scents of Italy are grown all over the country and are a vital ingredient in the manufacture of the nation’s highly sought-after fragrances.

Some of the most important classically Italian ingredients for perfumes include rosemary, bergamot, orange, lemon zest, neroli and citrus oils. Italian fragrance makers also use a wide variety of locally grown flowers. These ingredients have been used for centuries and are still a mainstay of the Italian fragrance industry.

The Most Iconic Italian Men’s Colognes.

The following are some of the best known Italian men’s colognes:

Acqua Di Parma – Lily Of The Valley.

Acqua di Parma is a legendary fragrance maker who has a great selection of products on offer. Acqua di Parma has long been one of the most popular brands and was considered to be the classic scent of the 1930s. The company was founded in 1916 by Baron Carlo Magnani of Parma.

However, the company really hit the international scene in the 1950s and over the last 70 years has retained its position as one of the world’s top fragrance exporters. Every fragrance that the company makes embodies a discreet sense of confidence, refinement and luxury.

The Lily of the Valley fragrance, by Acqua di Parma, is an alluring combination of vibrant citrus scents, grapefruit, blackcurrant, jasmine, magnolia and the subtle Lily of the Valley flower. The fragrance is named after the Lily of the Valley, which is a delicate flower that grows in wild meadows throughout Italy and is one of the first flowers to bloom each spring.

To complete the fragrance, Acqua di Parma incorporates a lovely deep musky undertone with a hint of bergamot and cedarwood. The ideal fragrance for any man, The Lily of the Valley is one of the finest products on the market.

Versace Eros.

Versace is one of the world’s leading fashion houses and produces some of the best collections of ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, sunglasses and accessories. The brand is renowned for its innovative designs, flashy designs and stand-out prints. However, the fashion giant also has a superb selection of men’s cologne on offer.

One of the brand’s top men’s colognes is the Versace Eros. Named after the Greek God of love, Eros, the fragrance represents the strength and appeal of a confident man. The Greek God, Eros, was able to make anyone fall in love by shooting them with his magical bow and arrow – so wearing this fragrance is a great way to get noticed by a potential partner!

The fragrance is a lovely turquoise color and has an impressive image of Medusa on the bottle. The scent of Versace Eros is dominated by a masterful combination of mint, lemon zest and apple with intriguing undertones of amber, geranium flowers and a subtle hint of vanilla and cedarwood.

Bvlgari – Man In Black.

Founded in 1884, Bulgari, or ‘Bvlgari’ as it’s usually written, is one of Italy’s oldest fashion houses. The cutting-edge brand produces a wide range of items including jewelry, watches, accessories, leather goods and fragrances. The brand also has numerous hotels and resorts in its portfolio and has a licensing agreement with the eyewear maker Luxottica.

Bvlgari’s Man in Black is an exciting neo-Oriental fragrance that is made in Italy and distributed to retailers all over the world. This sensual, daring and stylish scent is the perfect way for men to represent their inner masculinity. The intoxicating fragrance is made up of a lovely mix of ingredients including Tuberose flowers, Iris, Tonka bean and Ambery Rum with a note of Guaiac wood and exotic spices.

Missoni Parfum Pour Homme.

Missoni was founded in the 1950s and is based in Varese, Lombardy. Missoni is a luxury fashion house that is famous for its brightly colored knitwear, as well as its excellent range of ready-to-wear clothes and apparel. However, the company also produces some of the best men’s cologne around.

One of the top colognes in Missoni’s collection is the Missoni Parfum Pour Homme. This bold, charismatic and alluring fragrance is made using a combination of lavender, pomarose, sandalwood, birch, oak, jasmine, Pink pomelo, patchouli and a selection of heady musk’s.

Trussardi Uomo.

Based in Milan, Trussardi is a fashion house that primarily specializes in top quality leather goods, accessories, ready-to-wear collections and fragrances. Founded in 1911 as a leather glove and accessory maker, the brand has gone on to significantly expand its production and by the mid-1990s it was a huge international operation.

The company’s fragrances for men are fantastic with the Trussardi Uomo being one of the most popular in their range. The fragrance has an understated elegance that embodies the sophistication of the quintessential Italian Dolce Vita.

The vibrant fragrance is made with an expert combination of violet, geranium, lemon, bergamot and galbanum, to produce a seductively fiery scent that is bound to turn heads. The fragrance is completed with a hint of clary sage, patchouli and leather to give it a magically luxurious feel. The resulting scent gives the wearer a strong, calm air of charismatic confidence and allure.

Roja Parfums – Burlington 1819.

Roja Parfums is one of the top luxury fragrance makers which specializes in high end men’s and women’s perfumes. The company’s founder, Roja Dove has dedicated his life to producing some of Italy’s most iconic scents that appeal to a huge audience of passionate fans.

Roja Parfums Burlington 1819 is one of the brand’s leading scents and although the price tag is pretty hefty the fragrance has a divine essence that is worth every penny! The fragrance is made with a combination of bright citrus, lime and grapefruit with a strong note of lively mint. This is complemented with a sassy touch of ginger, elegant undertones of Casmir wood, patchouli, oakmoss, saffron and tobacco.

Italian Fragrances Are An Embodiment Of Sophisticated Masculinity.

To truly embody the essence of charismatic, stylish and confident Italian masculinity it’s vital to finish off your wardrobe with a carefully chosen fragrance that perfectly expresses your personality and future ambitions. Selecting the right scent will give you a powerful allure that will serve you well, each and every day of your life.

Italian fragrance makers are undoubtedly among the finest in the world and the superb range of offerings from the top brands is astounding! There really is something for everyone and every occasion. So when you need a new fragrance you should start your search in the catalogs of Italian fragrance makers.

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