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Magazines and other publications play a major role in the promotional strategies of the top fashion houses while giving their readers the chance to see the latest collections of clothes, accessories and interior design styles on offer. Italy has long been at the forefront of the fashion industry and so it should be no surprise that the nation’s top magazines are widely respected, international trailblazers.

Fashion magazines inspire their readers to live their best lives and improve their wardrobes and home décor. Magazines are also a bountiful source of the latest news about movies, luxury lifestyles, fashion houses, actors, models and celebrity gossip. Magazines are also a lovely collector’s item – which can be kept at home in a safe place to return to in the future.

Italian fashion magazines have also helped to launch the careers of numerous Hollywood A-Listers, models, designers and brands. As a result, the whole world pays close attention to what is being printed in the top Italian fashion magazines and so should you!

Italy’s Most Iconic Fashion Magazines.

The most important fashion magazines in Italy are the following:

Vogue Italia.

As one of the most influential magazines in the fashion industry, Vogue Italia is the Italian branch of the giant Vogue brand. Currently owned by Conde Best International, Vogue Italia is widely considered to be the world’s best fashion magazine.

Forward thinking, cutting edge and always ready to push the envelope, Vogue Italia has launched some of the industry’s best known models, brands and collections. The photoshoots and imagery in the magazine are daring, exciting and represent the very top talent in the industry. In many ways, Vogue Italia is the epitome of a successful fashion magazine and should definitely be on your list of summer reads if you want to stay one step ahead of the latest trends.


As well as all the news from the world of celebrities, Grazia also showcases the styles and trends that are taking the industry by storm. Originally founded in 1938 as a pioneering women’s magazine, Grazia has gone on to become a major international publication.

The magazine has a nice mixture of high fashion and more practical collections that are designed for everyday wear. This means you’ll always be able to find new ideas and inspiration for your own wardrobe, no matter what your tastes in fashion are. Although fashion still takes the center stage in Grazia, the magazine has begun to cover more pop culture stories, social causes and even a little bit of politics.

Harper’s Bazaar Italia.

Covering all aspects of fashion, culture, beauty and lifestyle, Harper’s Bazaar Italia is one of the nation’s best-loved titles. Always elegant, stylish and slightly understated, Harper’s Bazaar Italia is an evergreen magazine that brings together some of fashion’s top photographers, models and stylists under one roof.

Showcasing the latest collections from Italy’s cutting-edge fashion houses, Harper’s Bazaar Italia is also a treasure trove of lifestyle ideas, products and brands, as well as gossip from the Hollywood Red Carpet.

IO Donna.

IO Donna, which means ‘Me Woman’, is a weekly magazine that is based out of Milan. Covering everything from Hollywood gossip to the latest trends that are emerging in the fashion industry; IO Donna has a huge international readership that relies on the magazine for inspiration in all things fashion and beauty.

The magazine is focused on women’s issues and is always full of fantastic photoshoots, the top collections of clothes and all the major brands in fashion. IO Donna also produces excellent stories and think pieces about local Italian issues, general beauty trends in the Mediterranean region as well as European social issues and events. A lovely mix of editorials, articles and powerful photoshoots, IO Donna is a trusted mainstay of Italy’s magazine culture.

Donna Moderna.

Launched in Milan in 1988, Donna Moderna, or ‘Modern Woman’ in English, is a weekly magazine that is dedicated to fashion, food, weddings, shopping tips and the latest releases from all the top brands. With beautifully written articles, sumptuous photoshoots and plenty of ideas for your own wardrobe and lifestyle, Donna Moderna has carved out a place in the massively competitive magazine industry.

The magazine also produces extra supplements which include Donna Moderna Wellness, Donna in Forma and Casa Idea. This wide range of topics has made this one of Italy’s favorite titles and looks to have a bright future ahead of it. The great selection of health and wellness tips, interior design advice and fashion ideas make Donna Moderna an unmissable publication each week.

L’Uomo Vogue.

L’Uomo Vogue, which means ‘Men’s Fashion’ in Italian, is a branch of the huge international Vogue magazine. The magazine focuses on men’s fashion and is full of fantastic advice about the best ways to dress to impress. From rugged masculine photoshoots to more artistic takes on what it means to look great, L’Uomo Vogue is one of Italy’s most popular magazines for men.

Although the fashion magazine industry has traditionally been dominated by magazines that appeal primarily to women, L’Uomo Vogue has managed to shatter the stereotypes that dictated that men had no place in fashion! L’Uomo Vogue gives men an outlet to explore their sense of fashion and style while picking up some expert tips on how to improve their wardrobes as well as their personal health and wellbeing.

MF Fashion.

MF Fashion focuses more on the finance and business side of the fashion industry in Italy and is a great resource to find out more about what’s really going on behind the scenes. Covering major events in the catwalk calendar, brand launches and the stories behind the headlines, MF Fashion expertly straddles the worlds of fashion and finance.

MF Fashion always gets the scoop on the latest news from designer brands, luxury fashion houses and other economic events of significance in the industry. MF Fashion is produced with insiders in mind but if you want to keep up with the real news from the fashion industry and the current state of its business then it’s the ideal choice for you.


Amica is a wonderful monthly fashion magazine for women that is based in Milan. From its headquarters in the fashion capital of the world, Amica has seen continuous growth in its circulation since it first hit the shelves in 1962.

Covering fashion, emerging trends, lifestyle and wellness, Amica is a great all-around title that has recently opened new branches in Bulgaria, Singapore and Indonesia. The magazines are divided into 4 main sections which include Fashion, Beauty, Stories and Escape. The brand launched its online edition in 1997 and its international edition, Amica International, in 2014.


Abitare is a magazine that produces an eclectic mix of features on architecture, design, costume and fashion. The inspirational magazine promotes the latest examples of experimental and utilitarian architecture as well as modern interior design, recent product launches and major events in the creative industries.

Founded by Piera Peroni in 1961, Abitare is one of the most unusual magazines in the fashion sector which includes a lot more international news than its competitors. The magazine briefly stopped publications in 2014 but was soon back online and producing its groundbreaking magazine with a new format and exciting graphics, much to the relief of its dedicated following of fans.

Italian Fashion Magazines Lead The World In Style, Elegance And Prestige.

There is no country in the world that is more synonymous with fashion than Italy, the ancient land of the Dolce Vita. Fine living, great food and exquisite fashion all go hand in hand to create one of the most glamorous cultures in the world.

Italy’s fashion magazines have been setting trends and informing their readers about the latest events, styles and collections for generations. Covering everything from the latest styles and trends to product launches, photoshoots, celebrity gossip and news, Italian fashion magazines are a wonderful way to escape your daily worries and immerse yourself in their inspirational content.

With a special place at the very heart of the fashion industry, Italian fashion magazines are hugely popular in both Italy and the rest of the world. If you don’t want to miss out, you can either view their content on their websites or, better yet, set up a regular subscription so the magazines will drop through your letterbox each time a new edition is out.

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