The Most Popular Italian Men’s Slip-On Shoes

Italian Loafer Brands

Italian shoe brands represent some of the finest craftsmanship, styles and elegance in the world; in fact, even the country itself is shaped like a boot! From ultra-chic high fashion designs to traditional dress shoes, the Italians have spearheaded some of the most popular designs of all time. Of course, one of the most classic designs of Italian shoes is the understatedly sophisticated loafer.

What is a loafer? A loafer is a slip-on style of shoe that usually has a flat, or low, heel and no laces. Loafers are traditionally made from suede or leather and are a comfortable yet elegant design.

The Best Italian Men’s Loafers Brands.

The following are some of the best men’s loafer brands.

Ace Marks.

With a workshop in Lazio, Ace Marks was founded in 2012 and is a relatively new player in the Italian footwear market. The Ace Marks brand designs a wide range of shoes including monk straps, dress shoes and wingtips. However, their collection of loafers really stands out from the rest of the shoes on offer.

Ace Marks creates ready-to-wear Penny loafers in a nice selection of classic looks. From antique black to two tone brown Penny loafers, Ace Marks is a great choice if you’re looking for some smart casual shoes to complete your outfit. Ace Marks creates very affordable shoes and use hand-dyed leathers and calfskin in their production.

Ace Marks is able to keep its prices down by operating a direct-to-consumer business model. This means that you can only buy their shoes via their website but you’ll get superb value for money. The shoes are made according to the standardized American Brannock sizing’s, so as long as you know your shoe size in the US you’ll easily find the right size on the Ace Marks’ website.


Velasca produces excellent handmade shoes which are created by a group of artisan families in the Marche region, an area that is often attributed to being the birthplace of the Italian shoemaking industry. Famous for its bespoke craftsmanship and attention to detail, there’s an ideal pair of Velasca loafers for every style and look.

From understated Belgian loafers to classic Penny loafers and calfskin loafers with tassels, Velasca shoes are second to none. As well as loafers, Velasca also makes a good range of other shoes including sneakers, Cordovans and traditional dress shoes.

Paolo Scafora.

Paolo Scafora is based in Naples and was established in the mid-1950s by Paolo Scafora. Today, the company is run by Paolo Scafora’s grandson who maintains the family traditions of top quality men’s shoes which are crafted using the same techniques that made the brand famous in Italy and abroad.

The selection of loafers by Paolo Scafora are ultra-stylish and will really stand out as you take a promenade through the town in the evening. From chic antiqued Vietri leather to super supple blue, brown and snuff suede, Paolo Scafora loafers are real statement shoes.


Based in Lazio, Aurelien is best known for producing traditional Italian driving, boating and yachting loafers. The epitome of casual comfort, Aurelien’s family-owned factory produces its own type of distinctive pebble rubber shoes so you’ll get the ultimate grip without sacrificing comfort.

Whether you’re on a yacht, boating or driving through the outstanding Italian scenery, a pair of Aurelian loafers should always be on your feet! The iconic brand’s loafers come in a wide range of colors including red, sky blue, black, brown and green; so there’s something to suit your every mood.


Santoni was founded in 1975 by Andrea Santoni and are expert in producing ready-to-wear loafers and men’s shoes. The company specializes in manufacturing a uniquely bulky style of loafer which are very reasonably priced and has the durability to handle tough daily use. Many of Santoni’s loafers have a solid, elevated heel and soles although you can also choose a pair of sleek, highly polished loafers which are ideal for smart occasions.

Santoni is a company that has embraced the modern world, which includes incorporating up-to-date fashions as well as building its head office out of 90% recyclable materials! The collection of ready-to-wear loafers retail at mid-range prices but with their tough designs, they are guaranteed to give you great value for money.

Salvatore Ferragamo.

As one of Italy’s most celebrated brands, Salvatore Ferragamo was a favorite among the Hollywood stars of the silver screen in the 1920s. The legendary Florentine brand makes an amazing range of men’s shoes but their selection of iconic Penny loafers and moccasin style designs with understated buckles and features are impossible to overlook.

Salvatore Ferragamo produces a lovely collection of loafers which include chunky modern styled designs as well as the popular sleek, slim-lined, ‘Nomadic Stories’ loafers which wouldn’t be out of place in the ancient romantic tale of the Arabian Nights. This family-run business, which is still owned by Ferragamo’s 23 grandchildren, epitomizes the very best of Italian craftsmanship and fashion.


Bontoni is one of Italy’s most exclusive shoemakers and only makes between 9 to 12 shoes per day! In fact, each ready-to-wear shoe takes a total of 12 weeks to complete while the bespoke made-to-order options can take up to 10 months to make from start to finish. This third-generation family business makes a nice selection of shoes but the Zibaldone loafers are one of the brand’s most popular options for all occasions.

Suitable for smart and casual situations, the Zibaldone loafers are entirely handmade and finished with a stylish black vintage grain. The slip-on shoes have decorative leather lacing on the upper apron and are handmade with highly durable leather or rubber soles. When it comes to refined practicality, the Zibaldone loafer by Bontoni is, without question, one of Italy’s finest offerings.

Stefano Bemer.

Stefano Bemer sadly died in 2012, but his prestigious company was taken over by Tommaso Melani and still maintains its authentic roots of world-class quality in its Florentine workshop. The brand produces both ready-to-wear and made-to-order shoes for men including a huge range of genuine Italian loafers.

From tasseled Balmoral loafers to split toe apron tasseled loafers, Stefano Bemer delivers unbeatable comfort at mid-range prices. There is also a wide range of ultra-chic loafers on offer including red, two tone and plain, low-ankle designs.

Stefano Bremer also put a lot of its energies into training new, up-and-coming apprentices in the shoe business. In fact, one of the company’s more unusual apprentices was the famous actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who worked in the Florentine workshop between 1999 and 2000!

Edhen Milano.

Based in Parabiago, Lombardy, Edhen Milano produces a magical mixture of traditional loafers and hyper-modern high fashion loafers in multiple colors, with a whole selection of subtly nuanced trimmings and decorative features. This remarkable brand first debuted in the Milan Men’s Fashion Weekend in 2016 and has been making waves in the industry ever since.

The company was founded by Filippo Cirulli and Filippo Fiora and offers one of the most eclectic ranges of loafers and men’s shoes in Italy. So if you’re looking for some truly unusual handmade Italian loafers then you should make sure that Edhen Milano is at the top of your list!


Founded in 2010 Scarosso operates out of Montegranaro in Fermo and promises the highest quality of authentic Italian craftsmanship. With an excellent range of low to mid-priced loafers, you can grab some serious bargains with Scarosso that don’t compromise quality for cost.

Scarosso has adopted a direct-to-consumer business model which allows them to pay for top-quality craftsmanship but save money on retail premises, thus allowing the brand to deliver unbeatable value to their loyal customers. The loafers in the Scarosso collection are a tasteful mix of casually classic designs and bolder, high-fashion options. You can choose from suede loafers or patent and smooth leather styles with a nice range of tassels and other refinements included.

Italian Loafers Are One Of The Best In The World.

When it comes to class, style and sophisticated elegance, Italian loafers are the most comfortable and enduring shoes in the world. From understated suede boating loafers to ultra-chic high fashion designs, handmade ready-to-wear Italian brands are the only go-to source for all your casual and smart footwear needs.

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