The Most Important Italian Men’s Tie Brands

Best Tie Brands In Italy

The tie is a timeless accessory that brings out the style, personality and mood of its wearer. Ideal for formal occasions such as weddings or work, the tie can also be worn as part of a more casual wardrobe in a playfully eccentric manner. Every man should have a good collection of ties that he can refer to in order to complete an outfit with understated class and sophistication.

One issue that I have in general with Italian brands across the board is that they are not very good at building state of the art websites that will showcase their high quality products. You have to visit a store to get a good feel of the product. Luigi Borrelli is a good example. They make world class ties, but their website is outdated and does not even have a category for men’s ties!

The Best Italian Tie Brands For Men.

The following are some of the best Italian tie brands for men:

Wilmok Rome.

Wilmok Rome is a Italian tie brand based in Rome, Italy. Their ties are made in Italy and it’s craftmanship at it’s finest. They are known for producing high quality ties at affordable prices. My favorite is of course the Shantung ties, which lovers of fabric consider to be the best when it comes to silk fabrics. In addition to Shantung ties, they also have Grenadine, 7 Fold, Printed, Jacquard, Bow, Knitted and Wool ties. They can also custom make a tie for you as well. These custom made ties are perfect for weddings or for special occasions. They also sell recycled plastic ties, perfect choice for corporate gifts.

In addition to great ties, Wilmok is also known for their sunglasses, scarfs and pocket squares (handkerchief). The scarfs and pocket squares have very interesting designs. The acetate sunglasses are made without using fossil fuels and are more stronger and reliable than plastic. All sunglasses also come with high impact resistant polarized lenses. They can ship their ties from Italy to most countries in the world at a reasonable price.

Brunati Como.

Brunati Como is a renowned Italian luxury accessories and clothing company that creates top quality collections for the modern gentleman. All of Brunati Como’s materials are carefully handpicked and manufactured with a tireless devotion to excellence. All of the ties in the brand’s collection have a relaxed sense of confidence and elegance which speaks to the skill of their designers.

The company also makes outstanding knitwear, pocket squares, scarves, bracelets and braces, so there’s plenty to choose from to match your new tie with. Brunati Como also has a useful tool on their website called ‘Inspirations’ which is designed to help you get new ideas for ways to match your tie and other accessories with your existing wardrobe.


Established in 1891, Fumagalli is Italy’s longest running tie maker and recently celebrated its 130th anniversary! Throughout the company’s many years of success, the brand has retained its reputation for stylish excellence and top quality customer service.

In the 1980s the company moved its headquarters to Como but they continue to sell its items all over the world. As well as a wonderful collection of tasteful ties, Fumagalli also manufactures scarves, pocket squares, bow ties and braces – everything you could need to complement your dapper attire!

Graffeo Cravatte.

As makers of exclusively tailored ties, Graffeo Cravatte is one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. All of the ties are made using the highest quality fabrics and then yarn-dyed and jacquard to create finely detailed and variegated patterns.

Every item is designed and manufactured in Sicily and often uses ancient techniques to be made. As well as ties, Graffeo Cravatte also produces scarves, pocket squares and bow ties, providing exquisite masculine elegance at an affordable price for their loyal customers.


Founded in 1934 by Giovanni and Giacomo Canali, the family company has been making suits, shirts, ties and other men’s accessories for almost 100 years. Canali has always been at the forefront of the industry and was even the first Italian tailor to start using mechanical cutting machines in its manufacturing process.

Canali has a wide customer base, with around 50% of its sales being international with the rest being local to Italy. Although Canali is best known for its classy line of suits, the company’s ties are bold, charismatic and perfect for men who want to make a real statement. Remember, the tie, scarf or other accessories that you wear are a great way to represent your personality and general attitudes to life.

Italo Ferretti.

Italo Ferretti is a legendary manufacturer of handmade ties that was founded by Silvi Marina in 1967. Today, the company he founded has grown to have a huge international footprint with a large part of its retail taking place in the United States and Canada.

Headquartered in Milan, Italo Ferretti sells ties that are ‘par excellence’ and represent the very best of Italian fashion and taste. The brand sells a great range of shirts, jackets, polo shirts and T-shirts, as well as tuxedo cummerbunds, scarves and a fabulous selection of neckties.

Luigi Borrelli.

Founded in Naples in 1957, Luigi Borrelli epitomizes the Neapolitan passion for style, elegance and high fashion. Today, the 4th generation family run business creates some of the most sartorially sophisticated jackets, jeans, jumpers and accessories such as neckties.

The extensive collection of men’s clothing and ties are the perfect resource for updating and improving your wardrobe with items that combine modern trends with traditional Italian values. Luigi Borrelli has many distinguished clients, including the ambassador Vittoria Emanuele III di Savoia, among many others.


Brioni is a luxury fashion house that is based in Rome and was founded in 1945. The brand has a prestigious history that includes organizing the very first menswear fashion runway show in the early 1950s; something which is now taken for granted in the modern world!

The visionary tailor, Nazareno Fonticoli, was a master of his art and led the fledgling company to huge success, developing an international company that quickly became the trusted brand for a growing clientele amongst the jet-setting scene. With a lovely collection of tuxedos, suits, jackets, shirts, pocket squares and ties, Brioni is one of Rome’s premier destinations for all your menswear needs.


Corneliani is a family run business that was founded in the 1930s by Alfredo Corneliani as a company that primarily made coats and raincoats. The business was temporarily shut down during the Second World War but reopened its doors shortly afterward and never looked back!

Today, the brand seeks to infuse traditional Italian tailoring techniques with a modern, laid back and casual style – perfect for the modern cosmopolitan man. Producing made-to-measure and ready-to-wear suits, tuxedos, shirts and accessories such as ties, Corneliani represents the very best of Italian taste and male fashion.

Ermenegildo Zegna.

Founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna, the luxury fashion house creates some of the highest quality ties and pocket squares to suit all styles and occasions. Following a recent rebranding, the company is now known simply as Zegna, although it still maintains its reputation for excellence in everything that it does.

From traditional ties that are ideally suited for business and the workplace to more playful and flamboyant alternatives, Zegna’s selection of silk ties is hard to beat! The company also produces a wonderful range of jackets, suits and shirts which you can add to your wardrobe with confidence that these timeless pieces will never go out of fashion.


Finamore was established in 1925 and is famous for its elegant line of clothing and male accessories. The brand’s ties are second to none and represent an element of your wardrobe that you can use to truly represent your personality as well as the occasion that you’re attending.

Finamore ties are all versatile and come in a wide range of patterns and colors; so no matter what you’re wearing you can find an urbane match to complement your outfit. All the Finamore ties are also hand finished to ensure that the smallest details of the woolen and silk ties meet the brand’s high standards.

Cesare Attolini.

Cesare Attolini is a luxury menswear house that was founded in the 1930s in Naples by the legendary Vincenzo Attolini. Today, the family run business is run by Vincenzo’s grandsons and still epitomizes the chic Neapolitan style, embodying the slim lined suit cuts that define the city’s traditional sense of fashion and class.

Each Cesare Attolini tie is 100% handmade and cut from a single, carefully chosen, piece of material such as silk. One of the most characteristic features of some Cesare Attolini ties is that they have a horizontal cut at the bottom without a triangular tip, a small touch of unique style that will really add a point of interest to your outfit.

An Italian Made Tie Is The Perfect Way To Complete Your Look.

There are few accessories that are more timeless and classy than a well selected tie. A handmade silk or wool knit Italian tie is the ideal way to express your personality while showcasing a calm sense of confident maturity. Of course, you may need to wear a tie to work and to other formal occasions but incorporating a necktie into your casual wardrobe is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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