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Online Pharmacy Italy

If you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to buy non-prescription drugs then using an online pharmacy is the ideal option for you. This is particularly true if you regularly use over-the-counter medicines, because of a health condition, or are finding it difficult to get to the nearest bricks and mortar pharmacy yourself.

For example, in recent times, if you were diagnosed with a contagious condition, such as Covid-19, you may be quarantined in your house. This means you would be unable to visit the pharmacy for the usual over-the-counter medicines that you need.

Online pharmacies are also a useful resource for busy professionals who work late hours and can rarely get to the pharmacy before it closes for the night; and although there are 24-hour pharmacies, they don’t exist in all Italian towns.

For these reasons, and more, knowing about Italy’s top online pharmacies is essential for everyone including Expats in the country.

Getting Prescription Drugs From An Online Pharmacy.

No, you can only buy over-the-counter medicines that do not require a prescription in Italy. In the United States, the major pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens have online pharmacies. In addition there are companies like Express Scripts or GoodRx that are strictly online.

Online pharmacies and major chain pharmacies are fairly new concepts in Italy.

Are Online Pharmacies Safe?

Although the industry is fairly new, there are very strict European Union regulations that apply to all online Italian pharmacies. This means that you can shop safely with officially authorized online pharmacies.

To find out if an online pharmacy is properly authorized to provide medicines to customers you should look for the official EU symbol. The symbol is a green striped cross and should have the Italian flag displayed on it as well. The EU flag itself should never be displayed on this symbol; so if you see that you know that the online pharmacy is a fraud.

When you see this symbol, you can click on it to be taken to the official register of online pharmacies so you can check that this company is legitimate.

The Best Online Pharmacy Stores In Italy.

The following are the best online pharmacy stores in Italy: is the largest online pharmacy in Italy, with an annual revenue of around $100 million Euros in 2021. It offers completely secure purchases, fast shipments that are free from 79.90 Euros and has a huge catalog that is constantly updated to reflect the changing trends in the market. has over 60,000 products in its catalog and sells all the top brands, over-the-counter medicines and wellness products. The catalog includes a perfect combination of pharmacy items and leading cosmetics, making it a one-stop for all your health and beauty needs.

You can find all the over-the-counter drugs that you can get in a standard pharmacy as well as baby products, baby food, pet products, perfumes, personal care products and supplements. The site also sells self-care medicines that treat a wide range of ailments as well as orthopedic products, pressure gauges, nebulizers, diabetic equipment and much more besides.

Orders are dispatched and delivered to your front door within 2 to 3 days. You can pay in a wide range of ways including all major Debit and Credit cards as well as PayPal, Poste Pay, Apple Pay, Satispay, American Express and direct bank transfer.

All of your data is kept completely secure and private so you can have total peace of mind while browsing the extensive site to buy medicines, useful health items, supplements and beauty products.

Italy’s second largest online pharmacy,, offers free shipping as well as fast and easy returns on all orders. The store sells everything from over-the-counter medicines, such as anti-inflammatories, cold and flu medicines and allergy treatments, to cosmetics, beauty products, supplements and health foods.

You can also find a whole range of baby products, hygiene and wellness products and naturopathic remedies on the site. The fantastic range of products in the catalog are all designed to help you live your life in the best possible health.

The site also runs an interesting blog that gives its customers useful insights into the world of health and well-being and is constantly full of helpful tips and advice that you can benefit from.

You can pay for your orders using a Credit or Debit card, PayPal, American Express, Apple Pay, Scalapay and Clearpay, as well as regular bank transfers. The free shipping offer means that even if you just want to buy a few things you won’t have to pay a premium for the home delivery service.

As the third largest online Italian pharmacy, offers over-the-counter drugs and wellness products at hard-to-beat prices, with delivery times of between 24-48 hours and free returns on all orders. You can find all your food supplements, top of range beauty products, baby care items and a wide selection of oral care treatments.

For pet owners, there is a huge choice of medicines for all types of animals and for athletic customers, you can find superb sports supplements. There is also fantastic customer service where you can get advice and support at any time you need it.

All orders over 29.99 Euros are free and you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and satispay. The fast delivery times, great range of health and wellness projects, over-the-counter medicines and beauty products, all make an excellent choice for all your regular health and wellness needs.

With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, has taken its business online and exceeded all expectations. By combining modern innovation and tradition, the dedicated team guarantees customer satisfaction with every order. The company specializes in selling a wide range of para-pharmaceutical drugs, veterinary drugs and herbal remedies to help boost your health in your daily life.

As well as a wide range of non-prescription drugs, the site also sells over 150,00 products that include gluten-free foods, supplements for sports and personal well-being, orthopedic items, baby products, homeopathic products and health-promoting medical devices.

You can always find plenty of items on discount, which makes the prices very competitive overall; and with 24-hour online assistance, by phone, chat or email, you can always access help, advice and guidance to ensure you get the most from your purchases.

All payments are 100% secure, so you can shop without fear of having your details compromised. Payment options include Mastercard, Maestro, Paypal, Satispay, Bitcoin and many other online payment platforms. The company also accepts returns, so if you’re not happy with your order you can easily get it refunded or swapped for another product.

With all orders over 29.99 Euros being free and guaranteed to arrive within 48 hours, is fast becoming a favorite in the Italian online pharmaceutical market. The website provides a huge range of products for customers that include all the essential non-prescription drugs, health supplements and medical devices that you need to live your best life.

There is also a massive choice of cosmetics, beauty products, homeopathic devices and aids, orthopedics, baby products, animal medicines and supplements, as well as top-quality herbal remedies.

You can find all the top brands in every category but you can choose to buy cheaper, generic options and lower-cost brands. The site’s customer care service is available from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday and there’s a wide range of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Bonifico Bancario.

Italy’s Online Pharmacies Are Getting Better.

Even though the online pharmaceutical sector in Italy is relatively new, it’s come a long way in recent years. For busy professionals and people who would prefer to order over-the-counter, non-prescription drugs from the comfort of home, online pharmaceutical websites are a real blessing in a country where buying these items could be quite a headache in the past.

As well as your basic medicines, you can also purchase supplements, pet medicines, baby products, beauty products, cosmetics, hygiene products, homeopathic devices, herbal remedies and many other miscellaneous items that will improve your day-to-day health and well-being.

All this makes online pharmacies a fantastic resource to have at your fingertips during your time in Italy.

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a pharmacy in Italy that can ship a drug with a medical prescription to France? I live in france and I need a drug that has recently been autorised in Italy but not yet in France. I will be the cost of course. Thank you in advance for your answer.

    1. Hello – In theory a prescription in one EU nation is valid in all EU nations if it includes certain information regarding the doctor and the patient. I know cases of people using prescriptions from other EU nations in Italy. But your case is slightly different because you are not in Italy, you just want the Italian pharmacy to ship it back to you in France. And that drug is not authorized in France yet. So I do not know if an Italian pharmacy will do that.

  2. Hi,
    we are a Germany-based company (zamed) manufacturing biodegradable hygiene products as a substitute for plastic-based ones. we want to expand our market into Italy. We have already have our products listed on all the pharmacies in Germany. Do you know whether we could directly contact these online shops and offer our products or we need to go another way?

    1. I have no idea about EU or Italian regulations regarding hygiene products! But you can contact the online shops and see what they say.

  3. Do you know of any farmacias that will ship to the USA? I have fallen in love with some of the products I found in Italy and need to find a way to get them back in the states.

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