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Florence is one of the top destinations in Italy, if not the world, for relocating Expats from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Attracted by the incredible artistic, cultural and culinary heritage of the city as well as the stunning scenery of Tuscany, many of the Expats who planned to move to the city for a few years have ended up making it their permanent home.

Florentine real estate is a glamorous mix of Renaissance architecture and modern, ultra-chic apartments situated amongst outdoor markets, impressive cathedrals and museums that are treasure troves of priceless art and sculptures. However, it’s not always easy to find your dream property in Florence without the help of a local real estate agency.

The real estate agencies in Florence are experts in all national and municipal regulations and are staffed by people who have the local knowledge and contacts to source you a great choice of properties that meet all of your requirements. So whether you’re buying, selling, renting or leasing a property, it’s always a better idea to enlist the services of a Florentine real estate agency.

The Best Real Estate Agencies In Florence Italy.

The following are some of the best real estate agencies in Florence that you should check out. Some of them focus on buying and selling while others focus on rentals.

Granducato Immobiliare.

Founded in 1991 by Marco Raffini and Alberto Melani, Granducato Immobiliare has built up a strong reputation for streamlined success in Florence and the surrounding Tuscan municipalities. With offices in Viale Belfiore, Granducato Immobiliare specialize in buying, selling and managing rental properties on behalf of their growing clientele in Florence.

The agency can also conduct property inspections, land registry checks, help you to arrange mortgages, renovation projects and advise you on urban planning regulations in the city. Granducato Immobiliare works in coordination with carefully selected banks and financial institutions and can assist you in obtaining loans and financing for a property purchase.

During the course of transactions, the team at Granducato Immobiliare can handle all the negotiations, due diligence and other legal aspects of the sale. If you want to rent out your property the agency can manage the tenancy and oversee maintenance, deposits and necessary repairs.

Apartments Florence.

Apartments Florence has been helping their clients to sell and rent apartments in the city since 2007. Following almost 2 decades of success, the agency manages around 350 apartments in Florence in some of the city’s premier neighborhoods. This means that if you’re looking to rent an apartment on a long-term basis or just for a vacation, then Apartments Florence is a great agency to contact.

If you own a property in Florence and are planning to rent it out then the agency can manage the entire process on your behalf. The team at the agency can carry out inspections, draft and authorize contracts and tenant agreements and ensure that all payments are delivered to you on time. You can also get valuable advice about the ways in which you can maximize your income from your property, even if you live overseas and are not always in Italy.

FI.FLOR Immobiliare.

The team at FI.FLOR Immobiliare has an incredible reputation for getting things done with an amazing record of selling 70% of properties for their clients within just 60 days! Specializing in selling and renting properties in the Florence area, FI.FLOR Immobiliare can assist you with all aspects of the process.

As well as working with you to achieve specific goals, such as renting your property or selling it, the agency also provides Ad Hoc services for anyone who gets in touch with them. For example, if you need one-off advice about a real estate transaction, tips on how to manage your Florentine real estate assets or just want an independent professional to look over a lease or tenancy agreement, then you can get in contact with FI.FLOR Immobiliare to arrange a no obligation consultation.

Italiana Immobiliare.

Italiana Immobiliare is a franchised group of real estate agencies that was founded by Lorenzo Coppoli in the 1980s. Since then, the organization has built a small empire in and around Florence which is available to help you with buying, selling, renting or leasing a residential or commercial property in the area.

With over 40 years of experience and a growing network of professionals in the real estate sector, Italiana Immobiliare is a fantastic group to work with during your search for a property or when you need to sell or rent a property you already own. The organization has offices all over Florence and in the surrounding regions. In fact, there are 16 offices in Florence as well as others in nearby towns. You can browse a complete list of the agencies that are a part of the franchise on the organization’s official website.

By working with the Italiana Immobiliare franchise you are able to leverage the skills, contacts, knowledge and expertise of the many professionals that work under the umbrella of the organization.

Immobiliare Belvedere.

With an office in Via Il Prato in central Florence, Immobiliare Belvedere is a renowned real estate agency that has a great record of helping its clients to buy and sell properties in the city. The agency is made up of an expert team of professionals who can handle all aspects of the negotiations and due diligence throughout the entire transaction process. Immobiliare Belvedere can also manage a tourist rental property on your behalf as well as oversee long-term rentals for locals and Expats.

Usefully, Immobiliare Belvedere has developed a consolidated partnership with several financial and credit institutions. This means that the agency can help to facilitate loans and other financing options for you during the course of buying a new property in Florence. This helps the agency to give you trusted financial advice and even help you to arrange a mortgage for a property.

Arca Immobiliare.

Arca Immobiliare is a fantastic point of reference in Florence for any sale or rental of a commercial or residential property. With over 20 years of experience, the agency has an impressive client list and specializes in helping first-time home buyers to get their foot on the property ladder in Florence.

The team at Arca Immobiliare is made up of dynamic professionals who can produce technical reports, arrange energy certifications and give you personalized advice about the best options for mortgages and financing that may help you to buy your first property in the city.

The team is also experienced in all aspects of the legal regulations surrounding buying or selling a property and can give you tips on how to make the most of the various tax loopholes that are available in Florence.

Firenze Real Estate.

Firenze Real Estate works in all areas of the residential and commercial real estate markets in Florence. With an office on the Via Borgo San Frediano, Firenze Real Estate provides a wide-ranging service for all your property needs. As well as managing the transaction process, the agency also conducts valuations and appraisals and offers an individually tailored consultancy service for all its clients.

The agency is experienced in managing rental properties for both long-term tenants and holiday lets. This means that if you want to maximize your income on an existing property in Florence then Firenze Real Estate is a good option for you to consider. If you are renting out a property or preparing it for sale, the agency will create a 3-Dimensional virtual tour to use in advertising as well as arrange a professional photoshoot to highlight the best features of the property for a potential buyer.

Lionard Luxury Real Estate.

Lionard is one of Italy’s top luxury real estate agencies with an office in Florence, on Via de Tornabuoni in the city center. With an international clientele and an unparalleled reputation for buying and selling the most exclusive properties in Italy, if you’re looking for a slice of property heaven in or around Florence then Lionard should be your first port of call!

The agency buys and sells property all over Italy but to browse the current listings in Florence you can do so by typing ‘Florence’ into the search bar.

The properties in Lionard’s portfolio are not cheap, with prices starting at several million Euros and ranging right up to 25 million Euros or more! However, you can be sure to find some of the most exclusive and unique villas, apartments, mansions and rural estates in Tuscany with the expert team at Lionard’s Florentine offices.

The agency can also help with marketing a property, managing tenancies, arranging financing and overseeing all aspects of property management in the long term. Lionard’s is the ideal partner to work with if you’re in the market for a truly top end property in or around Florence. The agency guarantees to work with the utmost discretion throughout all transactions so your privacy will be maintained at all times.

Made In Italy Real Estate.

Founded by Giuseppe Spinello, an engineer, in 2009, Made in Italy Real Estate started its journey selling hotels, shops and villas but has since branched out into all areas of commercial and residential real estate. Made in Italy Real Estate has developed a great reputation in the city and works closely with local buyers and sellers as well as Expats and new arrivals to the city.

Made in Italy Real Estate can help you to buy or sell any property as well as manage a holiday home for you while you’re away. The agency can ensure that all rent and fees are collected from your tenants and oversee the cleaning, repairs and maintenance of your rental properties in Florence.

Cedo Immobiliare.

Cedo Immobiliare is focused on delivering a highly personalized experience for all its clients. In fact, the agency’s motto is that each property is like a shoe, and it’s the job of Cedo Immobiliare to find the right foot to fit it! Always seeking the perfect fit for every buyer, the agency is a pleasure to work with and has built a reputation on trust and a dedication to success.

With an office in Florence on Corso Tintori, Cedo Immobiliare can help you to buy, sell or rent any property in Florence or the surrounding Tuscan countryside. The agency offers free property evaluations with no obligations attached before you put your property on the market. If you’re looking to rent a property they will help you to select the best leasing agreements for a rental property and ensure that you get a fair deal in the contract.

The team are experts in all areas of legal and fiscal matters so if you’re unsure about the ins and outs of buying or selling a property in Florence then Cedo Immobiliare is a fantastic choice to partner with for the transaction.

Florence Italy Has Great Real Estate Agencies.

It can often be a major headache to try to buy, sell, rent or lease a property in a foreign country, particularly if you don’t speak the local language. However, if you partner with a trusted, experienced and well-connected real estate agency in Florence then the transactions should go through smoothly.

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