The Best Real Estate Agents In Milan Italy

Best Real Estate Agents In Milan

Milan is the capital of Lombardy, in Northern Italy, and is one of Europe’s major economic, artistic and cultural hubs. As one of the world’s 4 fashion capitals and the home of Italy’s financial sector, Milan is popular with ambitious Expats and established professionals who are relocating to Italy.

With a population of over 3 million people in the city and roughly 10 million in the wider metropolitan area, Milan is Italy’s largest city. Milan has an excellent housing market and so whether you’re wanting to rent or buy there’s a great selection of properties at a wide range of prices. Modern, ultra-chic city center apartments can often sell for millions of Euros whereas in the outskirts you can buy a lovely family house for under 300,000 Euros.

The Best Real Estate Agencies In Milan.

The following are some of the best real estate agencies in Milan that you should check out before deciding on one. Some of these agencies are very good at buying or selling properties, while others specialize in rentals.


Founded in 1988 in Italy, Tempocasa has grown into a major international real estate agency with more than 500 offices around the world; with locations in Spain, UK and Dubai.

Tempocasa can assist you in finding a suitable rental property in Milan as well as buying or selling a property anywhere in the city. Tempocasa also provides mortgage services and can help you with ongoing property management services. Tempocasa works with residential properties, commercial properties, holiday homes and land.

Tempocasa has numerous offices in Milan and throughout Italy. Each office has local expertise in the neighborhood and a broad range of professional connections with contractors, lawyers and other third parties in the real estate industry. With a superb selection of properties in their books, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with the help of the multilingual team at Tempocasa.

Tempocasa has numerous affiliated agencies in Milan under the brand’s umbrella which allows the group to provide extremely extensive coverage of the city and the surrounding areas.

Best House Immobiliare.

Best House Immobiliare has been working in the Milan area for more than 10 years with a special focus on the areas of Lambrate, Piazza Udine and Citta Studi. The team at Best House Immobiliare has a great professional attitude and a determined passion for delivering world-class services to all its clients.

Best House Immobiliare can help you buy or sell a property as well as lease or rent out a property to new tenants. On top of the usual real estate services, such as advertising your property or connecting you with suitable tenants, Best House Immobiliare can also arrange photoshoots of your property and conduct the necessary property checks to ensure that you are in full compliance with local and national regulations.

If you’re selling a property, Best House Immobiliare can advertise the property using social media, traditional media and billboards throughout the city of Milan. To ensure that the sale of the property goes through without any hitches, Best House Immobiliare will even investigate the solvency of the potential buyer so you can be sure of a hassle-free transaction.

Equally, if you’re buying a property they will conduct all the relevant due diligence to guarantee that the seller of the property is in compliance with real estate laws in Italy.

Best House Immobiliare has 3 offices in Milan which are located on Via Vallazze 91, Via Ronchi 39 and Via Giovanni Pacini 45. The teams at all the Best House Immobiliare offices can coordinate and manage all aspects of property buying, renting, letting and selling on your behalf.

Skyline RE Milano.

Skyline RE Milano is based on Via Fabio Filzi 33, in Milan, and provides bespoke services for clients who want to buy or rent a property in the city. With a great selection of residential and commercial property available for rent, Skyline RE Milano is one of the city’s top real estate agencies.

There is a beautiful range of apartments on offer for rent as well as city center office spaces and shops for lease. Alternatively, you can explore the agency’s choice of properties that are for sale in the city. The majority of the properties that Skyline RE Milano deals with are centrally located and most suited for ambitious professionals and established Expats who are moving to the city to pursue their careers.

Santamarta Immobili.

Located on the Piazza Castello, Santamarta Immobili is the ideal choice of real estate agency for top-end properties for sale and rent in central Italy. Founded in 2002, Santamarta Immobili has built up a prestigious reputation for successfully overseeing the sale and renting of high-profile properties in Milan. Most of the properties on offer are centrally located with price tags starting at around 1 million Euros and ranging right up to 5 million Euros and more.

The selection of properties on Santamarta Immobili is fairly spectacular and so unless you have a large budget this might not be the ideal agency for you. Santamarta Immobili also has offices, restaurants, shops and residential properties available to rent. Prices for an apartment generally start at between 5,000-7,000 Euros a month with the commercial properties starting at around 10,000 Euros per month.

Renting Milan.

Renting Milan is a boutique real estate agency that operates in Rome and Milan. The agency provides a great range of properties for rent in central Milan that primarily caters to young professionals and students. Renting Milan has almost 2,000 apartments on its books and ensures a smooth rental experience for the property owners and good maintenance and repair services for the tenants of the properties.

The agency strives to make the process of renting an apartment in Milan as easy for you as possible so if you’re a bit worried about navigating a new country as an Expat or international student, then Renting Milan is a good choice of agency to work with. The rental prices for properties in the city are very reasonable, with a studio apartment starting from just 800 Euros per month.

The agency also manages property sales and can oversee the entire process, whether you are buying or selling a property. The agency’s office is located on Via Lodovico Montegani and the bilingual staff is always available to assist you with any queries you may have.

IMI Immobiliare Milano.

IMI Immobiliare Milano is a highly renowned team of professionals that can help you with all housing needs; including purchasing, selling, renting or leasing a property in the city. The agency provides highly personalized services with in-depth advice on all matters relating to the property market in Milan.

The agency takes special care to present every property they are selling or renting on behalf of a client in its best light. IMI Immobiliare Milano arranges professional photoshoots as well as the elegant staging of the property to ensure that it makes a great first impression on any potential buyer or tenant.

The rental properties on offer range from as little as 500 Euros up to around 1,500 Euros per month. This makes IMI Immobiliare Milano a great choice if you’re looking to rent an apartment with a relatively tight budget. IMI Immobiliare Milano has 4 offices scattered throughout Milan; located at Piazza Sant’Agostino, Via Conchetta, Piazza Gramsci and Piazza Caiazzo.

Rotondaro Immobili Di Prestigio.

Rotondaro Immobili di Prestigio was founded by Massimo Rotondaro, a Geometra, in 1999 and is based in its plush offices in Via Lorenzo Mascheroni, in central Milan. The agency specializes in the rental and sale of luxury properties in some of the most affluent districts of Milan.

The highly experienced representatives of the agency are skilled professionals who can manage every stage of the negotiations in the sale or rental of top-end commercial and residential properties. With luxury apartments, studios, lofts and penthouses on offer, Rotondaro Immobili di Prestigio is one of the best options for finding an exclusive property in Milan.

The agency also handles commercial properties such as offices, shops, restaurants and larger luxury homes outside the boundaries of Milan. Rotondaro Immobili di Prestigio has a broad team of experts that includes surveyors, lawyers, architects and notaries as well as real estate specialists. The highly qualified team manages both rentals and property purchases so no matter what you’re looking for, if you want an exclusive property in Milan, Rotondaro is the go-to source for great service and personalized advice.

Lionard Luxury Real Estate.

I have featured Lionard as one of the best luxury real estate agencies in Italy. Lionard is a major international real estate company that works exclusively with high-end, luxury and historic properties. Lionard has offices all over Europe including in Zurich, Geneva, Paris, London and Milan. You can browse Milanese real estate at the company’s website, or visit their offices at Via Borgonuovo in Milan.

The properties for sale with Lionard represent some of the most luxurious and exclusive apartments, villas and buildings in Milan with prices that often start from several million Euros. Each property that Lionard works with has unique historical elements, special architectural features and unbeatable artistic touches. The selection of properties on the agency’s portfolio are extremely impressive and would only suit wealthy Expats as well as large-scale foreign investors.

One Real Estate Milano.

With offices in Monza, Villasanta and Milan, One Real Estate Milano can help you with buying or renting a property in Milan. Established over 10 years ago, the agency has a growing portfolio and bases its success on deep local knowledge and numerous professional contacts in the city.

With experienced experts at the helm, the agency has a fantastic range of properties to suit mid-level budgets, with prices averaging between 500,000-700,000 Euros. Rental properties are much more moderately priced with rents starting at around 550 Euros per month; making it a good choice for students and young professionals who are moving to Milan.

One Real Estate Milano has offices in central Milan at Piazzale Susa which you can visit anytime during office hours to get some personal advice and find out more about the services that they can offer you.

Help Housing.

Help Housing operates a unique real estate service that provides rooms for young professionals, foreign workers and international students who are moving to Milan to pursue their academic or professional careers. Founded in 2010 in Madrid, Help Housing soon expanded to other European cities including Barcelona, Valencia, Florence and Milan.

Help Housing currently has more than 1000 rooms available for rent in Milan. There is a good range of rooms available which include private rooms, shared rooms and apartments, co-living spaces, entire apartments and student accommodation in the city center.

The agency’s primary mission is to help young workers and international students find a safe and fun place to live in Milan, with properties in some of the city’s most dynamic and lively neighborhoods. The agency can handle all the tenancies on behalf of the properties’ landlords and always go out of its way to make sure that newly arrived students and young workers quickly settle in and feel at home in the city.

With an office in Via dei Pellegrini, Help Housing is your best option if you’re an international student or an up-and-coming professional who needs a centrally located room in Milan. If you want to meet new people then signing up for a shared apartment or a co-living space will help you to make friends but if you prefer your privacy then you can rent an entire apartment for yourself or rent a single room.

Research Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent In Milan.

Milan is one of the most dynamic, artistic and fashionable cities in Europe with a remarkable cultural and historical heritage. The ideal location for professionals, retirees, international students and families who are relocating to Italy, Milan has a great property market with a superb range of apartments, villas and houses on offer.

It’s essential to work with an appropriate real estate agency in the city so they can deliver the correct personalized services that you need to realize your dreams in the beautiful city of Milan. Therefore, finding the right estate agency is vital to ensure that you are able to buy, sell, rent or lease the ideal property in Milan.

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