The Most Popular Street Markets In Rome

Rome Street Markets

Rome is the capital of Italy. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the culture of Roman life than to visit the city’s many street markets, each of which has unique characteristics, and sells a special section of locally sourced ingredients and products. Whenever you visit a market in Rome, there are always plenty of food vendors on hand if you’d like a snack while you’re shopping. Furthermore, as you get to know the stall holders you’ll get the inside scoop on the best items on offer and, sometimes, even generous discounts on your shopping bill.

Street markets have always played a central role in the life of Rome, with some of the city’s favorite markets dating right back into antiquity. Rome’s best street markets are a great place to get your groceries but they also have a bustling community atmosphere which makes them an ideal venue to meet up with friends, have a coffee and browse the stalls as you catch up on the latest gossip.

The Best Street Markets In Rome.

The following are some of the most important street markets in Rome:

Campo De Fiore Rome.

As one of Rome’s favorite outdoor street markets, the Campo de Fiore is situated in the Regola piazza near the district of Parione. Surrounded by beautiful neoclassical architecture, the market stalls have an old worldly feel and offer a wonderful range of fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, artisan products, leather bags, accessories and even jewelry.

In the middle of the market, you’ll tend to find the most traditional market stalls and around the fringes, the more modern stalls line the piazza. Many of the stallholders in Campo de Fiori have worked there all their lives so when you visit you’ll get a real taste of an authentic Roman street market.

The Campo de Fiori street market is open from 7.30 am until 2 pm, Monday to Saturday each week.

Mercato Centrale Roma.

This modern street market has a really contemporary feel and is always bustling with chic young Romans, Expats and tourists. The market is near the Roma Termini Station, which makes it super easy to access, on Via Giovanni Giolitti 36, and is open each day from 8 am until midnight. The market is a hub of fantastic restaurants, street food vendors, bakeries, gelaterias and delis offering every type of food you can imagine!

This unique market is not like the traditional Roman markets, in fact, it even has DJs playing on the weekends. There’s also ultra-modern street food on offer as well as more classic-style pizzas and ice creams. The Mercato Centrale is a great place to stop off before you head out for the evening or after work to grab a bite to eat on your way home. The Mercato Centrale is open far later than the other street markets in Rome, so you can drop by at almost any time of the day or night to pick up some groceries, have a bite to eat or meet up with your friends.

Mercato Di Via Sannio Roma.

The Mercato di Via Sannio is located right beside the San Giovanni station, behind the basilica of the same name. The open-air flea market is the perfect place to pick up some lovely souvenirs, low-cost antiques and accessories. There’s also a huge range of bric-a-brac, vintage and second-hand clothes as well as a whole selection of unexpected surprises to discover.

Prices in the markets are relatively cheap although you should still be prepared to do a little haggling to get the real bargain prices. The market is located on Via Sannio 00183 and is open every Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 2 pm.

Porta Portese Market.

Porta Portese is a delightful flea market that sells a wonderful selection of vintage clothes, antiques and some high-value, rare collector’s items. You never know quite what you’re going to find at the Porta Portese, including antique Chinese porcelain, jewelry from the Middle East, vintage luggage, accessories and clothing. Some of the stalls specialize in selling only Italian antiques and vintage items, such as handbags, coats and leatherware, whereas others offer a far more eclectic range of items.

You can find some amazing bargains in the Porta Portese and an Aladdin’s cave of knick-knacks and small, random antiques that you won’t see anywhere else. This is definitely one of the most fun markets to visit in Rome because of the unexpected items you might find.

Located on Piazza di Porta Portese, the street market is open every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between 5 am and 5 pm, and every Thursday between 5 am and 3 pm. To get the best items you should try to arrive and give yourself plenty of time to dig through all the piles of treasure in the vast market.

Mercato Delle Stampe Roma.

If you like to collect stamps, or just fancy having a look around, the Mercato delle Stampe, on Largo delle Fontanella di Borghese, is open from 7 am until 1 pm each day. The market is made up of a number of booths where local stamp collectors showcase their collections of old stamps, prints and other rare collector’s items that are related to stamps and stamp collecting. There are also old magazines, comics, classical music scores, sketches, illustrations and even some ancient maps of Rome for sale.

Even if you’re not a stamp collector, it’s fascinating to swing by the Mercato delle Stampe just to see the interesting collections of stamps and collector’s items. It’s also a fantastic place to find unusual gifts for your friends and family.

Nuovo Mercato Di Testaccio Rome.

Formerly known simply as the Mercato di Testaccio, the recently renovated market is now called the Nuovo Mercato di Testaccio. The market is slightly off the beaten track and so doesn’t tend to attract so many tourists giving a more authentic Roman atmosphere. Located on Via Beniamino Franklin, the market is open from 7 am to 3.30 pm, from Monday through Saturday each week.

There’s a wide selection of stalls that sell locally produced cured meats, cheese, pasta, fresh bread and pizzas, as well as plenty of other low-cost street food. You can also stop by one of the nearby wine bars if you want a quick refreshment or get a table in one of the cafes to relax and enjoy some people-watching at the market.

Borghetto Flaminio Rome.

This beautiful vintage street market is situated on Via Flaminia 32 and is open every Sunday from 10 am until 7 am. To enter this small, friendly market you need to pay a small entrance fee after which you’ll be free to lose yourself amongst the massive variety of vintage clothes, jackets, accessories, antique furniture and a lovely selection of table décor and unique knick-knacks.

You can also find designer labels and some delightful ladies’ fashion from times gone by. Certainly, the perfect spot for a Sunday stroll after you’ve had some lunch, with some good haggling skills you can pick up some amazing vintage bargains at the Borghetto Flaminio.

Ponte Milvio Antiquariato.

Visiting this delightful antiques street market at the Ponte Milvio is like taking a trip back in time. Situated beside the Tiber river, the market is made up of iconic booths beneath the shade of the riverside trees. You really never know what you might find at the market which sells everything from grand clocks to Roman statuettes, traditional Venetian mirrors to paintings and chic art nouveau desk lamps and décor.

The Mercatino di Ponte Milvio is a great place to find a unique gift for someone special in your life but it’s also a wonderful place to spend the afternoon browsing through the marvelous array of antiques. The market is open every 2nd Sunday of the month between 9 am and 7 pm.

Campagna Amica Market.

Located in the heart of Rome, on Via San Teodoro 74, between the Roman forum and the Bocca della Verita, the Campagna Amica street market offers the produce of more than 60 local farms to their loyal customers. The market is primarily situated indoors but the crowds spill out on the streets. Inside, you can wander around the huge selection of stalls where you’ll find traditional butchers, cheese shops, artisan delicatessens and some of the finest locally sourced produce in the city. There is also a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables on offer, so you really can get most of your grocery shopping done here each week.

The market is open from 8 am until 3 pm every Saturday and Sunday. If you want to avoid the main crowds you should try to arrive before 1 pm when the foot traffic really starts to get quite busy. As well as picking up your groceries you can enjoy a snack from one of the food trucks which sells everything from outdoor grills to shrimp fritti, wines and craft beers. You’ll also find a delightful selection of free samples to try as you explore the Campagna Amica market and its large outdoor patio.

Nuovo Mercato Esquilino.

The Mercato Esquilino has recently undergone major renovations and is one of the best places in Rome to find authentic fresh ingredients from all over the world. Located on the Via Filippo Turati 160, the market stocks an amazing range of exotic fruits, fish, herbs, spices and vegetables for Middle Eastern and Chinese cuisines but you can also find authentic Italian cheeses and other local delicacies.

With a beautiful mix of international and Italian produce, the Mercato Esquilino is a fun place to find ingredients for all your home cooking, no matter what your tastes. The Mercato Esquilino is open every Monday to Saturday between 5 am and 3 pm.

Rome’s Street Markets Are Hubs Of The Community.

The markets in Rome are always full of interesting stalls that sell eclectic items you won’t find anywhere else which means even if you don’t want to spend any money you can have a beautiful day meandering through the maze of stalls.

Visiting the street markets in Rome is a lovely way to support your community’s local economy but as well as that you can be sure to find some of the best ingredients in the city. Although you might not be able to get all your groceries, you can certainly get the bulk of your weekly shopping done in your nearest street market.

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