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In Sanskrit (one of the ancient languages of India), Yoga means a “Union”. A union of spiritual, mental and physical practices. The practice is approximately 2500 years old.

Yoga is thought to have originated in the Indus Valley civilization, in India, and was designed to foster harmony and health in the mind, body and soul. In modern times, yoga has become hugely popular across the Western world and because there are no physical barriers to entry anyone can take it up!

Practicing yoga will improve your fitness and flexibility as well as be a great way to meet new people in your area. Practitioners of yoga generally report feeling healthier, happier and more grounded in their lives. While it’s true that you could learn yoga on your own it’s far better to join a club at a local studio. That way you’ll benefit from the teacher’s knowledge and experience while meeting new friends at the same time.

The Best Yoga Studios In Rome.

The following are the best yoga studios in Rome Italy:

RYOGA Sallustiano, Prati And Trastevere.

Located in the Prati, Sallustiano and Trastevere districts of Rome, RYOGA runs four main types of classes including Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and Barre. RYOGA teaches a wide variety of Yoga disciplines; such as Acro Yoga, which combines Yoga and gymnastics, Aerial Flow, which focuses on moving between different postures, and Ashtanga, which is dedicated to more traditional forms of Yoga and concentrates on your breathing and mental concentration.

There’s a lovely community that has grown up around the RYOGA studios and classes are open to anyone who is interested in joining the fun. If you’re new to Yoga then you can ask the Guest Experience Team at RYOGA to help advise you about the best type of Yoga to try out and what level of class you should sign up for. You can view the full range of classes that RYOGA offers on their website.

Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Rooms.

Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Rooms combine traditional Yoga postures with modern systems of fitness and exercise. These systems are all included in the 12 transformational class experiences on offer in the studios at Piazzale Giulio Douhet 29. The studios teach over 250 positions using methods and techniques that have been developed by the team over the last 2 decades.

Classes are choreographed to help you release your inner freedom and fluidity of movement while cultivating a Zen state of mind and a healthy body. This unique blend of Yoga and Pilates, with updated postures, is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the practice of Yoga. All of the classes are carefully planned and tailored to suit all ability levels as well as your personal health requirements and experience.

Loft Studio Cerere.

Situated at Via degli Ausoni 1, Loft Studio Cerere teaches the ancient practice of Yoga to its classes of students who join at all levels of training and experience. The studio has a focus on traditional Ashtanga Yoga postures while encouraging you to focus on your breathing. Concentrating on your breathing will help you to move in a more fluid way and increase the health benefits you’ll derive from learning Yoga.

Learning Ashtanga Yoga improves your flexibility, presence of mind, mental acuity and emotional tranquility. Classes at the Loft Studio Cerere welcome new students as well as students with more experience.


YogAyur was founded to help cultivate a stable sense of personal well-being in all of the studio’s practitioners. The teachers use an integrated approach that helps you to harmonize your mind, body and heart while strengthening your muscles and improving your overall health. Located on Via Giuseppe Acerbi 38, it’s easy to drop by to find out more about the classes that are on offer, no matter where you live in the city.

The studio also runs classes in meditation, counseling services, pilates and Ayurvedic massage. The friendly team of teachers is always ready to go the extra mile to help you achieve inner peace and a happier mind. YogAyur also runs a fascinating blog, hosts events and has an on-site vegan and vegetarian bistro where you can taste some delicious food while you chat with your new classmates.

Centro Il Fiume.

Located in the heart of the popular San Lorenzo district, Centro Il Fiume is a holistic center that is dedicated to teaching Yoga, martial arts and a range of systemic disciplines which are intended to improve your mental and physical health. The studio is an inclusive space that is open to anyone and works hard to give value to the neighborhood communities by promoting personal well-being and healthy living practices.

Centro Il Fiume is also focused on helping people to navigate the turbulent times that the world finds itself in while offering practical solutions that students can use at home as well as in the studio classes. By fostering inner reflection and physical improvement students are better able to center themselves and achieve their full potential in life with an attitude of loving acceptance.

The center runs in-person and online meetings to help everyone access the ancient wisdom which they teach their students to practice on a daily basis to help build stronger relationships at work and at home.

Doria Center.

The Doria Center, in the beautiful Palazzo Doria Pamphili in Piazza Venezia, is an extremely exclusive studio where you can learn Yoga or spend time in one of the 5 dedicated fitness rooms, 2 cardio rooms, or a 2,500 square meter weights room. Each week there are over 80 hours of classes that you can join and the welcoming team of teachers caters to all levels and abilities.

Restorative Yoga, which the center specializes in, mainly takes place on the mat and helps you to recover from sporting injuries as well as improve your general flexibility and strength. These classes are particularly useful for sports enthusiasts but anyone can join and benefit from the teachings. There is also an on-site Risto bar where you can have some lunch and meet other people at the center.

Zem Yoga Studio.

The Zem Yoga Studio and wellness center is based in the very heart of Rome on the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and offers a lovely range of classes, including heated and non-heated Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga as well as meditation sessions. Inspired by traditional Yoga techniques, the studio provides the highest quality of tuition in a friendly and welcoming environment; so regardless of whether you have past experience with Yoga, you’ll quickly feel right at home in the classes.

The studio has a mission to help the collective community and is always looking for new ways to evolve its current practices. The journey of self-discovery through Yoga never ends, and so once you sign up for classes you can look forward to a future of personal development as well as physical and mental self-improvement.

Yoga Roma Aventino.

Yoga is a great way to stay in good physical shape, regardless of your current fitness levels. Situated in Via delle Terme Deciane 10, Yoga Roma Aventino is a wonderful studio that provides a wide range of Yoga classes in a number of different styles.

The teachers at Yoga Roma Aventino offer antigravity and aerial Yoga, which helps you to develop your balance and coordination using fabric hammocks and suspension techniques. This is a great way to rehabilitate after an accident or improve your strength if you’re not already in great shape.

You can also study Hatha Vinyasa, a modern form of Yoga, as well as Yoga fusion, which mixes several different disciplines to promote movement and flexibility. For expecting mothers, you can join a prenatal Yoga class that can help with the journey through pregnancy and improve your experience of giving birth. There are also Zen meditation classes on offer where you can learn how to effectively relax and focus your mind no matter where you are.


If you want to revolutionize your lifestyle then why not sign up for Yoga classes at YogaArte, situated on the Via Caracciolo 11/15? Originally founded by Flaminia Tolomeo and Michela Manupella to promote healthy living and good practices of discipline in our daily lives, the center specializes in training new Yoga teachers with their exclusive 500-hour Yoga Teachers course.

The studio gets its name because the founders consider Yoga to be as much of an art form as it is a physical discipline, hence ‘YogaArte’. As well as training Yoga teachers, the center runs a wide range of community events which include festivals, retreats, holidays and exhibitions for local artists.

Yoga Suite.

Yoga Suite is a Yoga teacher training school that incorporates both Yoga and Medicine in its courses. This unique approach gives Yoga a medical-scientific component and all the courses are registered with the CSEN/CONI (official Yoga teaching qualifications).

The school is also registered with the Yoga Alliance Italia International RYS (Registered Yoga School) as well as being a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (R-PYS). This means you can be assured of the very highest levels of tuition and you’ll finish your course with an officially recognized qualification.

Yoga classes run from Monday to Saturday and include Power Vinyasa, Gentle Yoga, Pranayama and meditation. There are also online components if you can’t always make it to the center in person. Located in Via Flaminia 203 in Northern Rome and Appia Nuova 608 in Southern Rome, it’s easy to visit the schools no matter where you live in the city.

The Yoga Suite also runs Yoga courses for corporations to foster better relationships between employees and a healthier mind and body in the workplace. Some of the studio’s corporate clients include Generali Italia, Michael Page Group, Deloitte Italia and Paideia Nursing Home, among other prestigious names in the industry.

There Are Many High Quality Yoga Studios In Rome.

Studying Yoga at any level will massively improve your daily quality of life as well as boost your fitness levels, increase your flexibility and can even be used to help you recover after an accident.

With so many great Yoga studios in Rome, no matter where you live, you can easily sign up and join a convenient class near you. There are numerous different types of Yoga being taught in Rome, so whatever your current abilities you don’t need to worry because there’s a class that’s perfect for you!

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